Tiny House

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Here's a story about a young girl who finds a doll house that isn't so ordinary. Guaranteed to keep you glued to the page from start to finish.

Tiny House


Elsie Yalime crawled into bed and turned off the lamp.  She looked up at the gray ceiling, and then at the lit candle in the dark hallway.  She sighed, this was her last night at her Uncle George’s house.  She had stayed there all month with her sister, and now it was nearly time to go.  Elsie got up and got a glass of water.  She couldn’t sleep, because she knew when she woke up, she’d have to start packing.

‘Pitter patter!’

Elsie jumped so hard that some of the water in her cup splashed to the floor.  She followed the tiny ‘pitter patter’ to the back door.  It was raining really hard, but Elsie was so curious that she put on her boots and a rain jacket.  She walked through the wind to the big wood barn.  She could see a small yellow glow, and guessed it was a candle.  She walked in the barn, and the wind slammed the door shut so tight that the little candle blew out.  Elsie could hardly see, but heard the sound again.  She ran toward it, stuck out her hand and heard a ‘baa!’  She saw Marvin the lamb.

“Oh!” she squeaked. “It’s only you Marvin!”

She gave him a pat and walked away.  Then, she saw a big, wood dollhouse on the loft.  She ran up the ladder and crawled across bails of hay to get to it.  There were little dolls, and a table, and a bed, and little doll closets.  Elsie picked up a doll with knotted black hair.

“Oh dear!” she said. “What happened to you?” 

Then Elsie had a great idea.

“I’ll take this doll house home!” Elsie said. “Then I’ll fix up your hair, and give you a name!”

Elsie ran down the ladder and back into bed, before someone caught her.


The next morning, Elsie ran downstairs and sat at the table like everyone else.  She didn’t want to tell her uncle she had been up half the night in the barn, so she planned to ask him if her and her sister, Anna could go play in the barn, she knew Anna wouldn’t want the doll house, because she was seventeen.

“Uncle George?” Elsie asked.  “Can me and Anna go to the barn and play with Marvin?”

“Well I don’t see why not, I mean, as long as you’re packed up and dressed.”

“Thanks!” Elsie said, and grabbed her sister by the hood of her jacket and pulled her up the stairs.

“What are we doing?” Anna asked, annoyed.

“I found something in the barn last night, so lets pack up so we can go see it!”

“What is it?” Anna asked, Elsie ignored her, and started stuffing things into her suitcase.

Once they were finished, they ran to the barn, and Elsie sat down next to the dollhouse.

“Hey!” said Anna, “That is aunt Sindy Lu Hoo’s doll house!  They put it up here because Auntie said it was haunted!”

“Well I’m going to ask Uncle George for it!” Elsie said.

“Well I’m sure he will let you have it!  He hates the thing!” Anna said.

Then Uncle George walked in.

“Uncle George!” Elsie screamed. “We found a doll house, can I have it?”

“Sure!” said George, “I’ll take it down the ladder for you!”  Anna looked at Elsie and smiled.


Elsie waved goodbye to her uncle.

“See ya later!”

Once Elsie got home, her dad set up her doll house in her bedroom.  Elsie played with it all day, and brushed the ratty doll’s hair.  That night, she heard something in the doll house.  It was just like the pitter patter that Marvin made!  Elsie looked through the side window of the doll house and saw the doll with the ratty hair jumping rope.  Elsie almost screamed, but was too scared to even move.

“What are you doing?” she finally whispered, about a minute later.

The doll stopped jump roping, looked up at her, gasped, and fell over.  Elsie jumped out of her bed, crawled over to the doll house, and picked up the doll.

“Hello?” she said, “Are you alive?”

The doll’s eyes became real again  and looked up at her.  “Duh!” it said, “My name is Samaralina, now put me down before I mess up your face!”  She wriggled out of Elsie’s hand, and lay down on the little wood bed.  Elsie couldn’t believe it!  She sat there with her mouth wide open.

“Don’t mind her!” said two squeaky little voices. “We are Jib and Jubel.” 

“Hi,” said Elsie, “I didn’t know these dolls were alive.”

“What do you mean, Sindy Lu Hoo?” Jib said.

“What?  That’s my aunt!” Elsie said.

“Oh, well we are such old dolls, we can’t remember much.” Said Jubel.

“So, what have you guys been doing?” Elsie asked, “You woke me up with your ruckus!”

The dolls laughed, Samaralina laughed, Jib and Jubel laughed, and so did another doll, who Elsie didn’t know yet.

“Who is that?” Elsie asked.

