Never Forget

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On this anniversary, I wrote this to honor those who have passed. I hope you all enjoy this.

Submitted: September 11, 2007

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Submitted: September 11, 2007



Never forget will I,
the day so many died,
A tragic event,
a message was sent,
of a countries hate,
they sealed the fate,
of innocent lives,
and destroyed the ones who survived.

The planes were taken,
the world was shaken,
on live news,
we watched the abuse,
of the time we trained,
for them to fly those planes,
ungrateful souls,
who had other goals.

Children lost the ones they love,
returned to heaven above,
buildings fell,
like a scene from hell,
spirits crushed,
words were hushed,
they thought they won,
but the war had just begun.

Another plane,
wouldn't go down that way,
they fought back,
from that mindless attack,
standing brave,
the lives they saved,
so thankful we,
they paid that fee.

Our soldier friends,
they defend,
our country's,
ancient ancestry,
risk their lives,
so we still thrive,
they fight the terrorism,
against this altruism.

The soldiers lost,
was honor's cost,
the lives changed,
from mind's deranged,
will forever be,
a bittersweet memory,
We're alive today,
cause they fought for good ole USA.

Jessica Tucker
September 11, 2007

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