For My Mom

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A little something I wrote for my mom...

Submitted: May 11, 2007

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Submitted: May 11, 2007



by: Jessica Tucker

I want to take a moment,
to say a few important things,
this will be more than just a comment,
to the one who gave me my wings.

Out of all the mom's out there,
you are by far the best,
never failing to show you care,
even after I've left the nest.

You taught me everything you knew,
and always showed unconditional love,
I guess that's what the best mom's do,
to teach and nurture, their growing dove.

I know it wasn't always easy for you,
but I know that you did the best you could,
even though at times you thought you ran a zoo,
I still love you as any grateful daughter should.

You always helped take my pain away,
and I know you silently cried too much,
but you still had great words to say,
and a warm, soft, caressing touch.

I'm sorry I wasn't the greatest daughter,
or that I broke your heart too many a time,
but thank you for not letting me faulter,
and sharing the words of your beautiful mind.

If it weren't for you, where would I be today?
So there is much I need to give back,
since you put up with me from day to day,
with an understanding that you never did lack.

You've given me strength to go on,
when life had me feeling down,
I know a mother's love lasts for eons,
and her voice an unforgettable sound.

You always let me shine,
as you remained unseen,
all along you held an invisible sign,
that said "I should be treated as a queen"

Now that I am a mother too,
I will forever strive to be,
nothing less, than just like you,
and do for my kids, as you did for me.

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