Sands Of Time

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Came to me on a whim, I hope it makes sense to you all...

Submitted: April 29, 2007

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Submitted: April 29, 2007



Sands of Time
by:Jessica Tucker

In my hands, I hold the sands of time,
I open my fingers to make it fly by,
and scoop up more to make it rewind,
to stretch time I hold my hands high.

I hold onto this power,
Time is in my palms,
to control every hour,
and the ability to change nights calm.

If I chose to drop the sand,
time would just cease,
so I continue to hold in my hand,
the commanding of times release.

I'm the one you pray to,
in the heavens above,
please remember one thing, and remain true,
I've only one free hand to show my love.

I do the best I can,
in the world in which you live,
always remember my full hands,
of this you must forgive.

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