The Shadow Children

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The Shadow Children

Submitted: April 22, 2010

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Submitted: April 22, 2010



The Shadow Children

Transparency is not color, though the maimed and dying

would never know that in this place

Savage is the viral solitude that somehow remains unceasing

as forever it bleeds from amber holes that cloudy eyes burn in see-through walls

It can become so cold

Chained to dirt and bone in the filthiest crawlspace of Hell

The place where shadow children remember rainbow dreams

As they wait frightened for their turn

Paralyzed by the aroma of the flesh of those who came before

Whimpering softly knowing soon will be their time to burn

So easy it would be to blame faith's demise for all of these

scars that never did stop bleeding

But the children understand that it would be wrong to fault God

for destroying something that never would have been loved anyway

It was the merciful hand of divinity that granted admission

into this steam and nothingness where mercy does not exist

Tears do not grant immunity from the bronze hand of pain

even now as it reaches through the shadows for a suffocating throat

Regret may have consumed in the clutches of angry silence

but it does little to calm the hungry flames leaping from below

In the instant before eternal blindness sets in

all there is to be seen is red

In this place that thrives on the unimaginable pain of the soon to be dead

the children feel at home despite everything

For they finally found a place where their helpless screams

do not go unnoticed

Where everything that they contain inside

seems to actually matter to something this time.

© Copyright 2017 Tim Howard. All rights reserved.

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