Humanity Royally Screwed

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The title alone speaks a truth this world chooses not to hear, like or believe just as this world of religions don't believe what God speaks against false shepherds worldwide and how they all have become religious hypocrites.

Submitted: August 06, 2014

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Submitted: August 06, 2014



Do you understand how all presidents of the United States and World Leaders gained their positions along with who Controls Their Corrupted Power Hungry Inhuman Minds? and for What Purpose ?


There is a plan for this world being - a New World Order - as well described in the Georgia Guidestones which was put into place 24 years ago through God's unlimited power without beginning, end or time for a purpose none on this earth know including those who have been given control over humanity which by some is called the "Illuminati" being a small form of government rulers which all power is vested by the few which control the politicians, the courts, the educational institutions including religions and beliefs worldwide, the natural resources, the foreign policies, the economies, the wars, rebel violence and the money of most nations; and added is fact being they also control all major television networks, major magazines, newspapers and business such as the trillion dollar religious business worldwide with Catholics being the wealthiest and most misled as a spiders web capturing all other beliefs in many different ways through lies rather than truth as written. Then more is the multi-billion dollar food and drug corporations, farming with additives for crops being genetically modified along with what all farm animals are fed for growth hormones because humans eat them, more added is pornography and human slavery unspoken franchises along with all radio, music and all major media worldwide which is why earths civilization really knows absolutely nothing about world leaders beyond the human bullshit passed though billions to just argue over, fight and hate each other which is part of true purpose for this dumb down very ignorant human race who has never yet learned any real truth on why all these things must be. Revelation%2012%20002.JPG\"

How can that be or how can this world’s population being over seven billion be totally blinded, ignorant, stupid or foolish when they are the majority? Because God speaks words all through His book of instruction billions of believers do not believe nor do as instructed being the reason for this world filled with nothing but darkness and suffering upon billions who have done no wrong.


Daniel 2:21speaks a truth only the few understand as written in 1 Corinthians 2:13 while the many natural minds of this world can only see foolishness just as stated in verse 14.


Basest means morally low; without estimable personal qualities; dishonorable; mean-spirited; selfish; cowardly, of little or no value; worthless ... welcome to the perfect description of Clinton, Bush, Obama and all the presidents through history with their unknown dark-side because America has always been ruled by darkness, crime, corruption and dishonesty ever since it's beginning.


Nebuchadnezzar was a very ruthless king who would just have any he chose killed on a whim being no different than other great rulers who would order genocide to exterminate hundreds of thousands just as Stalin could have been behind the deaths of twenty to eighty million innocent people. Yet it was God who placed all for reasons natural minds not don't believe, but see as foolishness along with their great persecution as scorpions against who deliverers. Only those few on this earth seeking truth from not of this world while having zero association with it through worldly ways in all categories can understand spiritual truth because it has been given to them from God for their efforts because of what has been written as their hearts intent while tolerating all the religious hate with greed for years upon years when all they needed was basic survival that no one had any concern for other than scorn with their judgement. 


On this day when any human being just looks closely at humanities increased knowledge of the oceans, soil, rocks, ice cores and much more on this planet which has supplied knowledge dating over 4 billion years in history; and then added the simple programs like How It Was Made which shows just how mentally advanced humans have become including photos from the Hubble deep in space along with just nothing but high tech from a to z going far beyond most all minds which to truth seekers are another sign of the times of our coming end.


Therefore never becoming led for God's purpose as the house of Jacob being righteous, true and obedient while bringing billions to God because they all want the same life of those within a nation that became great through God's promise in Genesis 12 while being happy, productive, good strong marriages with family all committed to each other, no violence, no criminals, no rapes, no child-abuse, no prostitution, no diseases, no corrupt governments, no corrupt religions, no corrupt education, no corrupt banking, no corrupt movies, shows, cartoons, talk and entertainment which only trashes minds as they laugh while contributing too their own stupidity for something totally worthless and of no value while feeling very superior for their pure ignorance to even watch, think or participate while being only one step lower that the trash their minds have become so very addicted to just as heroine, cocaine or any good mind altering drugs which this worlds corrupt governments control and supply for this world of controlled fools leaving but few on this earth who actually believe above this world filled with billions of religious hypocrites living on their words being love-lies with no sacrifice or obedience to whom they love in words while they all have actually been psychologically programed into believing in themselves as saved, forgiven and self-righteous even though by God;s own words they know Him not.

