Bible Not Believed as Written by The World of Believers

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It's only those few having no association with this human race who can see what others cannot because their only source of life comes from God.

Submitted: May 02, 2014

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Submitted: May 02, 2014




It was in 1989 when my journey into unknown spiritual territories began with God being my only pilot for life's direction which at that time, 25 years ago, I had zero knowledge or understanding of; yet just persisted in never going anywhere without my Bible as if one extremely strong addiction was upon me even though my life to follow through the next 16 years had much grim darkness through many ways being no different than other believers on this planet earth -- yet I had a faith words cannot explain because I just knew bad times were coming upon this entire human race while feeling so unworthy that just a barrel in a field with a lid would suffice as my home when the worst timesoftrouble comes on us all; therefore in December of 2006 I just left America and my whole life past on a one way ticket to the Philippines while having an old head injury from 1988 leaving me permanently disabled with no savings, no social security, no pension and no disability; yet with near nothing and having only a $1000 to my name for a new life, I went with faith as my only fuel to keep moving no matter how difficult my life would become; and it was in no way my decision -- but rather God who was leading me to become prepared for His use during these end times about to strike this entire human race in every part of the world regardless of who they may be or what they believe because of human rule which has always failed miserably ever since our start while being totally pathetic and incapable has reached the beginning of its end forever - and amen to that! 

So what does that mean and where am I now through God's lead?

100_7919.JPG\"This day being over 25 years since my beginning with God after almost 71/2 years since I arrived in the Philippines with my only purpose being God's will through becoming a full time student while living in hardships just so I could see and experience this world of believers just as God sees them all through what He tells them in His pure words all through the Holy Bible, but none believe His own direct and easy to understand words against them all.


Through the years past between my wife and I, most people being a couple would have never made it through hunger, sickness, poverty, two faced liars and just a world of hypocrites while having God as our only way to survive regardless of how many religious people truly hated me just as Jesus Christ said they would in John 15:18-21; and the reason they know not who sent Christ is because God cannot be known by those not having His commanded love for others being made very clear all through scripture I have been writing for many years; but none, no, not one believer can see God's truth to them all with Psalms 14:2-3 being only pure truth against this world's inhabitants; also made perfectly clear is fact being all believers are to live by His every word all have been commanded to walk by through Deuteronomy 8:3, Matthew 4:4 and Luke 4:4 with Psalms 12:6, 18:30, 33:4, 119:140 and many more scriptures speaking of just how true and righteous every word from our Father true is; yet believers only believe what they want, have heard or think via their human spirit lacking God's spirit which can only be earned through following His written instruction not even taught in the religions of man worldwide, because if it was this world of beliefs would not be as God sees them all.














Regardless of what I share with this world of believers coming directly from the words of who they claim to love and believe - all believe only what they want while living the way they want going completely against the words of who their lips love with no more as instructed because being obedient through actual love with compassion and deeds is asking far to much for their pagan infected minds to handle. If just you amongst the hundreds of thousand believers which have read my words through the past years would just send us a box of foods, a box of miscellaneous not needed whatever miscellaneous along with some heartfelt true and genuine prayers for the simple and basic need my wife and I have had for too many years now; you would be doing much more than the other 99.9 percent of believers with ice cold hearts having no care in any way beyond their falsely spoken words which God shall repay them all for in the exact same way as they did for others with plenty unbelieved scripture for proof. Do you have a heart so true that you actually do as God instructs concerning love for others?


Lifestyle for a True Man of God without the nice suits, cars, homes, jets, meals and glorious material items supplied from the money they sell all their lies to worldwide being no different than politicians; and those words include every false teacher on this earth because they all are of this world while completely lacking God's lead whereas all I have done is die to myself while being not of this world led by darkness about to strike this entire human race in very sickly ways mentally, physically and spiritually.  Our way of life.  - Timeline Shows Who a Person Truly Is Through Their Actions



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