looking back on when the children were young.

A picture hangs on my wall
it’s a photograph taken by me
of two little girls by the riverside
fishing there with me.

They didn’t catch any fish that day
not even a tiddler or two
but they still had a happy day
and their picture taken too!

They’re grown up now Children no more
though one at home still stays
the other has gone away
to live her student days.

They always loved the riverside
and being there with me
but if they had a special place
it was being by the sea.

Now sometimes when I walk across a beach
my mind plays tricks on me
I can hear their little voices shout
“we’re playing in the sea!”

I see their smiling faces
happy on the beach
and little footprints in the sand
made by their tiny feet.

They’re grown up now Children no more
living life’s laughter and tears
and I wonder if they still remember
those special childhood years.

Submitted: July 28, 2010

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