Because the truths of God just as He says within His words that can be proved shows the powers of darkness which rules this world being nothing but deception worldwide with only the counterfeit lights that people can see. . . But soon the counterfeit light shall bring more darkness than has ever before been which will turn into the blackest and deepest holes of panic, filth, confusion, famine, diseases, calamities, massive uncontrollable crime, cannibalism and deaths with suffering and destruction far worse than has ever before been. . .and you are being warned.

Read Lamentations 3 for a preview of yourself as one very selfish, self-righteous, ignorant and disobedient believer worldwide filled with iniquity which has separated you from God and His mercy in these very evil and wicked end-times about to come upon us all from diapers to toddlers to the very aged in all locations on this earth because it’s all part of our eternal creators plan being His only way to search for leaders and government officials who will stand strong through obedience in all situations including death according too His Book of Instruction regardless of how many years of lifeless life they must face due this world of religious hypocrites proving themselves totally unworthy of entrance to His kingdom due their self-righteous greed with no care for any but themselves beyond worthless words along with their lying lips which make all things right in their own minds – for now – until God repays all in the exact same way they have done for others in need they had no concern for in any way whatsoever.

I humbly thank all believers for the simple needs my wife and I have needed through almost 8 years of hunger for decent meals with nothing good to cook and no stove or microwave to cook with or even bake bread along with just no life, nowhere to go and nothing to do but pray away many pains with heartache while knowing our life is according to God's will in seeing this world of religious talkers rather than walkers in the same way as He sees them all; and even tells then over and over and over through His own words they all refuse to believe.  - Efforts for my Spiritual Education allowing me to become a hated teacher of truth none, no, not one wants to hear or believe because they all are of this world rather than James 1:22-25, 2:13-20  being doers without dead faith making God not pleased as written in Hebrews 11:6; and most important being Colossians 3:1-4 being the only true walk of a believer.Bible%20Verses%20068.JPG\"

John 13


Revelation 22

Where is any brotherly love in this world of believers going beyond their tongue?


What 1 Peter 4 speaks is stronger than this world of believers have any true in-depth knowledge of; and that is because just as Paul in Romans 7:14-25, we all as believers have plenty of sin dwelling within which requires one major nonstop fight every moment of our life in uncountable ways all depending on our needs, wants and desires we have not such as a good sex life for some being at zero for many years while our computer always says -- come on because I have what you need -- yet since 2008 when I walked away from 38 years of cigarettes and ways not pleasing to God, I still continue the fight with victory because no matter how bad I may mentally need what porn pics can do towards relief, I just stay away as something very natural that I will never give into because in truth I know it would totally destroy all that I have worked in building for so many year because I not only love my Lord and God the Father, but my wife who is completely without fault because our situation of being very poor with no exam or anything else makes her lack sexual desires not her fault in any way; therefore I love her with all of my heart while only wanting to give her any kind of better life with no way to do it even though I want so badly to just work. 

What's the bottom line?  A couple months ago a man being sent my wife and I five Kraft dinners, some noodle broth, one spaghetti, some hygiene needs, ibuprofen, oral gel for pain, tooth brushes, band aids and a few other simple needs we greatly appreciate - so I ate good for five days straight as if enjoying my best meals for years - but sadly my daily hunger tells me that was long ago.

In this world today of religious evangelists, preachers, teachers and all religious big names, when their personal life is closely looked at they have more than everything as the greatest liars with some even owing their own jets along with fine attire, homes, all forms of transportation, fine meals and plenty of sex as they tell their women is a blessing from God - or all the gay and homosexual preachers being a known truth which religions just sweep under the rug.Amos%20001.JPG\"

Amos 8

Welcome to the beginning of humanities coming end while truth is still available for the few seeking, but the time is coming when no more can be found due national power outages in America from coast to coast along with just world chaos everywhere being another plan with a way already developed and just in wait know as. . .

Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) caused by a nuclear explosion high over the United States will just shut everything electrical and electronic down leaving zero power for hospitals, sewer and water, transportation, banking, communication along with any kind of control only to leave nothing but crime through looting, rapes, murders, death and destruction as enemy troops come to clean house taking everything and all humans left alive as slaves in other countries including women and children for whatever pleasure they may desire as written in the Bible which believers don't believe or obey. Zephaniah%20002.JPG\"

Want proof through faith? Habakkuk and Zephaniah speak all truth on civilizations coming destiny with America being the prime example for great suffering, but when all believers pay their tithes for lies, all my heart can do is cry out for hundreds of millions with pity because they refused truth.

STATENUCLEARCHEMICALBIOLOGICALMISSILEAlgeriatrefoil_2.gif\"Belarustrefoil_2.gif\"Bulgariabiohazar.gif\" Chile skull_s.gif\"Chinatrefoil_s.gif\"skull_s.gif\"biohazar.gif\"missile_but.gif\"Cubabiohazar.gif\" Ethiopia skull_s.gif\"Egypt skull_s.gif\"biohazar.gif\"missile_but.gif\"Francetrefoil_s.gif\"skull_s.gif\" missile_but.gif\"Indiatrefoil_s.gif\"skull_s.gif\"biohazar.gif\"missile_but.gif\"Indonesia skull_s.gif\"Irantrefoil_2.gif\"skull_s.gif\"biohazar.gif\"missile_but.gif\"Iraqtrefoil_2.gif\"skull_s.gif\"biohazar.gif\"missile_but.gif\"Israeltrefoil_s.gif\"skull_s.gif\"biohazar.gif\"missile_but.gif\"Kazakhstantrefoil_2.gif\"Laos skull_s.gif\"biohazar.gif\" Libya skull_s.gif\"biohazar.gif\"missile_but.gif\"Myanmar skull_s.gif\"North Koreatrefoil_s.gif\"skull_s.gif\"biohazar.gif\"missile_but.gif\"Pakistantrefoil_s.gif\"skull_s.gif\"biohazar.gif\"missile_but.gif\"Romaniabiohazar.gif\" Russiatrefoil_s.gif\"skull_s.gif\"biohazar.gif\"missile_but.gif\"Serbiatrefoil_2.gif\"skull_s.gif\"South Africatrefoil_2.gif\"skull_s.gif\"biohazar.gif\"missile_but.gif\"South Korea skull_s.gif\"biohazar.gif\"missile_but.gif\"Sudan skull_s.gif\"Syria skull_s.gif\"biohazar.gif\"missile_but.gif\"Taiwan skull_s.gif\"biohazar.gif\"missile_but.gif\"Thailand skull_s.gif\"Ukrainetrefoil_2.gif\"Vietnam skull_s.gif\"biohazar.gif\" United Kingdomtrefoil_s.gif\"skull_s.gif\" missile_but.gif\"United Statestrefoil_s.gif\"skull_s.gif\"biohazar.gif\"missile_but.gif\"

In all of my writings being over one thousand, I always want to keep them short because human minds want nothing which takes time with actual effort to absorb, and at the start of this my want was to make it very short and to the point; but how can I leave off facts such as this chart being from 14 years ago with the fact being this world is over loaded with biological and chemical weapons alone being the poor countries killer with billions of names written all over them?

I have absolutely no other life than trying to warn a civilization without ears to hear partly because all I have are 14 free websites with limited space, not my own domain, no way for kindle, eBook or even PDF just as a way to distribute truth along with no ink in our printer, bad scanner, dead battery for my acer laptop purchased in 2005 when I was in Iraq, our Compaq with a dead power pack, my wife as a 4thgrade teacher has her Neon with need for another hard drive and just more additional problems that make life very difficult as in always being broke and having to borrow for propane along with buying basic needs on word of mouth credit for years.

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