The Curious Case of Billie Buckle.

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Billie Buckle was an ordinary little boy.
except one thing...he was hiding something, about his true identity...
what was the secret?

Read This To Find out Clues,

The Curious Case of Billie Buckle: Part 2
Coming Out Soon!

Submitted: January 08, 2009

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Submitted: January 08, 2009



The Clock striked 6:00am on Billie Buckles GrandFather Clock,

He Sighed as he flicked his short brown hair from his face, Billie Hated going to Sherrie's House Because all they'd do all day was play with her old barbie dolls and have tea parties for her soft toys, It was a Night Mare!

"Mama, No!" Cried Billie "Oh, Darling? Remember Sherrie's Mummy is My Best friend! Honey, Have a Good Day! " Explained Mrs. Buckle

Mrs. Buckle Hurried off to work before he'd say any more!

Billie Reached Sherrie Watson's House, Trying to Avoid going in, He would do anything but Visit Sherrie Watson!

Billie Hated the Sight of Sherrie's Mum, Bleached Blonde Hair, Bright Blue Eyes, Fat Lips smothered in red lipstick.

Sherrie was Pretty Bad too, Grey Hair (dyed), Green Eyes, Un-Natural Rosey Red Cheeks, Chumpy Legs.

But Billie Couldn't Complain, He'd Hadn't Seen Worse But it felt bad making fun of her in a way.

"Mornin' Bills!" Beamed Mrs.Watson "Don't Call Me that!" Billie Thought instead of that he smiled a fake smile and said a "Mornin'!"

"Bills!, Bill's!" Blushed Sherrie (well actually you can't tell when she's blushing, she blushes all the time and the big kids at Billie's School Say Oooh Sherrie Loves Billie, WooWoo!)

"Hey Shezzza" Billie Smirks

To Be Continued....

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