Is America Blessed? Not according to God, these children, or the countries coming collapse.

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Just a brief that I wrote as a reply to a believer that things America is blessed when the nation has been cursed by God.

Submitted: November 06, 2011

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Submitted: November 06, 2011



America is blessed or so think believers.

Tell that to these children.

Chapter 16 Enough is Enough - From my book inspired by God

4 from 21 pages.

Dream Catchers for Abused Children

  • Ex-Cop: 189 Counts Molestation
  • Accused Child Rapist Interview Exclusive
  • Taekwondo Instructor Indicted For Rape, Molestation
  • Child Rape in Buddhist Temples
  • Governor Asks To Reinstate Death Penalty To Include Convicted Child Abusers
  • Boy Hospitalized For Severe Abuse
  • 2-YO Left In 106 Degree Car
  • Couple Sold Child For Less Than $500
  • Toddler Pronounced Brain Dead
  • “Caylee’s Walkway” Plans Underway
  • Dad Opens Fire At Roller Rink Birthday Party
  • Man Freed of Murder Charges Arrested for Child Sex Abuse
  • Woman Arrested at Disney World for Child Abuse
  • Man Stabbed GF’s 6-YO Daughter To Death
  • Man Set GF’s Son On Fire
  • New Zealands Abuse Appalling
  • Man: ‘Callous’ Church Let 3 Pedophiles Rape Me
  • Woman Raped, Killed BF’s 17-MO Daughter
  • Man Accused of ‘Monstrous’ Acts: Drugging, Raping, Video-Taping Young Girls
  • Child’s Body Exhumed in Connection with Decades-Old Case
  • Family Blames Mom & DSS for 2-YO’s Death
  • Sheriff: Woman Caused Child’s Death
  • 2 Sheriff Deputies Fired Over Child Abuse Charges
  • Woman Attacked Infant in Stroller
  • Parents: Spyware for Facebook
  • Toddler Beaten And Starved
  • Father Kidnapped, Raped, Tried to Murder 8-YO Daughter
  • Father Abused, Broke Infant Son’s Leg
  • Mom Pleads Guilty To Smothering Infant Son
  • Girl Locked In Box Suffocated
  • Man Convicted Of Burning 17-MO Son In Oven
  • Former Scout Leader Sentenced
  • Pedophile Claims Child Sex Images Were ‘Artistic’
  • Cape Child Abuse Worst Ever
  • Large Amount Child Porn Seized On Ships
  • 4-YO Died From Sex Assault Injuries
  • Police Investigating Twitter Child Sex Abuse Images
  • Man Gets 10-Yrs In Kicking Death Of Unborn Baby
  • The Scars Of Child Abuse
  • Facebook Helps Fight Child Porn
  • Man Accused Of Torturing Child
  • “Causes” Of Church Sex Abuse
  • Man Convicted Of Raping 9-YO Boy
  • Man Convicted Of Manslaughter
  • Murdered Mystery Boy Identified
  • 10-YO Boy Claims He Shot Father To End Abuse
  • From Brutal Childhood To Head Of The Class
  • Child Abuse Linked To Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia
  • Fort Wainwright Soldier Arrested For Child Porn
  • Why Abusers Abuse Children
  • 11-YO Boy Charged With Murder: Shot 6-YO Brother
  • Convicted Sex Offender Tried To Kidnap 2-YO Child
  • Volunteers Still Searching For Missing 4-MO Michigan Baby
  • Casey Anthony Trial Deliberates
  • 6-YO Boy Molested In Park Bathroom
  • Women Who Killed Their Kids
  • 14 Men Charged With Child Rape
  • Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Filed Over Foster Case
  • Man Held On Kidnapping, Child Abuse Charges
  • 2-YO Found with Leg and Ribs Broken
  • Child Abuse Memoir Tells Story of Hope After Abuse
  • Woman Sentenced To Prison For Lewd Acts With Children
  • Father Facing 8 Felony Charges Of Abusing 2-MO Son
  • Man Molested Woman In Front Of 1st Grade Class
  • Baby Dismembered And Left In Burn Pile
  • 12-YO Girl Commits Suicide To Donate Organs
  • Suspected Serial Killer Now Charged With ’93 Teen Murder
  • Father Punched His 2-MO Son
  • Man Charged With Beating 7-MO Twins
  • Infant Hospitalized with Serious Burns, Bruises and Injuries
  • Woman Charged In 6-Week Old’s Death
  • Father Sentenced To 18-Yrs For Abusing Infant
  • Jaycee Dugard Talks About Giving Birth in Captivity
  • Retired Police Detective Accused of Molesting Child
  • MI Child Abuse Cases Escalate
  • 24 Counts Of Child Sex Abuse
  • Home Invaders Had Infant In Car
  • Double Homicide, Ages 3 & 4
  • Reports Of Military Abuse Rising
  • International Child Abusers Operating in Goa: Church
  • Archdiocese Plans To Teach Workers How To Report Abuse
  • Pedophile Molested Kids For Nearly 2 Decades
  • 13+ People Knew About Abuse Prior To Boy’s Death
  • Babysitter Beat Child, Left Her to Die While She Played Yo-Ville
  • Man Arrested In Death Of 18-MO Girl
  • Jaycee Dugard Interview: 18-Yrs As Sex Slave
  • Molested Children With PTSD
  • The Slaughter of Our Innocent: Child Molestation
  • Recidivism and Child Molesters
  • Former Cop Pleads Guilty
  • Man Charged With Child Sex Abuse
  • “Justice for Lily”–Sex Charge Reinstated Against MI Child Killer
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses Hierarchy Now Faces Charges of Child Abuse
  • Dad Admits To Abusing Disabled Daughter
  • Adoptive Parents Accused of Torture
  • Anthony Agrees to $1M Interview
  • Police Seek Public’s Help
  • Child Had Bite Marks, Split Liver, Broken Leg
  • Man Abandoned Son In Foreclosed Home
  • ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’ Judge Accused of Molestation
  • NEW: Missing Children Division
  • Mom Kicked Pregnant Daughter in Stomach, Killing Unborn Baby
  • Abused Infant: 14 Broken Bones
  • 80-YO Man Charged With Molesting Daughter for 40-Yrs
  • Psychological Abuse
  • Murders:1978 Cold-Case Solved
  • U.S. Horrible Place for Children
  • Woman: 15-Yrs for 4-YO’s Death
  • Murdered Girl’s Dad Suing D.H.S
  • Pedophile Priest Claims He’s “No threat or danger to Children”
  • Man Guilty of Brutal Abuse, Murder of Stepson
  • Abused 5-MO Infant Found Unresponsive
  • Man Claims ‘Catholic Clergy Abused Children for Decades in Ireland’
  • Mother Arrested In 4-YO’s Death
  • Arizona Child Deaths Increasing
  • ‘Hot Sauce Mom’ Eludes Jail Time
  • Doctor Charged With Jabbing 13-YO with Screwdriver 100x’s
  • Man Accused of Molesting Teen Boy
  • Man Threw His 7-YO Son Overboard On Cruise Ship
  • Dominick Calhoun’s Mother Pleads Guilty to 2nd Degree Murder
  • Solider Brought 6-YO Daughter On Hurricane Murder Spree
  • Girls Murdered with Hatchet
  • Elizabeth Smart Speaking Out To Raise Funds For Abuse Victims
  • Homeless Man Molested Toddler
  • Abuse Survivors Community
  • Father Arrested For Kicking Son
  • Abuse Statistics & Research
  • Ex-Deputy Sheriff Found Guilty of Child Molestation
  • Mom Arrested for Excessive Spanking
  • Sexual Encounter Leads to Child Abuse & Kidnapping
  • NZ: Parliament Passes Child Abuse Criminal Law
  • DHS Supervisor Fired After 5-YO’s Death
  • Naked, Bound Woman Escaped from Her Pedophile Father
  • Internet Troll Arrested for Mocking Facebook Memorial Pages
  • Woman Hid Pregnancy, Smothered & Hid Her Newborn Twins
  • Zahra Baker’s Killer Pleads Guilty
  • Teen Facing 305-Yr Prison Sentence for Child’s Murder
  • Mom On Trial for Strangulation
  • “House of Horrors” Trial Begins
  • Hockey Mom Arrested for Sex With Son’s Teammates
  • Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse
  • Father Gets Only 1-Yr Sentence for Raping Daughter for 10-Yrs
  • Puppy Therapy Helps Abused Children
  • Woman: 6 Life Terms for Rape
  • The Journey to Healing
  • Sisters Speak Out After Decades of Silence
  • FL Appellate Court: “One Spanking is NOT Child Abuse”
  • Mom’s BF Charged With Murder
  • Increase In Child Sex Abuse In Wyoming
  • OK DHS Paid $3.4M In Lawsuits Since 2005
  • Man Arrested for Abusing 23-MO Toddler
  • Abuse Rose During Recession
  • Children’s Author Charged With Child Molestation Again
  • Texas Agencies Failed to Rescue Lilly Manning
  • Victim: Beaten, Forced to Eat Dog Poop and Hot Sauce
  • Missing MI Girl’s Body Identified
  • Father Accused of Decapitating Son
  • Serial Killer “Was A Perfectly Normal Child”
  • When Discipline Becomes Abuse
  • Critics Calling Treatment of Transgender Boy ‘Child Abuse’
  • Child Abuse Vigil: Speaking out for the Silenced
  • Police Officer Accused of Repeatedly Molesting Child
  • Dance Instructor Accused of Child Molestation
  • School Teacher Accused of Child Sexual Assault
  • Man Who Molested Boy In Mall Restroom Surrenders
  • FBI: Crimes Against Children
  • Dead Baby Found In Cave
  • Man Charged With 22 Counts Child Sexual Abuse
  • Baltimore City Public Schools Sex Tape Scandal
  • Youth Volunteer Charged With Child Endangerment, Porn
  • Anonymous Hackers Take Down Child Porn Websites, Leak Users’ Names
  • Brothers Arrested for Child Molestation
  • Introducing QR Code SafetyTats
  • Father Arrested for Allegedly Stabbing Son Over Food
  • VIDEO: Toddler Ran Over Twice, Left to Die
  • Donate for a Chance to Win an iPad 2
  • Lawmakers Scrutinizing DHS
  • America’s Child Abuse Shame
  • Bishop Indicted For Failing To Report Child Abuse
  • Registered Sex Offender Arrested for 2-Counts Rape
  • Mother Sold Her Infant for $13,000 for Drugs
  • Accused Child Molester Commits Suicide At Police Station
  • American Assoc for Lost Children
  • Teen Vanished into Child-Sex Trade – Why Aren’t We Looking for Her?
  • Dad Accused of Abusing 9-WO Infant
  • Pedophiles Seeking Same Rights as Homosexuals
  • Baby:Broken Ribs, Brain Trauma
  • Mom’s BF Arrested for 2-YO’s Abuse
  • Child Sex Gangs Increasing
  • Three Family Members Charged With Child Sex Abuse
  • Kansas City Diocese, Bishop, Charged With Child Abuse, Porn Cover-Up
  • 13-MO Dies After Ingesting Pills From Bottle Used As Rattle
  • Two Men Accused of Beating Children
  • Man Stabs Son Over Chores
  • Man Allegedly Raped Boy During Sleepover Substitute Teacher Punched Child In Face
  • 67-YO Indicted for Child Rape
  • Youth Pastor: 7-Counts Molestation, 4-Counts Child Rape
  • Illegal Immigrant Charged With 3-Counts Child Rape
  • 11-YO Raped In Two Different States, By Two Different Men–Same Day Convicted Pedophile Doctor, Earl Bradley’s, Office Demolished
  • Woman Sentenced to Prison for Her Part in 3-YO’s Death
  • Man Charged With Critically Injuring, Killing Child
  • Canada–October is Child Abuse Prevention Month
  • Mother Accused of Capital Murder Pleads Guilty
  • Babysitter Arrested for Child Abuse & Neglect
  • Woman Tried to Remove Woman’s Unborn Fetus, Killing Both

