God's Warning For All Believers

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Its only those few becoming no longer of this world through total disassociation with human religions, traditions and ways which allows them to see as our creator sees all the inhabitants on this earth.

Submitted: April 11, 2014

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Submitted: April 11, 2014



Do You Truly Love Christ Our Lord and God the Father? http://theonlyworldbook.webs.com/godswarningtoall.htm  

Is your love greater than words can speak while the words of who we love sees all believers differently than we see ourselves?

100_5568.JPG\"Ephesians 3:19 - Did you grasp spiritually the meaning of what you just read? All believers of this world will answer yes; but when asked how they can show the love of Christ within themselves through commanded actions towards others - none will have what our Father seeks along with total absolute genuine faith through looking only towards Him always with no trust in man nor human religions because of these following words. . .

 100_7400.JPG\"Hebrews 11:5-6 - Do you feel that God is pleased with you? Can you prove all the things you do in life from written instruction in the words all believers have been commanded to live by? Where is Christmas commanded? Where is Easter commanded? Where is the sabbath on the first day of the week commanded? Where is God's command to be selfish prideful and of this world?  

 100_6774.JPG\"John 13:34 - Are not believers to do as their Father commands? What have you done to prove your love being the only way to know and please God the Father?

100_6776.JPG\"John 14:15 - This world of believers love to say how much they love God - yet because none keep His commands - God is not pleased because their love is only in word.100_7200.JPG\"John 14:21- How can this world having over three billion believers in God who keep not His commandments still say they love Him? Its because they know not that what has been written in their heart is all that God knows about them.

 100_7201.JPG\"John 14:23 - To this day all I can see is a world filled with believers loving and praising God through words while not keeping His saying or direction they are to follow while believing the brewed doctrines of man worldwide lacking truth as written.

 100_7424.JPG\"Luke 6:45-46 - Its only when there is any individual anywhere on this earth which chooses truth as written while asking God from their heart for direction in making them one of the few in God's true church rather than amongst the many of this world being totally unprepared for the coming storms with no anchor to hold due. . .

100_7427.JPG\"Luke 3:9-11 - Why is it that no matter what our Lord speaks to all believers, they believe through their words while not even doing as instructed because they have no fruits due selfish pride? Look at all the unemployed and homeless in America while knowing its fall was prophesied thousands of years ago while also seeing the complete mess on this entire globe due unworthy human rule led by the god of this world who not only hates love, but hate truth; therefore feeds his lies which keeps all from loving as commanded, thus never knowing God.


100_7429.JPG\"Ezekiel speaks truth so strong and true that believers worldwide refuse to believe through their human ways and religious association making them just as Ezekiel speaks.

100_6819.JPG\"Colossians 3:1-4 has more spiritual depth than this world of believers can comprehend; and that is because they all have their mind set on themselves and earthly things.

So just who is in no way associated with this world?

When you are neglected, or purposely seen as non-existent nothingness, and you don't feel pain or hurt with the insult or the oversight, but your heart is happy, being counted worthy to suffer for Christ. THAT IS DYING TO SELF

When your good is evil spoken of, when your wishes are crossed, your advice disregarded, your opinions ridiculed, and you refuse to let anger rise in your heart, or even defend yourself, but take it all in patient, loving silence.  THAT IS DYING TO SELF  When you patiently bear any disorder or annoyance while standing face-to- face in a world of people lacking proper actions with spiritual insensibility-and endure it as Jesus endured. THAT IS DYING TO SELF

When you just accept your way life with thanks to God no matter how many difficulties and hardships you have had to live with through many years in health mind and body. THAT IS DYING TO SELF

When you can see others prosper and have their needs met and feel no envy, nor question God, while your own needs are far greater and in desperate circumstances. THAT IS DYING TO SELF

When through years and years of submission to God you've accomplished 14 free websites, over 500 posts and a published book while living in extreme hardships with no genuine brothers and sisters anywhere with care or compassion, yet loving them regardless because they know not what they do. THAT IS DYING TO SELF

When you look only to God with trust in only God through believing His every word and just how He views this entire human race as written in Job 15:15-16, Psalms 14:2-3, 53:2-3 and Revelation 12:9, you have become completely different than the 3.5 billion who don't believe God's words directly to them all; yet deliver a truth to all none believe while hating you for what you speak - yet run the race set before you as Paul in Hebrews 12 and Ezekiel chapter 2.THAT IS DYING TO SELF

 100_6778.JPG\"2 John 4-6 - Those walking in truth are the few.

