Bianca and Maggie-The Triumph Of True Love!

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This is a story i'm writing about Maggie and Bianca from All My Children!

Bianca and Maggie remain property of All MY Children and Abc.

Submitted: April 22, 2008

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Submitted: April 22, 2008



"Oh shoot! I’m late, I’m late!!" Maggie said anxiously to herself whilst getting into the car. Why did I have to go into daydream mode again? She thought whilst starting the car… Hmm… But it was a very nice daydream… "Snap out of it!" a voice said to her, "You’ve got no time to daydream, you’re already late!" So Maggie started the car, reversed and sped off down the road. Ah no, dammit! Traffic! Think Maggie, think… Ah ha an idea! Maggie hurriedly turned off into a little side road and sped away.

"Oh David, I’m so excited!" "I know you are Bianca, do you want to wait a while longer for Maggie?" "Yes! We can’t start without her!" "Alright… But I can only wait a maximum of another 5 minutes, I have another appointment at 11:30". Oh Maggie, where are you? Bianca thought to herself…

I’m coming Binks! Please don’t start without me… Maggie thought to herself… I’m only 5 minutes away from the clinic… Man, who am I kidding? David has other appointments… They have probably started… *Sigh*

"Bianca, I’m sorry, but you will need to start putting the gown on… We’ll need to start soon" "David…" *Sigh* "I understand…" David handed Bianca the gown and turned and walked out. "I’ll be back in 2 minutes" "Okay David."

I’m here! Oh no, there’s no parking! Success! There’s a little spot over there, thank goodness my car is pretty small! Maggie jumps out of the car, hitting her head on the roof trying to get out. "Ow!" I gotta run, I can’t miss this, she thought to herself. She locked the car and ran off into clinic. No! There’s a queue! She stood bouncing on the balls of her feet.

"Bianca, are you done?" "Just a sec David. There, I’m done." "Okay, we have to start." David said while entering the room.

"David! Wait for me!" Maggie screamed to her cousin when she saw him vanish down the corridor. Damn… I missed him. Finally, there’s only one person in front of me. Yaay, they’re finished. My turn. "Yes, hi. I need the room number for Miss Mary Francis Stone." "Um miss, I’m unfortunately not allowed to give away the room number." "Buzz David and tell him that his cousin is here." "Alright," said the receptionist whilst disappearing to the back, when she returned, she smiled and pointed Maggie in the direction of the correct room. "Sorry about the miss Stone." "No problem," Maggie shouted as she ran off to the room.

"Okay Bianca, the gel may be a bit cold at first, but you’ll get used to it." "Okay Da…" The door flew open and interrupted her. To their surprise there stood her best friend, who had just nearly broken the door down from anxiety to enter the room. "Oh Maggie, you made it!" Their eyes locked for a moment, they shared a moment of utter bliss, and David, could see the love and total joy bubbling from the look on their faces. He left them for a moment, and then cleared his throat. "Right, if we may proceed now... Maggie, I kept a chair over there for you. Have a seat next to Bianca."

"Oh Maggie, I knew you would be here" said Bianca, getting lost in Maggie’s eyes. "Sorry I was late, but I’m here now." The older girl replied and took up the younger girls hand and holding it tight. Bianca squeezed Maggie’s hand in response, "I knew you would come…"

"Okay Bianca, this is going to be cold at first." David began the sonogram. Bianca jumped a bit at the cold feeling now touching her lower stomach. Maggie jumped up, "Are you okay Binks?" "Yeah I’m alright, that was just a bit cold." She said smiling at her best friend. "Look Binks!" Maggie jumped around pointing at the screen. "There she is!" Bianca quickly swung her head back to the screen. "Oh my! Look how small she is."

"Here is the head, there are the.." He was interrupted by Maggie correcting him, her head David. It’s a girl. "We can’t be sure of that Mags." Bianca stopped, "David, I’m sure this is going to be a girl." "Okay, this is her head, there are her arms and her legs."

Maggie was completely mesmerized. She stood staring at the screen; her smile was from ear to ear. "Maggie, Maggie?" "Yoo-hoo, Maggie?" "No use David, she’s lost in thought." Bianca said. Bianca lay and watched Maggie smile at the screen. Oh what a good mother she would make… I wish she would lo… "Huh, sorry what’s happening now?" Maggie snapped out of her trance. "The sonogram is over." David replied. "Oh… Sorry…" Maggie blushed profusely.

