The prisoner

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
Trapped in a cage, not knowing what your future was going to hold, one by one, your brothers and sisters are taken away from you. What will your fate be?

Submitted: May 20, 2017

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Submitted: May 20, 2017



We were all held prisoner, a small room with bars all around us, my mother, three sisters and two brothers were kidnapped and held in this small room day after day. I watched as my  older brother and sister were torn from us, I will never forget the day, it lives on in my thoughts and in my nightmares.


We were all fast asleep, my mother, brothers and sisters all sharing one bed, we did not have much but my mother made sure we were all safe, warm and fed, we loved each other, cared for each other. I was tucked between my oldest brother and sister, they looked out for me more as I was the youngest. A bang in the distance woke us up and we all looked towards the noise, my mother stood in front of us.

“Stay behind me children, it will all be okay.”

We stood shivering, wrapped around each other, I saw someone approaching and my eyes widened, I knew that something bad was going to happen, my mother tried to fight the man off but he was just too big and strong, he came towards us, his arm reached out and grabbed my oldest brother and sister by their necks. We screamed and all tried to attack him but it was no good, he took my brother and sister and walked away without a care in the world.

“Mum, where has he taken them?”  I whispered, too scared in case he came back.

“I dont know dear, I really dont know.”

“Will they be okay?”

“I really do hope so. I am so sorry.”

“It isnt your fault Mom, you tried your best.”

“I did not try hard enough, I will do all I can to keep the rest of you safe, now try and sleep.”

We all went to lie down together once again, but sleep was hard to come by for the rest of the night, I was scared for my brother and sister, I prayed that they would be okay.

End of Flashback

A few days had gone by since the oldest two were taken and we had not heard anything more, the only time we saw anybody was when they came to give us some food and water, they would smile, like they had a secret which they did not want to share with the rest of us, we were just waiting, scared for all of our futures.

Today was going to be a bad day, we all woke knowing that something was going to happen, no one had been to give us more food or water, we were all huddled in the corner of this large cage waiting for the moment to arrive.

The same man that took my brother and sister approached us, a smile on his face, I hated that smile. I looked up at my mother who had tears running down her face, there was absolutely nothing that she would be able to do to keep us safe now, she knew this. We all kissed her goodbye as we had no idea who was going to be taken from her next.

The large man came closer, I cowered behind my mother, I thought that if I tried to make my self smaller and smaller, I would not be noticed, it would all be okay and the man would go away again. It was not to be. The man came even closer, opened the door and reached for me, I did not make myself small enough, his rough hand came closer but, then, he moved away and grabbed my brother Simon, he pulled him away from my mothers reach and closed the door again.

I cried so hard that night, one by one my family were being taken to god only knows where, my heart was shattered into tiny fragments. I no longer wanted to live, not like this, trapped in a cage waiting and practically begging for food, not knowing what was going to happen next. My mother cried herself to sleep every single night since her first two siblings were taken from her, her family were getting smaller and smaller each day and there was not a single thing she could do to stop it.

My family had now been trapped here for over two weeks and now there were only five of us left, for some strange reason, whether it was fate or not, I do not know, but each time the man came to take one of us, he never came to me, he would look at me, smile, but then take another one and walk away. Maybe I would be okay, maybe I would be saved and be allowed to stay with my mother, we would be safe. I did not want to pray too hard just in case it was not to be. My mother was so sad, broken, and there was not a single thing that we could do to fix her.

So, it continued, each day the man would come and take one of us away, I was still the lucky one, hiding behind my mother without a second glance from the man but I knew that my time was soon to run out. I had to be strong, not let my mother see that I was scared.

“Mum it will be okay, we will all be okay.” I told her one night.

“How can you say that Zara, everyone of my babies have been taken from me, I have no idea if they are dead or alive.”
“I know that Mother, i am sure that they are fine, wherever they are, they have to be in a better place than this cage.”
“I hope so too, I have let you all down, a mothers job is to protect her children, I have not done that.”
“Do not be silly mother, you had no choice, they could have killed you.”
“I would rather that happen, than, to let them take each one of you.”

“They would still have done that, you can not always protect us, what happens in life, it happens for a reason.”

“I pray every night that you are all safe, that you are all being treated with love and kindness.”

“I pray too Mother, I pray that I get to stay here with you.”


