Our Creator Being Unknown to Worldly People Sees All Humans as the Same Whether Believers or Non-Believers: So Says the Bible

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There are but only two kinds of people on this planet earth, and only one of the two know the difference.

Submitted: April 01, 2014

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Submitted: April 01, 2014



Our Creator Being Unknown To Worldly People Sees All Humans As The Same Whether Believers or Non-Believers.




Our Creator Being Unknown to Worldly People Sees All Humans as the Same Whether Believers or Non-Believers: So Says the Bible


We as human beings all live within a world filled with theories, science, archaeology and innumerable human ways from knowledge of the greatest ocean depths all the way to the Hubble taking photographs in the never ending universe; therefore humans only know what their mind tells them while missing the big picture few can see because there are but only two psychological inputs coming from either the god of this world being the father of lies holding mental power over all on this planet --- or the few on earth through believing ‘Every Word in the Bible through Genuine Faith’ written in their heart which cannot lie - [as this world of religious lips speaking empty words of love] - while having zeroed trust in self or any in this world of false teachers along with all inhabitants of this world being led by the father of lies which associates them all with worldly ways such as Christmas or Easter not written or instructed in the greatest and most misunderstood book on this planet earth known of by majority as the Holy Bible.


Think deeply of just the superb engineering being very precise, beautiful and unique in this created creature called a cricket while also thinking of complex human anatomy which did not come from some big bang; however I am here not to judge nor tell any what to believe or what not to believe because I myself live on earth being flesh and blood with sin just as all other humans, yet have very little to do with the human ways on earth other than just day to day survival in difficult times just as billions of others greatly lacking in all their needs; but with faith as my fuel because I have a great understanding of our Father through looking only to Him for direction always night and day.


So exactly how does that make me any different than most all others on this life sustaining planet within a never ending universe? The answer is I speak to all people whether believers or non-believers because to God, when they are worldly, there is absolutely no difference; therefore because all minds have freedom of choice, your choice is yours with atheist not believing in God, Agnostics not sure if there is a God accompanied with just all of the uncountable beliefs scattered worldwide believing whatever they choose to believe while not knowing God's words regarding earths past present and future of all human beings with only but few being chosen and called out of this world as a part of the only true church of God so their education becomes spiritual in ways being foolishness to all natural minds in the wide gate with over seven billion controlled minds less the few with trust in only God walking in the narrow way.


Because human knowledge has so greatly increased in different ways ever since the beginning, our end as human beings under pathetic human rule has reached its final end times through these coming years being a timesoftrouble [Deuteronomy, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Daniel] so sickening and so grotesque with true happenings being graphics that billions will not be able to stomach or retain mentally causing vomit with loss of sanity through the coming years; so says God whom believers overflowing with false empty lip love and selfish pride refuse to believe because God has hardened their hearts as written in [Romans 9:18] being His own pure and true words believers either don’t believe, or separate themselves from as if better while walking in their own unknown darkness via false light soon to run out of its temporary fuel supplied by the father of lies.


What about human life with human laws being uncountable and ignorant? Why are prisons worldwide overcrowded along with filth, tortures, rapes and all forms of wicked darkness including prisoners being in control of the prison? What about a legal system so corrupted that trials take many years with many millions in taxpayers’ money while supporting and protecting the criminal? Yet when one perfectly true, pure and righteous innocent woman gets brutally raped bringing mental and bodily destruction; and by chance the sick bastard is caught – the prosecutors in human courts will always without fail rip and tear apart what is left of the damaged woman by making them into the criminal as if some whore while some insane piece of unfit human trash walks away free so he can continue on with repeats; and the same is true with all crimes being time and money to protect the guilty while locking up the innocent with big bucks for pay-outs buying many out of their murders and sickening ways making human laws just as Habakkuk saw while crying out to God through his end-time book not believed nor understood by worldly people regardless of what their lips speak because their pride goes before their own coming destruction.


What about human governments and human leaders globally being more uncountable ignorant ways in a world filled with planned genocide taking millions of lives, rebel violence pouring out human blood as if it was water along with wars, violence, crime, murders, rapes, child abuse, diseases, hunger, homeless, human trafficking being a 32 billion business with many used for taking their organs to sell plus sex slavery which alone brings 57 billion dollars; and the global pharmaceuticals market is worth US$300 billion a year, and that is because many drugs can do more harm than good requiring more drugs to heal the illness from the first drugs being a never ending cycle of lies built on greed while also physically and mentally impairing this human race in more ways through processed and  Genetically modified foods  for easier control to eliminate in the billions through population reduction which long ago was very well planned by the New World Order.