Tell how America is blessed to the over 14 million unemployed.

Tell how America is blessed to the homeless.

Tell how America is blessed to the residents in tent cities springing up nationwide.

Tell how America is blessed to the hungry.

Tell God how America is blessed when its complete fall with death, destruction, waste and desolation has been prophesized as history that has already happened, because it has already fallen to God who is everywhere with no time or limits.

Everything that people need to know has been written in a book inspired by God, and being humans want no interference within their mental comfort zones, it’s not yet wanted, but when the levees break and the nations walls fall just as the walls of Jericho, only then while being slowly sucked into the quicksand’s of death with no lifeline will they want to know why---and the book tells exactly why according to God lacking the bull spit of man that caused God’s blessings to be removed.

“Go into your houses, my people, and shut the door behind you. Hide yourselves for a little while until God's anger is over.21 The Lord is coming from his heavenly dwelling place to punish the people of the earth for their sins. The murders that were secretly committed on the earth will be revealed, and the ground will no longer hide those who have been killed. {Isaiah 26:20-21}

Charles Manson is not the kind of murders God is speaking of.

“We know that we have left death and come over into life; we know it because we love others. Those who do not love are still under the power of death.15 Those who hate others are murderers, and you know that murderers do not have eternal life in them.16 This is how we know what love is: Christ gave his life for us. We too, then, ought to give our lives for others! {1 John 3:14-16}

And a world of false brethren have been murdering me for years while taking pleasure in what they do. And God is getting ready to clean the house of a world full of murdering, greedy, scornful religious sluggards.

“Give not sleep to thine eyes, nor slumber to thine eyelids. Deliver thyself as a roe from the hand of the hunter, and as a bird from the hand of the fowler. Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: {Proverbs 4:4-6}

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