100_7431.JPG\"100_7434.JPG\"100_7436.JPG\"Luke 12 speaks such strong truth that this world of believers cannot hear nor be be doers of the word even though their eyes can read the instruction; but those of God's little flock living on faith with many needs have learned to depend on their just Father whom knows all things and will supply them in His time according to His will.

Because God is love, the only way for any believer on this earth to even know Him requires that same genuine love for others written in their heart with its intent God reads.

100_7194.JPG\"Hebrews 4:12-13 - Lacking charity in your heart where God reads your intent makes you nothing just as written in 1 Corinthians 13.

 100_6761.JPG\"1 John 4:7-8 - In just two verses out of the 31,102 verses in the King James Bible, all believers have been given a command along with what they can expect through not being doers of the word;

 100_5571.JPG\"1 John 4:20 - True as every word of God is, false brethren have been showing me anything and everything but love through these past seven years when asking only for simple things like Heart Friendly Ensure for my wife with just simple basic need only to be genuinely hated through the actions of all believers - and sadly - God shall supply them all in the same way as they supplied others as you will read several verses down in Jeremiah.

 100_6762.JPG\"1 John 5:3 - How can born again Christians and all believers feel secure when its the god of this world whom has overcome them all of this world which can very easily be seen through their ways of this world which God sees?

 100_6777.JPG\"Galatians 6:2 - The only true church of God are those being a part of the active body of Christ through doing as The Word instructs while also leaving all believers an example to follow. Is Christ your Head? and all believers will say yes - so can any of the billions who give honor and associate with pagan holidays Christ had no part of prove where they are written along with showing love to others being the only way to become worthy in the eyes of God our Father?

 100_6766.JPG\"Matthew 18:33 - What you do for others is exactly what God is going to do for you during the worst timesoftrouble coming upon this entire human race. . .

 100_6575.JPG\"Jeremiah 17:9-10 - If we as believers fail to check our fruits daily through self examination, what we think being self-righteousness in our own carnal mind will not be found within our heart where God closely looks because. . .

 100_7194.JPG\"Hebrews 4:12-13 - once again means that regardless of our words even with tears, waving your arms and ten thousand times saying how much you love God our Father, if He is not first in our life through obedience in being a doer of the word, its because we have other gods before him being anything and everything in our life with priority over whom our lips claim to love,

100_7219.JPG\"1 Thessalonians 4:9 - Has Churinga in I am Christian website shown God's commanded love through telling me years ago I am an author for the devil? Has his persecution with judgment against me through many lies shown any commanded love whatsoever? I can love the man because he knows not what he does just as this world of believers being of this world God is not pleased with. 

 100_7193.JPG\"Hebrews 13 - Absolutely nothing about you can be hid from God because our words have no meaning. If you were to just sit while making a list of how many strangers you truly helped, how long and how true would that list be? How great was your help through love while knowing God will do the same for you when in need during these coming very perilous times.

 100_7450.JPG\"Mark 12:29-31 - If you were to just sit once again while making a list of how much love you have shown to your neighbors, friends, brethren and others, how long and how true would that list be? And exactly what did you do in showing a genuine heartfelt concern?

100_6771.JPG\"1 John 3:13-15 - When a believer has reached the point where all they can see is a Godless society because its ruled by the god of this world, what they can plainly see through television, movies, talk shows, news, education and religions is exactly what God describes in verses about this human race which none, no, not one believes; and because they have become different with no association while speaking truth as directed from the Father - they become very much hated.