And to top everything off being wrong sick and dark is the fact being humans not only destroy each other, but also have polluted the oceans, rivers, lakes and soil along with the air we all breathe and even a human junk yard of scraps orbiting around earth.



“How long must I cry, O Eternal One,

and get no answer from You?

Even when I yell to You, “Violence is all around!”

You do nothing to save those in distress.

Why do You force me to see these atrocities?

Why do You make me watch such wickedness?

Disaster and violence, conflict and controversy are raging all around me.

Your law is powerless to stop this; injustice prevails.

The depraved surround the innocent, and justice is perverted.

Eternal One: Take a look at the nations and watch what happens!

You will be shocked and amazed.

For in your days, I am doing a work,

a work you will never believe even if someone tells you plainly!

Look! I am provoking and raising up the bitter and thieving Babylonian warriors from Chaldea;

they are moving out across the earth

And seizing others’ homes and property in their path.

That nation is terrifying people, is feared by everyone.

It makes the rules and serves only its own interests.

Babylonia’s horses run faster than leopards,

are fiercer than wolves when the sun goes down.

Its horsemen rush ahead with deadly force, galloping great distances;

the troops swoop down like eagles ready to devour,

And Babylonia keeps on coming, hungry for violence.

Hordes of determined faces are on the move like a hot east wind,

Scooping up captives like sand.

Their leader mocks kings and ridicules those in authority.

He laughs at every fortress

And builds ramps of dirt against their walls to capture it.

He blows through like the wind and then presses on to the next attack.

For their king, his god is his strength, but he will be held responsible.


Just do some research on the worldwide stockpiles of not just nuclear weapons, but also chemical and biological with billions of names written all over; and your name is one.


What about God and all the human religions, beliefs, spirits and just more uncountable religious ways within a world filled with hate, violence and worthless childish arguments between believers alias mature loving adults being no more than ignorant hypocrites shouting praise and love, waving their arms with song and tears while at the same time literally pissing all over any they don’t like through their saved better than thou very self-righteous egos with very selfish ways; and women being the most ignorant of all just as Eve who Satan went after first because he knew her weaker mind with prideful ignorance.


Why did God create women? Genesis 2:18-24 gives the answer called love and companionship making two as one rather than what humans have become with women's rights, equality, same sex relationships and marriages with very arrogant woman wanting superiority over where they came from.

 No wonder this world is filled with broken families, marriages and relationships while also being support for the approximately 500 million sexually transmitted diseases worldwide.


And what I speak is placing no blame on women alone because it’s many men being worthless as husbands and providers being the cause; in other words humans are dysfunctional and within a dysfunctional human rule because people just have not the capacity to rule people.


I love women for who they are and why they were created to be loved and treated special as a princess and best friend rather than this world filled with twisted minds, rapes, women beaters and every evil way because true men according to God’s will and expectations are very few within this pathetic human society which has reached its coming end in ways believers know the least about; and their hateful, judgmental ways with scorn, greed and persecution against any not like them speak what God sees in them all. Job 8 they will all learn when it’s too late.


With God being whom about half of this human race believe in, at least through lip love, He tells all on this earth how He sees them, but all believers do not believe His words because the god of this world being everywhere while also dwelling in the buildings of man called churches has psychologically misled them all regardless of their beliefs being opposite of who they really are according to God’s words none, no, not one believes.


Why do you think God speaks this truth a world believes not?

“So the great dragon, that ancient serpent who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world, was cast down to the earth along with his messengers. Revelation 12:9  [his messengers are religious teachers and mind twisters worldwide]


Do you believe these following words and why they were written?


“The Lord looks down from heaven at us humans

to see if there are any who are wise,

any who worship him.

But they have all gone wrong;

they are all equally bad.

Not one of them does what is right,

not a single one.  Psalms 14:2-3



“Behold, he putteth no trust in his saints; yea, the heavens are not clean in his sight. How much more abominable and filthy is man, which drinketh iniquity like water? Job 15:15-16



No believers on this earth believe those words because all they see is themselves as saved and forgiven or whatever their mind tells them.



“If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.  John 15:19


Therefore those no longer associated in the ways of world beliefs and traditions not only believe words believers don’t believe, but understand why they were written.


