Communication with God as my Pilot

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
God, truth, reality, me, and why I was chosen to reveal the fate of the human race they refuse to hear or believe.

Submitted: October 31, 2011

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Submitted: October 31, 2011





These words are essential for any that desire the truths of reality being brief as possible regarding informative information about my life’s situation as a concerned author with a message for this entire civilization that will allow us to better communicate.


Just the fourth chapter alone in the book I have written clearly shows through the absolutely massive amounts of writing through these past years where the only direction of my life resides; and that purpose has been making the spiritual gains required for the preparation and delivering of the coming fate of this entire world. In 1988 I had a head injury; and from that a neurosurgeon had to remove a small portion of my brain; therefore I was pronounced permanently disabled. After about a year of rehab, God came into my mind and began deeply stirring as in reprogramming me for another direction in life; and because all that I had was time, my strong private thirst for knowledge began in 1990 while never becoming a church member or even associated with any of the religions of man since 1995.


When our direction has been set by the Higher Powers of God Almighty, we have absolutely no choices in any matters whatsoever; and that is because to God, we are already history while at the same time not yet even formed in the womb; ahat I just spoke can only be seen from two directions.


This wisdom is only understood by the spiritual
“It is these things that we talk about, not using the expressions of the human intellect but those which the Holy Spirit teaches us, explaining things to those who are spiritual.

But the unspiritual man simply cannot accept the matters which the Spirit deals with—they just don’t make sense to him, for, after all, you must be spiritual to see spiritual things. The spiritual man, on the other hand, has an insight into the meaning of everything, though his insight may baffle the man of the world. This is because the former is sharing in God’s wisdom, and ‘Who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct him?’ Incredible as it may sound, we who are spiritual have the very thoughts of Christ! {1 Corinthians 2:13-16}

 In November of 2006 I flew out of O Hare on a one way ticket to Manila with but one purpose, make that two. First was coming to know God with the second being a woman to love; and because it was God that placed me where I have been the past five years, both needs were met, but in the opposite order because without Mylene who is 18 years younger and Filipina, I could have never made it; and that is why she was a gift from God, but in absolutely no way the human mind thinks; and the detailed truth of our lives would shock many just as the sadness of people all over this earth who are forced without choice to live the only life they know in the gutters of poverty.


When I landed in Manila my total funds were just over a thousand dollars that was gone by January 2007; and I have zeroed income, savings, investments or anything at all, period; and that was the beginning of a long hard spiritual walk that would eventually take me out of this world.

Hated by the World

If you find the godless world is hating you, remember it got its start hating me. If you lived on the world's terms, the world would love you as one of its own. But since I picked you to live on God's terms and no longer on the world's terms, the world is going to hate you. {John 15:15}-{Message}


God is very easy to understand if we as His created beings just do as instructed through believing His every word as written with no confusion while being and unpolluted by man who does nothing but make THE WORD confusing while destroying its meaning.


Through these past years, my wife Mylene and I have lived through ant attacks, roof leaks so bad the light would come on with the switch off, breads, rice, fish, and every basic need on word of mouth credit, working full days as a mechanic for less them $10, applying for well over 700 jobs trying to go just anywhere in the world doing anything via internet when not having a dime to travel while also being technically an illegal immigrant who had no money to pay visa dept of immigration since August 2007 when the US embassy would not even help me when only wanting to get back to America as a welder for six months so I could return with some money.


Added was our marriage on a $24 set of rings my wife bought on credit. Times when she had to be in the hospital, and now at 38, under 5ft at 90 lbs has a weak heart that caused her pneumonia that in turn forced her to leave her job as a 4th grade teacher that was bringing in our whopping $60 a month for survival that has been zero for two months now. But God has kept us all afloat, barely.


We have never owned a dresser; therefore a big rat ate a hole in a shirt while leaving turds as his calling card. Never a shower, never tissue paper, never windows in our 20x18 block, coco lumber, bamboo nipa leaf home on a 30x30 lot with no right of way; and the owner who took our payments of 38,000 peso or $800 then said he would take no more because the land was his and not for sale. And he listens to gospel music.


