If you had 5 billion dollars

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A poem I wrote about a subject that has been bothering me for quite some time

Submitted: July 29, 2012

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Submitted: July 29, 2012



If you had 5 billion dollars 
Would you buy a golden Rolex? 
Go and spend some cash on Forex? 
Buy Ferraris and a yacht, 
You know you can spend a lot. 

Would you help all those in need? 
That would be generous, indeed 
Or would you go hit on some doll? 
You've got 5 billions, after all. 
So what you don't have handsome looks, 
Never read more than 2 books, 
Got no talents and not funny? 
They won't mind, if you have money. 

Would you still be with your friends? 
Or is it when your friendship ends? 
Would you rather talk to stars? 
Drink champaigne in lounge bars? 
Would you think your friends are lame 
Because now you're in the game? 
Would you call your Mom and Father? 
Ask what's up with your big brother 
Would you give away your wealth 
In exchange for their health? 

Do you think you'd be a guy 
With apartments in Dubai? 
Would you save the world we live in? 
Try to feed all starving children? 
Buy the place you used to work? 
Tell your boss that he's a jerk? 
Fire him and his white collars 
If you had 5 billion dollars. 

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