The Prince and Brier-Rose

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Based on the story.

Submitted: October 19, 2011

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Submitted: October 19, 2011



Based on the story of Brier-Rose. Quotes were added to prevent a tiresome flow to the poem's structure. Some may not find them agreeable, some may. Skip them if you wish. The first stanza was saved on paper before my old computer went belly up. The stanzas that followed were lost. This is the new outcome.


At midnight hours hazy mist,
Crept a full moon glowing.
Amist the night of polished stars
Was a still-breeze blowing.

A prince along the woodland tread
Throughout each hill and dale.
In search of one called Brier-Rose,
Some spoke of in a tale.


--"A princess more beautiful
then any, they say!"--


The dancer of his lantern's flame,
Cast a shadow's gloom.
While bristles from each spiny patch
Cared not of his doom.

Outlines in the distance lurked,
Night birds sang of harm.
Daunting in its bleak facade,
Her castle by the tarn.


--"Beware the thorns, beware the curse
Stay away! some said."--


There he saw the stone grey walls,
Wrapped amid sharp thorns.
Whistling of the breezes moaned:
"Beware the spell that scorns."

A vengeful curse secured it's fate,
Prince's died in vain.
Trying to breach the jagged door,
Sheilded to its frame.

One-hundred years the curse affixed,
The dwellers forced to sleep.
Dreaming till a timely prince,
Could wake them from the deep.


--"The thorns remain,
their slumber shall last, till
a hundred years have past."--


Approaching nearer, the Prince indeed,
Noticed something change,
As though a picture from afar,
Began to rearrange.

And so it was, the silver thorns
So long a source of doom,
Abruptly changed their thorny shapes
To flowers in full bloom.

Past the door, the prince encountered
Those inside who dwell
Frozen Like some statuettes
Solidified in gel.


--"They shall be as frozen statues," affirmed
the resentful wise woman."--


Finally, to the chamber loft,
The stately room he chose,
Lay the most magnificent girl,
The beautiful Brier-Rose.

With one kiss on her supple lips,
The spell that once adhered,
Broke its grip on one and all,
And finally disappeared.

And so it was, the following day,
Where love and faith upholds,
All would see the wedding of,
The Prince and Briar Rose.

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