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Why you should always back up your work.

Submitted: October 19, 2011

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Submitted: October 19, 2011



Ok, so imagine this. Your computer has been acting strange lately and it's running slower than usual. You know it's getting old so you consider (reluctantly, I might add) purchasing a new one in the future. You decide after owning the computer for over four years, it would be wise to buy an external hard drive to back up all your important files so there not lost. Until then, you put a little message on your Bio page that you're having problems, just in case something happens. But then again, what are the odds it will go belly up on you days before getting it all backed up right?

So, you go out and buy an external hard drive and turn on your PC to start the process of saving all the files you want to keep when a weird screen pops up and it won't go off no matter what you do, hurling you into panic mode. Moreover, you wind up having to reformat but find out your hard drive is shot and needs to be replaced, leaving you stunned.

The scenario I've just described is a tough one, but I'm now the unlucky recipient of that experience. Computers crashing or seizing up were things I read about in magazines but never actually experienced myself. Most of what I had --Poems, stories, music, pictures, and a lot of other stuff were ultimately lost. FORTUNATELY, I wrote a lot of things down in notebooks and didn't have any type of financial documents or statements of any kind saved in folders. But UNFORTUNATELY, I still lost a great portion of information that was once posted here. As a result, I suddenly had no computer, and as time crept by, no desire to get back onto the internet despite wanting to say hello to some friends.

So the message here is pretty obvious. If you value your poems, your stories, your music files, your pictures, or anything else you have on your computer that you want to keep, back it all up. Don't be ignorant or naive like I was.  Computers are weird little friends as you already know and they accumulate a lot of information over time. Even if you delete something, it's still sitting inside your computer. It's like a closet filled with papers you scrunched up and threw toward the waste paper basket but missed. Eventually, all that stuff still hiding in there adds up creating clutter in the dark recesses of your machanical buddy's mind. In some cases, despite software protection, your PC could also have some virus or spyware you don't know about floating around its artery lines creating even more of a problem.

To conclude, if your PC starts showing the wrong time, burping, slowing down considerably, or acting odd, watch out for a possible crash. Remember, computers get old, but if you regularly back it up, you don't have to worry about losing that old picture of granny at the picnic; the photo of your dog doing his funny begging routine; or that new poem you proudly finished that took you so long to create. Preventive, methodical maintenance pays off and is something I for one will be doing from now on.








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