As of now, because my wife was not well, her parents in their 80’s with no income came from another part of the Philippines on gifted funds from their other daughter and son in law almost two months ago to help their daughter; so now there is for of us to survive on faith because just as us, faith in God is all that any of us have ever had while having absolutely nothing in life.


It would take me many thousands of words just to explain all of our hardships in life mentally and physically through these past five years in detail, but being I don’t want to overwrite, lets just get to the bottom line.


As of now the decade old computer that I have been using is at zero percent free space. I have no useable printer and the monitor has been fuzzed at the bottom over a year while the unit itself acts as a flashing slanted light show on and off. When I write, to save may take up to ten attempts, and even then with freezes and dead motherboard, I often lose hours and hours of work, and have lost much more. I can clean disk to no avail, I cannot defrag or even do system restore—and when any person just looks that all I have written with but one very poor mind bending brain dead computer, if they believe in God, they will know that He has been with me just as now while this computer hovers on death row.


God placed me here in the Philippines away from society and alone in the same square mile for these years now past for two reasons. One was to grow close to Him in only His Spirit of truth rather than the false spirit of the god of this world who is the father of lies who has beguiled an entire world through a double-cross of deluding words they all believe; and the second reason was to see this world as He sees.


What I have just shared about faith, truth and my life I have also been sharing with all in the religions of man for years now while going so far as to actually ask for any help at all such as a box of just some junk they may be able to spare because a whole box of old used miscellaneous junk to many in this world would be as a dream come true for me, my wife and her parents Joshua and Clarita who do many things for us such as hand washing clothes, bamboo carpenter work and more.


Back in January of this year I even posted a picture of my wife’s dad standing in the back opening of his falling down shack while asking any brethren anywhere to just send $20 a month to Him that would be near a 1000 peso a month just to help them to survive---and never one single word of care or help; and in the same way, that is how it has been for my wife and I ever since we met in March of 2007, and the book I have written through the inspiration from God very clearly shows with no confusion that any in this world who believe in God can never know Him without love; and the man made religions of man worldwide that have been viewing my writings between two and four hundred thousand times with uncountable posts all through the internet have been doing exactly as Christ said they would all do through hate meaning to detest and persecute while not only ignoring warnings from the words of God, but very joyfully pissing all over my wife and I for years while taking pleasure when calling me an author for the devil, accursed to burn, a bastard, f..k off, very sick and twisted, a child of the devil, deranged, a judge and just every kind word of love from a world of saved believers who God calls rootless hypocritical murders with His own words to back it up----and the truth I speak to this world they refuse to hear because just as those who crucified Christ, this world knows not what they do.


I need communication on the human level that requires no credit card to publish God’s message to the world because I have no bank account for five years.  My jaw, gums and teeth have become what are left as shrapnel with prayer, patience and Advil because soft bread to eat can cause pain. My wife needs Ensure to drink, but the 1000 peso or $10 for a large can might as well be a thousand dollars when people have nothing but faith as their fuel for life. My wife’s mom and dad never complain while having no life, nothing to do for enjoyment, and absolutely zero funds to the point where $20 to them would be as $2000 in the great excitement that it would bring; and that is why my wife Mylene has been such a unique gift from God because she has never complains while having no life within a small prison of no happiness where our life exists on the no right of way lot we built that is not even our own by mans law.


Help is badly needed, but nothing new for the past five years to a world that has already labeled you as everything but who you truly are and have become as a workman for God in only trying to help as many who will listen to God rather than man as this world’s walls begin to fall without a hand lifted just as the walls of Jericho. 


And now, all I can do is cry for a world that cannot see the violent storms about to crash the billions of lives within this world’s population; and everything that everyone needs to know has been written in a book inspired by God, that in God’s time, this world will see.


But just as God who is my Pilot for Direction has told me as His co-pilot, the many of this world will not hear you as they take delight in scorn, whereas the few will step into your life.


Proverbs 1:5, 7, 22-32 says it all for today for the many of this world with verse 33 for the few.


The Beginning of the End has arrived.


Are you of the few that wants to know your own coming days?  I will send you the book while God is in the process of it becoming published through the interest of the publishers that are making offers.

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