100_6772.JPG\"1 John 3:15-19 - Are not this world of believers who ignore, judge, slander and despise fellow believers with very simple basic needs considered by God as murderers? Through my past seven years of accomplishing world separation which came from God as student of God, I have gained much spiritual insight on the way things truly are this day worldwide with understanding of what is coming upon all the inhabitants of this earth with the reasons why; yet hated for truth not taught by this world of shepherds.

100_6773.JPG\"Revelation 22:14-15 - Do you look to the Father daily for direction in your life? - Because if we do not, we can do nothing by ourselves just as our Head we are to follow. John 8:28b-29

 100_6782.JPG\"James 4:10-11 -Through these past seven years of becoming no longer of this world, my greatest persecution has come from a world of believers having zeroed love as commanded; and those are not words of judgement, but rather truth believers don't want to hear because truth about them all as God sees is not uplifting and pleasant as all shepherds teach through their own spiritual blindness. 

100_7220.JPG\"1 Thessalonians 2:4 - I speak no words to please believers just as Ezekiel who delivered a message almost none wanted to hear.

 100_7222.JPG\"Ephesians 4:1 - Are you of the few in the narrow way? So where is your love with obedience? Where is the unity in this world of believers with uncountable different beliefs?

100_7290.JPG\"Ephesians 4:17-20 - All that God has allowed me to witness through many years is the blindness of believers because of what God sees written in their heart being pride which goeth before their destruction. Proverbs 16:8

 100_6148.JPG\"Amos 9:8-10 - Do you believe what God is going to do? Do you even know who Israel is spiritually speaking along with the house of Jacob? The answer to these questions and many more are all through the Bible and in my over 500 writings being my own spiritual education through my 25 years since my start with God including these past seven years; and the meaning of seven to God is completeness or my readiness for becoming a part of these words. . .

 100_6878.JPG\"Matthew 24:14 - If the true gospel had ever been preached in all the world - this world would not be the disgusting mess it is now in through pathetic human rule having no love, no truth and no righteousness; and because Israel has miserably failed to live their life God's way as commanded while making all worldwide to want the same life because of God's many blessings showered upon them; all they have shown themselves to be is rootless hypocrites not liking each other through worldwide religious division along with non-believers hating them even more through their words of judgement against any not like them while also seeing all the pedophile and homosexual shepherds along with the very wealthy false teachers and evangelists in their multimillion dollar homes, private jets, motor coaches, vacation properties, women, homosexual relationships, no taxes paid along with no truth in their life according to God's words.

But once human rule has been brought to its end through all kingdoms being destroyed. . .

100_7437.JPG\"Daniel 2:44 - What this world of believers have not been taught is the fact being just how small God's true church really is because it is only those who become no longer of this world which can be trained, taught and prepared to reign with Christ throughout the millennium. . .

 100_7438.JPG\"Revelation 5:10 - Do you plan while looking forward to being directly under Christ working with Him side by side through the 1000 year millennium? Do you follow Him now as preparation through obedience while having absolutely nothing to do with the ways of this world being psychologically led by the father of lies all unknowingly follow believe? Billions of believers and non-believers who recently took part in Christmas being an ancient custom through murder of innocents bringing death to the god of misrule. Read link at the end of this writing being done only for those few seeking truth as written because it will be them as part of God's eternal government.

100_7441.JPG\"Isaiah 9:6-7 - There are no words for expressing the awesome greatness of being part of God's government with strictly enforced laws based on love; so how can loveless disobedient believers possibly become worthy to reign with whom they claim to love? 



100_6533.JPG\"100_6527.JPG\"100_6528.JPG\"Proverbs 1 is clearly an end time message for a world of believers not knowing of their own coming destiny with the few being verse 33.


 100_5576.JPG\"Lamentations 3 - All 66 verses in Lamentations 3 are description of God's coming punishment with afterward forgiveness upon all believers worldwide now walking in their unknown darkness via the false truths psychologically supplied by the god of this world being the father of lies.