"David, would you mind giving Mags and I a moment alone?" Bianca asked. "Alright, take as long as you need. There’s no one else who is using this room for another hour or so." "Thanks!" Both girls replied in unison, they looked at each other and started laughing. David started laughing, smiled at the two girls, turned and walked out, closing the door quietly behind him. Maggie and Bianca could hear him tell the nurse to leave them in the room as long as they wanted.

Bianca let out a soft giggle, which broke the silence in the clinic room. Maggie turned to look at her best friend, lying in a paper gown on the clinic bed. "That was," Maggie paused, amazement had knocked her breath away once more, "amazing!" Bianca looked at the shorter girl sitting next to her, "Oh Mags, I’m so happy that you made it. It wouldn’t have been the same without you here!" Bianca stopped and placed her hand on her stomach. "Oh!" Maggie looked at Bianca worriedly, "What’s wrong Binks, do you need David?" Maggie started to get up, but Bianca took Maggie’s hand before she could move another inch. She placed Maggie’s hand where her hand had been, Maggie looked confused but stood still, keeping her hand in the same place. Suddenly a smile appeared across Maggie’s face, and she closed her eyes. Bianca watched her best friend holding the place where her baby grew; the smile on Maggie’s face grew broader and broader. Maggie opened her eyes, and Bianca saw a sparkle that she hadn’t seen in many weeks. "Oh Binks, she’s kicking!" "I know, isn’t it amazing?" Bianca replied. "May I?" Maggie asked Bianca, "May you what, Mags?" "Oh I just wanted to um… I thought I could maybe try to listen to the baby… If you don’t mind?" Maggie asked shyly. "Silly girl. Of course you may!" Maggie hesitantly placed her ear on Bianca’s growing stomach, and true as day, the baby kicked. Maggie became more relaxed and could hear a soft beating sound. "Oh Binks!! I can hear her!"

Bianca watched Maggie listening to her unborn baby; Maggie’s touch reassured bianca all would be okay. It felt so right to have Maggie so close. Bianca longed for Maggie’s touch, every second of every minute of every day… And she now knew why, the touch of the younger girl was absolute bliss! She could feel love pulsing in the younger girls veins, bubbling out into her touch, and then moving into her own veins, and Bianca loved this feeling, it was almost better than life itself… If only…

"Oh Binks, how I wish you could take a listen." Maggie said. "Even if I can’t hear the beat for myself, I can see it in your eyes. And it brings such joy to my eyes." "Bee, do you want to get dressed?" "No it’s okay, lets savour the moment, if it’s okay with you?" Maggie simply smiled and Bianca understood. So they stayed in the position for what felt like only a moment, but a joyful moment."

Bianca has closed her eyes, savouring each second of this moment. When she felt Maggie’s head leave her stomach, she did not stir though, she heard Maggie pouring herself some water. "Do you want some Binks?" Maggie asked. Bianca shook her head, "No thanks." The room was absolutely quiet except for the sound of the Maggie drinking.

Maggie put the glass down and made her way back to the bed, stopping halfway across the room. She stood watching her best friend lying on the bed… Even in a hospital gown, she was the most beautiful thing Maggie had ever seen. Oh how I wish she were mine Maggie thought… She snapped out of the daydream and made her way to the bed. She couldn’t help it; she bent down and kissed Bianca on the forehead… Bianca opened her eyes and smiled at the beautiful face which was now just above hers. Maggie tried to resist, but the urges were strong. She saw Bianca’s perfectly formed lips and longed to feel them on her own.

Bianca looked at Maggie and saw that they both wanted this. She placed one arm around Maggie’s neck and brought the smaller girls lips down onto her own. Their lips captured each other’s in a burst of passion. Their tongues met and began to dance the tango of all tangos. The girls both felt as if they were both in paradise. Bianca moved over a bit, and Maggie slowly edged her way onto the bed, she then wrapped one arm around Bianca’s waist. Bianca in return placed one arm on Maggie’s hip

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