stress relief through music!

The storm clouds are gathering inside my head
I’m far too troubled for sleep in my bed
I’ve got worries on my mind the world’s all bad news
life’s getting me down and I’ve got the blues.
But I know what to do when the feelings all gloom
I’ll put on the stereo and play that tune.
The one by Neil Diamond a favourite of mine
that old little melody called Sweet Caroline.
I’ll listen for a while as the blues drift away
everything’s alright when I hear that music play.
Some time will pass and I’ll be troubled some more
I’ll be wearing a frown bad feelings galore
with worries of life and troubles ahead
my mind full of fear with things that I dread.
So I’ll play that tune again of Caroline so sweet
it always picks me up that special Diamond beat
I’ll listen for a while the dark will turn to light
and all of a sudden things will seem alright.

Submitted: July 26, 2010

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