As far as the uncountable beliefs in other gods or Satan worshippers, there is no difference in any humans on this earth being a part of this world according to the only true God because in His own words this entire human race has been misled and totally deceived with the greatest evangelists, greatest preachers and all greatest religious people including the Pope being the greatest liars of all on this earth because their speech is going to drag billions into the worst timesoftrouble ever before on this planet with none, no, not one prepared for the coming unexpected.


I have been telling believers in Jesus Christ and God the Father written truth directly from scripture for many years; but all they know is what the father of lies has fed their minds being they are saved, forgiven, and by His stripes they are healed as if they all now have a license to ignore any of God’s unsmooth words aimed against them and all worldwide; therefore I have a question for all believers on this planet earth who have nothing to fear in their own minds;


If all believers are right and correct in their belief thoughts and ways while feeling secure from the horrors coming upon this entire human race as prophesied, why this following truth?


‘By the time you finish reading this, 15 children will have been abused; In the next five minutes, 30 more; Within the next hour, 360 more; And by tonight, close to 8000+ children will have suffered from abuse, 5 of which will die. Child abuse has increased 134% since 1980 and is now considered a worldwide epidemic. The high jump in child abuse deaths and the shocking increase in statistics highlights the frightening lack of public knowledge.’ Taken from Dream Catchers with link at end of this writing.


So as a believer not living as instructed while taking part in the doctrines of man and association with unwritten pagan holidays like Christmas when having zero love or compassion for others in need with required deed just to know God - are you better than this world of children being beaten, raped, starved and murdered each moment? And these words are also for all those with honor of the Kora, clean foods, God's 7th day sabbath and all appointed feasts and holy days because regardless - when it comes right down to God's commanded love through deed and truth, they are no different; and God has taught me well through experiences.


I myself have sin just as Paul in Romans 7:15-25 being a battle between the flesh and spirit always because I am not one of this world filled with self-righteous religious hypocrites; therefore know what is coming while also knowing that only God can help me to survive during the worst of the worst timesoftrouble coming upon this entire world civilization.


It’s time for people on this planet earth to educate themselves, but not on world conditions humans cannot not change, because its humans who have made this world filled with atrocities being what it is this day while not knowing that God has already witnessed the downfall of this entire human race with the reasons why and how which all believers fail to believe because humans minds are led by the human spirit which is led by the prince and power of the air being the father of lies.


Read 1 Corinthians 2 if you feel ready for spiritual truth; and if not just hang with verse 14 because its you.


What about Ted Talks, Fox news and every popular show host, actor, entertainer or well-known individual on this planet? It matters not who they are, where they are or how many billions or millions they may be worth because the end is coming in ways through these coming years which none are in any way ready to deal with; and all talk shows are just talk with no more just as politicians are talk and no more just as religious financial institutions are talk with no more being as worthless money suckers just as government taxes being financial income based on lies; and people pay for those lies with a smile in all religions worldwide!


What about television shows worldwide? They are all nothing but worthless entertaining psychological distractions being a total success for taking minds away from reality as it truly is and into Duck Tales just as all shows worldwide having zero value to what really is now and today along with what is coming and what all should be doing.


I once had a nice home in North Carolina on acreage with an in ground pool,  repair shop,  very much in tools and equipment for many needs plus muscle cars and more; yet have lived these past seven years in the Philippines with zero income, no bank account, no wallet and no ID other than my passport while not only having to deal with one hard life through hunger and illness ---- but also the many disabilities of my wife being 18 years younger and very small with a weak heart, never ending pains from UTI and other physical hardships with faith in God being our only paid for doctor through prayer always and no more because this world of religious people have well proven themselves being the exact loveless selfish hypocrites just as He tells them all – but none, no, not one believes the words of who they believe in through lip love and no more. See the life of my wife and I as faithful believers in the link below with no care or comap


Do you feel secure regarding your future? Don't because there is no security other than enough faith to gain God's mercy just for bread and water during the coming world famine with shelter and protection from the sword; and the ways of humans will be returned upon them in the same way as they did to or for others.  Jeremiah 17:10, Proverbs 21:13


Can you see what has been written in John 15:1-6 as yourself? If you say yes so as not to be thrown into the coming fires of great affliction, you are only lying to yourself because God is love with no selfish greed being all I have seen in believers through these past seven years with their tongues of fire added.


Ask Churinga about me in I Am Christian Experience Project website because his tongue [James 3:6] will rip me to shreds speaking I am an author of the devil only after money; yet with Christ like love from me as commanded, the man knows not what he is doing only to himself because Christ told me of him long ago in John 15:21 and Ezekiel 2 being a scorpion.




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