“Well, it’s very rude of you to ask so many questions!” Jib said.

“That’s just Charlie, she’s shy, and the noise was me and Jubel, we are trying to build a space ship, to visit the moon, but we need your help.” Jib sounded sneaky.

“No offense, but I am a bit creeped out by helping dolls,” Elsie said, “Can’t you just do it yourself?”

“As you wish,” said Jubel, with a twinkle in his eye.

Elsie yawned.

“Good, cause I’m going back to bed.”

She crawled back in bed, and immediately was woken up by Samaralina.

“Elsie, Elsie, Elsie…..ELSIE!” she was saying, “I will mess up your face unless you help me!  Wooo!”

This went on for about four nights until Elsie gave up.

“Fine!” she screamed, “I’ll help you!”

She walked over to the dollhouse.

“Wise choice, Elsie.” Said Jib and Jubel in unison.

“Just tell me what I need to get for your stupid rocket and-” started Elsie.

“Oh, you won’t need to get anything out here,” said Jib. 

“We are bringing you into the doll house to be our guest, and there you will find what you need to build the rocket.” Jubel said.

“That’s really nice and all, but how are you going to bring me into this dinky little dollhouse?” asked Elsie.

Jib took out a little remote control and pressed the big red button and Elsie got sucked in the dollhouse!

“Oh, like that,” Elsie said.

“Welcome to our home!” said Jubel, now the same size as Elsie.  “Now, go get some sleep so you can get up early in the morning to build the rocket!”

Elsie went up the little staircase that Jib pointed to.  When she got upstairs, she saw Samaralina watching the fuzzies on the television.

“Where should I sleep?” Elsie asked.

Samaralina turned around and looked at Elsie.  Elsie couldn’t really see Samarlina’s face because her once again knotted black hair was in her face.

“You can sleep over there.” Samaralina said, pointing to a bed.

Elsie walked over and laid down on the doll bed.

“I can’t believe I’m in a doll house!” Elsie said.

When she said that, Samaralina stood up, turned off the television, and walked downstairs.  Elsie thought Samaralina was very babyish for that, but soon she fell asleep, and dreamt of butterflies.


When she woke up, it was because Jib and Jubel were jumping on the end of the bed.

“Time to get up and build our rocket!” Jib said.

“And hurry up!” Jubel yelled.

Elsie got out of bed and put on a doll pair of overalls.  She went downstairs to find all the other dolls, sitting around the table.

“You should eat so you can have energy!” said Jib, handing her a plastic bowl with a bubbly liquid.  Elsie stared at it and decided not to eat it.  She put it back down on the table.

“I think I’ll start now, I don’t want to stay here forever!” said Elsie.

“Alright, you can start by finding sheets of metal.” Said Jib.

“Sheets of me-?” started Elsie. “Oh, what does it matter!”

She walked around the dollhouse until she found some metal.  For four days, she followed the doll’s (especially Jib’s) orders.

When the rocket was finished, Elsie walked in the dollhouse.

“I finished your rocket,” she said.

“Good!” said Jib. “Now, we will go ride up to the moon, would you like to come Elsie?”

Elsie didn’t want to go anywhere with these disgusting, mean dolls, and she really wanted to go home!

“Well, I would like to, but my mom is probably worried, so I’ll just go home.”

Jib frowned and looked angry.

“As you wish,” he said.

He took out the little controller and pressed the big red button again.  Elsie could here the machine warming up, “Shhhaloom! Shhhaloove!”

She stood up straight, preparing to be zapped home.

“Shhhaloo-” the machine stopped.  Jib frowned and pressed it again.  Nothing.

“What’s going on?” Elsie said.

Jib gulped, “My machine is dead, oh, I knew I should have gotten the better one!”

“So, how do I get home then?” Elsie said almost sarcastically to keep herself from screaming.

“Uh, well…” Jubel started.  “You don’t.”

Elsie couldn’t help herself but to scream.

“You mean I can’t get home?  I’ll be stuck in this doll house forever?”

Jib and Jubel whispered to each other for about thirty seconds, and finally Jib turned to Elsie, “Yes,” he said.


Over the years, Elsie has turned into a wooden doll just like Jib, Jubel, Samaralina, and Charlie who lost their lives to be stuck in a doll house, and five years later, Elsie’s family had lost hope in finding her, so they packed up everything in her room, and put the toys in the attic, and no one ever thought about the doll house or Elsie again.

Submitted: January 10, 2009

© Copyright 2021 tigerluver1000. All rights reserved.

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