Days had gone by and still, I was here, I was getting older, I was now an adult and still no one had come to take me away. I was thinking that this was a good thing as I got to stay and live out my days with my mother, but another part of me was wondering why, why did they not want me? Why was I still here and not facing the same fate as my brothers and sisters?

It had been weeks, it was only myself and my mother left to live inside this cage, food and water still came daily but other than that, there was no interaction from anyone. We begun to relax a little, thought we were safe, I did anyway. I started to think that this was how the rest of my life was  going to be, here in this cage, but, at least I had my mother to keep me warm at night.


Three weeks later

I was fast asleep, my head resting on my mothers chest, that is how we started to sleep, keeping each other warm and safe throughout the night. We could always feel each other breathing, knowing that we were together kept us going. Kept our dreams alive. It was not to be.

A door sounded in the distance, my head shot up, ears listening out for whatever it was. Footsteps, I could hear footsteps making their way closer, and closer. I shut my eyes as tightly as I could, please no, not me, not now.

The footsteps got closer, the door of the cage opened, my mother and me shot up and scurried into the nearest corner, shaking so hard. A face came into view, it was the same man that came and took all of my brothers and sisters away from me. He had that horrible smile on his face, a sinister look on his face. There was no food or water in his hands, we were already given it so were not due any more. He came closer and looked straight at us, I looked straight back at him, getting ready to fight for my life. His arm stretched out and came towards me, I backed into the corner tighter and tighter, but, his hand still came towards me, never wavering. I scratched at his arm, trying to get him to leave me alone but he just get coming, he grabbed me and picked me up like I was nothing to him, pulled me closer and took me away from my mother, I was screaming for her and she was rushing after me, tears rolling down her face. She looked torn apart, broken in two. I screamed out to her that I loved her and always would but he took me from her too quickly.

I was taking away, looking around to see where we were going, there were people standing around just watching, not one person was trying to help. They could see me wriggling in his grasp, trying my best to get free but it was of no use. I was just getting more and more tired.

He passed me over to a woman, she took hold of me and held on to me tight. We were in some kind of building, I had never left the cage and never knew where we were, now I could see all around me, they were not even trying to hide me from the world, everyone could see what was happening. I was taken out of the building and put into a weird looking contraption, it had four round things, I think they were called wheels, I had seen a wheel before, when I looked outside of the cage one day, and it made a noise, a very loud rumbling noise. I just sat there looking out, then we started to move but, we did not move from where we sat, the contraption moved. I was shaking from head to toe, what was this, where were we going?

I seemed to be sitting in this weird noisy thing for quite a while, when, suddenly we came to a stop and the noise went away. We had reached our destination, my doom, this was where my life was about to end, I closed my eyes and prayed that they would leave my mother alone, that she would be okay and would be kept safe. I was taken out of my seat and taken into another building, I could hear screaming and noticed a young girl come running towards me, she seemed excited. How could she be excited to see me being taken to my death? How could anyone be happy? She kept running towards us.

“Is that her Mum?” she asked.

“Yes my love, this is her, I promised you I would get her today.”

“Oh Mum, she is lovely, I love her already.”

“Make sure you look after her.”

“I will Mum, I promise I will.”

Look after me? Love me? What was going on? Why was she being so nice to me and what was she going to do to me? I was so afraid and confused by the whole situation.

The girl took me out of the room that we were standing in and carried me up some stairs, my heart was beating so fast, I did not know what was going to happen. We got to the top of the stairs and she opened a door to another room. It was bright and fresh, no horrible smell. She took me in and let me sit on her bed, it was soft and warm, I was not going to let my guard down, it seemed to good to be true, she could not be this nice.

“It’s okay, I will look after you little one, and love you.”
I looked up at her, she was smiling down at me.

“You can come out of your cage every single day and play with me, we will have so much fun, you just wait and see.”
Another cage? I was taking from one cage to another? What horrible, sick joke was this?

“Don’t be afraid, I am going to call you Cherry, you will be safe here, now this is your home, you have a wheel, food and water, treats and lots of toys to play with.”
I had toys? I had sweets? Maybe this would not be so bad after all, I climbed slowly into my new cage and sniffed around, it seemed nice, there was lots to do in here.

Maybe being a hamster was not so bad after all.


The end







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