Sword Duel

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Bluejay and Featherblade are ready to fight out n sword duel to find out who will be Tribe leader.

Submitted: December 23, 2012

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Submitted: December 23, 2012



Bluejay took out his ong elegant blade the edges ripe with blood. Featherbad smirked at his thin weapon and pulleed out her own thick sword fresh with blood. The tribe gathered around the fighting circle where they watched each other. Then the began to circle.

The crow watched in awe there faces fresh with tears for Redthorn, the previoud tribe leader. It was very, very rare to have a girl leaderso all the girls were anxious to seewhat Featherblade would do. Bluejay thrust his sword forward but Feather blade darted away.

She struck at his arm which he deflected then she lowered to his leg and sliced from his thigh to his knee.

Bluejays face tightened with pain and struck at her and cut her arm slightly. Feather blade struck at him and cut his cheek and then his sord arm. He cried out and tried to strike back but she twisted and sliced his shoulder to his waist. Bluejay screamed and begged for mercy as he fell to his knees.

"We aren't finished Bluejay," she spat. She struck her sword down through his chest and lifted him like a puppet. Her sword was pierced thorugh hi chest the tip hanging out the back. SAhe pushed him off and the body lay on the ground blood running around her shoes and she said, "I am your leader now."

She was crowned the next day and had ruled strongly ever since.

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