A Certain Smile

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first love

Submitted: July 24, 2010

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Submitted: July 24, 2010



It was on my regular walk, when I first saw her
with her beautiful red hair, flowing in the breeze.
A lovely young girl, in her teens
always happy to smile at me
and to say hello.
She was much younger then.

Now when I see her, she has the look of a woman
and a young man holds her hand.
I saw them both walking towards me the other day
coming from the woods nearby.
His face a little flushed and her hair still lovely
but rather ruffled.

They both seemed a little self conscious
when they passed by me
and as she said hello,
she seemed to look different,
as she gave me a certain smile,
something I'd not seen for a long time.

Then I realised what I had seen,
he was her first love,
we all know the signs.
I think she may have shared
her passion with him
for the very first time.

I haven't seen them for quite a while.
They probably have other ways
of spending time together now,
than walks in the woods.
But I think I will always remember her,
with her lovely red hair and that certain smile.

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