A Poet's Prayer (kind of...)

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From reading so many good poets here on booksie.

Submitted: October 19, 2011

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Submitted: October 19, 2011



Developed from reading the work of better writers then myself on this site with such unique ideas and imaginations. Feel free to make any corrections you feel are necessary or to expound on the idea with your own verses if you like.


"Give us the eyes to observe our surroundings
And associate things we've seen.
To broaden our views with creative thought
Through concentration and fervor.
To think in terms outside the box
With imagery and imagination.
In words that rouse the visions
Of readers, converting life into art.

Give us the strength to avoid such lines:
"The dove flew above, with love,"
For rhymes so trite are emotionless,
Like yards with identical schemes,
Somehow anticipated in a sluggish way
And ultimately boring to pass.
May we gain the knowledge to change such errors
Apparent in our earlier works.
Through experience, reading (slowly) and observation,
May we recognize the skills we need.

But most of all, give our thoughts relief
In times we may not succeed.
And allow contentment to those in search
Of fame that never find it.
For fame is fleeting and bears a load
Much heavier than one thinks.
So while we're here, may we entertain the soul
Of others for a time.
While the the spirit that compels
our hands to the page,
Enlighten our words with new life.


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