Finding Oneself

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After losing yourself in a bad marriage, you must rediscover who you are all over again, this poem is about that rediscovery.

Submitted: June 11, 2007

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Submitted: June 11, 2007



Finding Oneself

A tall shadow lays across the lawn,
maybe it's someone out to get me,
or an innocent little fawn,
this shadow intrigues me, I'll have to go see.

The sun continues to depart,
I hurry for this shadow will be gone,
as nature creates its evening art,
to wait for mornings dawn.

Around a tree,
through a bush,
what it is, I still don't see,
further more I must push.

Too soon light breaks to dark,
this shadow plagues me so,
in my mind it leaves it's mark,
what it is I must know.

Beside the rock,
I finally see,
to it, I slowly walk,
to what's been bestowed upon me.

It's the shadow of my soul,
so long ago I lost,
bathing in a natural pool,
inviting me with a smile tossed.

I step into the water before me,
a reflection of self, shines back,
of what I strive to be,
and nothing I lack.

I reconnected personally,
found myself again,
the struggle can end finally,
I have my whole life to spend.

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