 100_6481.JPG\"100_6482.JPG\"John 15 - How abundant are your fruits? How can believers abide when lacking the commanded love for others required by God's own words to even know Him? When any believer bears not the fruit of love beyond false and empty words - they become as nothing to God just as clearly written in these words. . .

 100_5573.JPG\"1 Corinthians 13 holds 13 verses on love and just how important it truly is.

Just how well do you hear the words of who you claim to love? When you closely examine yourself - you can see what God sees because our words and thoughts have no meaning - but rather what has been written in your heart which cannot lie nor hide anything. Do you speak how you love fellow believers while at the same time persecuting them through pride with selfishness just as Churinga being a man in his 70's and administrator of I am Christian website in Experience Project? Is following a teacher living in darkness seeking light as instructed in the words all believers have been commanded to live by? All I have seen in fellow believers for seven years now is that same darkness with no true light; and our Father sees the same because its been His teaching me these past seven years through His molding and shaping which has allowed me to sees as He sees all believers being of this world.

 100_6569.JPG\"John 15:19 - What exactly according to Christ's own words does it mean to be no longer of this world?

100_7402.JPG\"100_7413.JPG\"100_6583.JPG\"Its only when those instructions from Proverbs 2 and 3 are followed through what has been written deep within our heart that God can become known to us through His Spirit of Truth [being the fear of the Lord in Proverbs 9:10] because it must be not only be strongly wanted, but diligently earned through years of non-stop efforts while knowing that as a mere human being we are with sin and no better than anyone else with but one exception making us different which was being chosen with understanding of why making us to see ourselves just as Paul saw himself in Romans 7:14-25.

 100_6507.JPG\"Romans 9:15-18 - Do you comprehend what The Word just spoke? How hard is it to just understand simple written truth? Verse 18 ought to be a very strong message to billions who say they believe because all of this world have hardened hearts which only God can soften. Say that's not true? God's own vision of this entire human race speaks differently.

 100_6512.JPG\"Psalms 33:18-19

I am a simple man who has struggled through life while also becoming a private student of God once I was over 50 years of age. I am neither pastor nor any position within this world concerning any beliefs or religions because I only trust every word of God with absolutely zero trust in man, his ways and traditions.

I have written many hundreds of writings on what scripture says regarding the realities of this world, and now have fourteen free websites for my own education; yet not one single true brother, sister or friend on this planet according to God's own written truth; and that is not a problem because it’s just part of every word of God that I not only believe, but understand as written.

For over seven years now while reaching out to a world of loving brethren and sisters I have only been steadily despised and ignored to this moment as you read these words; therefore I just live each day with faith as my only needed fuel because my life has become The Word of God with my wage being very strong faith as my greatest reward for years and years of day and night efforts that never stop.

No matter who we have become in the eyes of God as one of His workman, all others worldwide can only find our faults while never hearing one word directly from the Bible which does not line up with their psychological thoughts placed by the god of this world who is the prince and power of the air and father of lies who works in all minds on earth including disobedient believers who do not live according to God’s instruction for their life.

100_7414.JPG\"Ephesians 2 - If you reread the words children of disobedience while pleading saved, forgiven and innocent; think of the billions who recently took part in the Christmas holiday which has one extremely grotesque pagan origin along with other unwritten holidays and unwritten religious days honored worldwide; and for those obeying God's appointed feasts, clean foods and God's laws; they are in just as much darkness because they have no love for others beyond words while being very selfish; and I have experienced them also; therefore our Lord being The Word speaks more of what this world refuses to believe. . .

 100_6825.JPG\"Job 15:15-16 - Always remember that without faith, God cannot be pleased. So what exactly is faith going by words we all are to live by?100_6557.JPG\"
Psalms 12:6 - Faith is believing every word of God to the point where you become no longer of this world because Christ looking to the Father stays with you 24 hours of each day because all you can see is what's coming upon this entire civilization with none being ready for the unexpected.

100_6543.JPG\"Psalms18:30 - But those who can learn now what faith is through more than words will gain God's mercy in the coming great timesoftrouble.

