Message for Kevin Costner

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Brief message for Kevin Costner on what is really coming upon this entire human race.

Submitted: August 04, 2013

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Submitted: August 04, 2013



 Throughout your career you have always shown excellence in revealing many unknown truths due the pathetic rule of man on this earth.

Dances with Wolves showed what the white man did to the Indians with absolutely no just cause or reason.

JFK reveals how and why the president was murdered by the United States corrupt government.

The Postman and Waterworld give a glimpse of what the unknown future of humanity could become in minds lacking true knowledge of exactly what the destiny of this human race will actually become with precise detail, why and for how long. . .

Because I have nothing to do with this world’s civilization, places or things while only seeking direction from not of this world, there is a genuine message for all the people on this planet regarding what is really going to happen; and to my own personal knowledge, only you have that rare and genuine concern for all humanity everywhere on this planet with the required means to get the message of truth out to everyone everywhere.

Almost seven years ago I purchased a one way ticket from Chicago to the Philippines and left with very little money, no savings or income, and an old head injury with age that kept me from earning any living expense in a country where there is no employment; and my result has been seeing exactly how this world looks from a spiritual point of view while not being a part of it; so what has my education without human association produced?

450 lengthy posts with one being near 40 pages long.

13 free web sites

A published book ‘Message for This Entire Human Race’

Kevin, in your movies you have always in one way or another shown what love with compassion truly is while also showing the inner hate within much of humanity being a world filled with the good, the bad and the ugly . . . and through these past seven years and all through my life I have seen as you through countless experiences that continue on daily with the worst cruelty coming from this world of religious hypocrites not knowing any truth nor actually possessing any love beyond their false and lying lips; therefore all religious people on this earth through all the man-made beliefs, traditions and spirits will be the most unprepared because of the false security all have developed in their own minds that has no truth, roots or stability.

So what’s the bottom line of this matter?

The worst timesoftrouble that have ever before been are coming upon this entire human race being no different than a slow torturous death with no escape for billions of earths inhabitants, and there is no way to change human destiny because it’s our written history already occurred.

This link m/ is but one of hundreds, and even though Bible verses are mentioned, I am not religious by the standards of man because I have nothing to do with their ways, traditions and beliefs that have always been the cause of this world’s darkness.

Jeff Callarman

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