Ode to Odysseus

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This is a poem I wrote for my English class. I worked on it for seven hours straight. It may not make sense if you haven't heard of, or read "The Odyssey" by Homer. Hope you like it.

Submitted: October 15, 2011

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Submitted: October 15, 2011



Ode to Odysseus


Oh, come and hear the ode,

Of Odysseus the skilled.

Many men had he battled,

And many more had he killed.


He devised the cunning plan,

Of the giant Trojan Horse,

And then slaughtered all his enemies,

With not one bit of remorse.


Then he ran into Calypso,

In her strange and timeless land.

He slept with her every night,

As by this Goddess' demand.


When Zeus sent Hermes to Calypso,

To demand Odysseus free.

Calypso helped him build a raft,

And he continued sailing at sea.


Then he fought a Cyclops,

Ignorant, yet so strong.

Polyphemus was his name,

And many of him was among.


He poked this giant's eye out,

And with his sheep slipped away.

The blind Cyclops threw rocks at them,

Only making their ship sway.


Next, he came upon Aeolus,

Who gave him a bag of storms.

His crew so stupidly opened it,

Leading them to an island of weird form.


Soon, he faced a woman,

Circe was her name.

Her beauty was bewildering,

But sorcery was her game.


She lured half of them in with song,

And greeted them in with feasts.

They drank and ate her food,

But, then she turned them into beasts.

Odysseus was warned of this,

So he threatened her with his sword.

She turned them back to humans,

And in his adventure he went onward.


He went on down to Hades,

This was where she told him to head,

He found a restless spirit;

Eurychleus, whom was dead.


He went back and buried Eurychleus,

And Circe offered him advice.

She told him about some monsters,

To which, his crew were like mice.


His crew first came upon the Sirens.

With beeswax, they covered their ears.

These creatures sang their song of doom,

Luckily, none of them could hear.


Next, they passed the Scylla.

The creature with teeth like knives.

As they passed this evil thing,

It took away several men’s lives.


Last was the giant Charybdis,

The monster that swallows the seas.

He avoided Charybdis, just barely,

By climbing a cliff above she.


He landed on the island of Thrinacia,

And his crew ate Helios’ cows.

So Zeus killed the men with a lightning bolt,

And the Sun God was happy now.


Odysseus told this to Alcinous,

And his heart, it did rip.

So he sent Odysseus home,

Supplying him with a ship.


When he finally returned to Ithaca,

He knew just what he’d do.

And Athena turned him into a beggar,

So he could surprise the suitors too.



Athena told Odysseus,

To tell Telemachus, he was here.

So Odysseus told Telemachus.

And they cried many-a-tear.


Penelope announced the competition,

Whoever won would be her new groom.

Odysseus took and shot the bow,

Straight clear through the room.


He then turned to Alcinous,

And slaughtered him from afar.

This caused quite a bit of commotion,

And scaled to an all-out war.


Odysseus kept on fighting,

With Telemachus, at his call.

Athena showered her presence,

Forcing all suitors to fall.


When he finally saw his Penelope,

He rejoiced that she was still true.

They lived happily together,

Full of honor to the Gods’ view.






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