100_6560.JPG\"Psalms 33:4

100_6548.JPG\"Psalms 119:140 - Every word of God is just as written with only spiritual studies for revealing mistranslations such as hell with its true meaning rather than human teachers turning our Father of love into a god which thrives on the eternal torture of billions. 

100_7417.JPG\"Isaiah 26:9 - The days are coming when all on this planet will learn righteousness - the hard way.

 100_7421.JPG\"Isaiah 26:20-21 - Because we all live within a world of completely misled human beings - psychologically speaking - concerning God's truth, human translation in all Bibles have faults making many words of scripture to be taken completely wrong. And even when scripture such as the two verses above speak a good truth concerning this entire human race; what man added as the heading completely destroys its truth. 

Notice the words Retrospect: 'The Gentile world-power destroyed;

Now read 'to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity:

With the whole point being that only scripture - minus human philosophy thoughts and ways through their human spirit - can interpret scripture.

The 68 verses in Deuteronomy 28 tell of this worlds coming calamity. The 66 verses in Lamentations 3 describe Gods punishment upon believers; yet humans speak no truth regarding human destiny as written.

100_7422.JPG\"Ezekiel 2:5-7 - I claim to be no prophet; yet I do know for sure without doubt or question that when billions are slowly sinking within a world of chaos having no escape; they all will remember how they had been warned through God's own words never taught by the shepherds or educators worldwide; and its because when God tells billions of believers exactly how He sees them all - none, no, not one believe His truth as written; so I say read these words once again for any with faith believing the words of who they claim to love. . .

 100_5584.JPG\"Psalms 14:2-3 - Speaks nothing but pure truth regarding this world of believers not yet being worthy of His government positions being eternal making them as the foolish virgins in Matthew 25.


These following words below were taken from the lengthy preface within the 474 page book God inspired me to author through my pen name Timesoftrouble which became published in September 2012; and now will be revised and made available worldwide at no cost when God moves whom He chooses through His Spirit; and if not so be it as only for my own education because it took me one year to write.

'What’s most important for me to speak right now at the beginning of this book is that I expect to change no individuals while knowing that at this time few will believe all the facts which have been written for the purpose of only helping all people everywhere with a very strong warning of what will be. Yet whatever all may think, all that I ask is for all who purchase this book to just treat it as something that one day will be greatly needed as the only answer to all the whys regarding this world’s civilization coming to an unexpected end in ways so dark with so much evil that there are no exact words for description beyond what has been written through this book for all on earth to read and understand.

Were you aware that the worldwide arsenals of NBC [Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical] weapons have the names of billions in this world written all over them? Has not every weapon ever created by man always been used? And just those few words spelling massive death are but only a minute surface scratch regarding the content in this book; and that is because what’s written within these pages greatly concerns every living being on this planet; and what makes this book unique are the facts alone that it has not been written for money, not for popularity, not for pride, not for friends, not as a novel, not as a mind bender, and not just some worthless story, but rather a book inspired by our creator with a lifetime of human education through worldly existence filled with life’s storms, twenty years of Bible intake privately, and the last five years as a prison in life with nowhere to go and nothing to do other than making a slow spiritual exit from this world known to man for the purpose of seeing things just as our creator with this book as a message from Him to this entire world’s civilization of every creed because the beginning of the end has arrived:

But not in the ways the minds of man think teach and believe, because in truth, man knows nothing. Therefore I speak no bull, not a vacuum for love offerings, tell no lies, have no greed, make no human guesses, have no interpretations, make no judgments, and possess no self-genius because by myself I would know absolutely nothing spiritually and could do nothing without an unseen lead; therefore I say again, this is an inspired book with only truth the entire world’s civilization needs to be made aware of no matter what creed or where on earth they may be.

Once the words of our Lord become as our only blood-flow for life itself, we become alone, hated, judged and not believed simply because spiritually speaking we are no longer of this world.




http://godsunknownmessengerr.webs.com/ - To Tithe or Not to Tithe? 

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