The Ballad Of Lil' Bronco Billy

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A short story about a little boy, the carnival, his daydreams and fun with Dad.

Submitted: November 05, 2011

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Submitted: November 05, 2011



Written By: Tim Goodwin

Illustration By: Tim Goodwin


The Ballad Of Lil' Bronco Billy


Billy approached the wild stallion with caution. He was a seasoned rider but this was no ordinary horse. He could tell this from his many years of experience as a professional bronc buster not to mention the look the horse was giving him with its wide eyed, furious glare and flared out nostrils. Aaahh. What a beautiful beast he thought aloud as he approached its heaving sides and rippling flanks.

Easy boy he said very soothingly as he took both the pommel and reins in hand. Easy now. He continued to whisper as he foot slipped gently into the stirup. Easy now he kept saying softly and with a cat like motion propelled himself into the saddle and onto the back of this magnificent and fierce creature at once twining the reins about his hand and they were off!

Boy were they ever. Like a shot out of the stall they both flew headlong into the arena he and this great, wild stallion with his mountain born heritage flowing thick and strong through every vein of his power packed body. They began to jump and dive and spin and whirl in such a fantastic flurry that very nearly Billy was thrown several times but just like that wild horse he now clung to with all of his strength he to was tenacious with the very same wildness flowing through his veins. Enough to match that of this amazing horse and more.

Together, they danced the dance of the cowboy and his horse that has been performed for hundreds of years until at the last both of them draining and loosing strength their dance began to wind down. First to a slow canter and a trot and last a slow walk.

Billy pulling up easy on the reins while they both himself and this magnificent steed (now become his friend) came to a breathless stop. It was the hardest and most exciting ride of Billy's lifetime and well worth all of the bruises and pain he would feel later.

And so dismounting his new friend for life as is the case when a true cowboy breaks in a wild stallion he lays the reins over the saddle and with a final look at his beautiful steed and a last pat on his great neck he said to the horse, that a boy! You'll be fine now. Turning now from his horse Billy leaped from the platform and into his smiling fathers waiting arms yelling WOW what a great ride Dad. Can we go and ride the tilt a whirl now?

And so off they went Father and Hall Of Famer Cowboy Of The Year Lil' Bronco Billy as both of them disappeared among the hundreds of revelers down the midway...

...on this their county fair day.





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