And So We Go Around Again

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A story about the avatar of time and the avatar of chaos as the world dies.

Submitted: June 11, 2019

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Submitted: June 11, 2019



Rebecca sat on a nearby hill, looking over the ruins that had once been her great home city. She knew that the time was coming, the sun would die, and shortly thereafter, so too would this world. Rebecca did not need to intrude upon their final moments of the cities inhabitants, few though they were. She had had a few times that she was invited to spend the last moments with her closest friends, or loves. She had said goodbye to them in person. But at the end of another world, she rarely had anyone to spend the final moments with, except for one man.

John, at least that was what he was going by this time around, popped into existence next to her, and she nodded to him. She looked up at the sick, sick sun, knowing that it was actually dead, the light just hadn't reached them yet. Wondering how this end would come. The blinding flash, the scouring storm, or the dull cold? She would prefer a quick death this time, she had experienced it so many times though it made little difference ultimately. She looked to the side, nodding at her oldest friend. "So, we have eight minutes."

John chuckled gently, giving Rebecca, the embodiment of time itself, a nod in return. "Yes, only eight minutes now, then I will cease to be for a while, and you..."

"I will watch, I will watch a world without people, a world stuck in a rut, without chaos or intelligence, just going through its motions, until it finally finds a way to once again create things worth watching, and loving." Rebecca sighed, shaking her head to rid herself of the morose thoughts clouding her mind now.

John chuckled, trying to lighten the mood that he knew was overshadowing Rebecca. "I do hope that when it comes back about I don't get stuck in a statue again, talk about boring! I was starting to feel like you!"

Rebecca couldn't stop herself from giving a sharp bark of laughter and smiling wryly at her friend. "You would have many, many years to catch up to me, old friend. And it was your own fault, you chose to play the antagonist again."

John gave a small shrug as he popped a small gold coin into his hand. "They needed a villain, it wasn't like I just arbitrarily chose to be the villain, or flipped a coin!" He flipped the coin to emphasize his point and Rebecca smiled once more in genuine amusement.

"Well let's hope this next batch is more settled than this one, so you don't need to play the villain."

John nodded, snapping his fingers and the coin disappeared, looking up at the sun as well. "Do you think we'll ever get to go to where they have gone?"

It took Rebecca a moment to respond, "you? Certainly, you're probably there now, in another capacity."

John was genuinely surprised by the answer, asking, "how do you figure?"

"You are chaos, but what is chaos? It is the choice of all thinking creatures. Unless you get no choices in the afterlife you will be there, you will see your friends again." She gave him another sly smile. "Especially Andrea."

John nodded, looking back over the ruined city. "I'm sure you'll get there too."

"You don't need to give me baseless comfort John." Rebecca couldn't help but smile sardonically at her old friend's optimism.

John shook his head, turning and locking eyes with Rebecca. "Well if you aren't there I'll come get you! Screw what death says!"

Rebecca couldn't help but giggle quietly, her oldest friend was impulsive. "Well, whether you can do that or not; it's good to see you getting close to a few people this time. You're usually so standoffish."

John let out a small, sad sigh as he again turned to view the mostly destroyed city. "I've lived without her for thousands of years Rebecca, and she was my only other real friend all these years. How do you do it?"

Rebecca smiled pensively. "If I live for all eternity, I will know that I made a difference in a few lives, and it is such fleeting things that make an eternity worth living."

John nodded, falling into a companionable silence. It wasn't like they wouldn't have millions, perhaps billions of more years together. Not every moment needed to be filled with pointless speech. When they had only a minute left John spoke again. "The thing that always makes me wonder, is what causes different life to live, instead of humans, dragons, instead of dragons four a myriad of species, or perhaps strange floating creatures with many eyes. What do you always wonder when a new world starts?"

Rebecca grinned, she had a very different concern about new worlds than John did. But then it was in the nature of chaos to wonder after change. "Who is the one creature whose life I can change, whose life is it that I will matter in. Their form doesn't matter, just their need."

John nodded and fell silent again for another twenty seconds. Only leaving him with ten seconds to ask his question. A question that he had finally, after millennia beyond counting, he had worked up the courage to ask, "does it hurt?"

Rebecca didn't speak for a few moments, John thought that she wasn't going to answer, or at least not in time. However, he did hear her words as he faded out of existence. The last of the sun's light was just reflecting off the moon. So short a time remained now that the and the choices of whatever other creatures remained on this doomed planet truly stopped to make any difference. As such, so too did true chaos stop existing in the world.

Rebecca caught his eye in his last moments on their plane of existence. “Every time.” As John gave her a slight bow, his last action before completely disappearing, Rebecca looked up. The sky grew bright for a few moments and she closed her eyes. She knew it was the wave of flame this time. And she was glad, this way was quicker. Though ultimately, it didn't matter, she never had a real choice anyway.

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