Inner Truth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
A story of inner hurt and confusion-expressed

Submitted: December 15, 2006

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Submitted: December 15, 2006



Slowly I rise from the once comfortable bed, on which I was lying. I cannot feel my legs, yet I manage to stumble to the dressing table. I glance up and look into the mirror, “who are you?,” I cautiously ask the figure staring back at me. She seems to be so tired, broken and depressed. I wonder if she has always been this way or if something only recently upset her..? I have seen her before, the last time I saw her she seemed so happy and carefree, and yet look at her now…. I see it in her eyes that the world is caving in around her, she is trying to be strong, she is trying to hold it up, but to no avail. She is shaking tremendously and I can see that she fears she is going to fail.


As I stand gazing at her, I see the little droplets fill her eyes. She tries to hold them back, but the emotion overwhelms her completely. Suddenly, I realize that I can feel the droplets that are running down her face, I am feeling her pain and her heartache. This fear is overwhelming, why do I feel what she feels? Who is the girl staring back at me as she cries..?


My legs soon give way, and I sink into an uncomfortable position on the floor. My legs are tucked beneath me, my head is resting on the cold, hard floor and I still feel those droplets running down my face. “Stop this!,” I scream aloud, yet I don’t stop. I begin to shake uncontrollably. “Please stop…?!,” I plead with myself, as the tears flow, this cannot be right. “You have not been so soft in an eternity, what has come over you suddenly?!”


The emotions soon swallow me whole, as I realize that the figure, the one who stares at me, the girl consumed by so much pain and fear, she is really me. My eyes feel puffy and my body feels old and tired. Slowly my eyes begin to close, and the world turns black… 

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