Presidential Election of which Darkness to choose.

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Who Are You Going to Vote For in the coming presidential election? They all want only to see the collapse of America, but people just refuse truth along with their own destiny written by God.

Submitted: October 18, 2012

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Submitted: October 18, 2012



By Times of Trouble
Thursday, October 18, 2012
Rated "PG" by the Author.

When the facts are presented regarding corrupt government, no one wants to hear.


 Election time is growing near, so the question you need to ask is which liar with their weapons loaded towards America’s destruction are you going to vote for? Obama had the “SEAL Team 6” murdered  after the staged death of Bin Laden who was already dead years before; and it was to get the public’s mind off his forgery called a birth certificate; and before Obama was Bush as another cold blooded killer with 9/11 planned for the start of false wars to drain the economy of the United States; and before Bush was twice elected Slick Willy as another murderer towards bringing down the United States of America; and before him was Bush as another mind twisted killer with absolutely no regard for human life being just as all the controlled puppets towards reducing this planets massive population as a cancer to this earth by exterminating over six billion people for the new world order; and my book “Message for this Entire Human Race” gives some valuable insight on just how it is being done, and it’s no bull shit conspiracy theory, but rather the fact of our coming end according to God.

Read about George H W Bush and Bill Clinton; and from them alone you will better understand how all government has always been rotten to the core; and for any to just seriously search for truth regarding this worlds coming collapse, you will become one of the few educated because you will never again put any trust in man.

We all in life have our own direction controlled by our thoughts, and these are mine;

The only purpose my life has become is through the only ‘Genuine Spiritual Direction’ within this entire never ending universe for delivering the unknown breaking misunderstood news of unbelieved truth which will affect every life on earth during the coming years which lie ahead as being the worst ‘timesoftrouble’ which have ever before been upon all of humanity with the innocence of children everywhere on this planet who will greatly suffer being one of my greatest sorrows because what is going to happen already has with God as the only witness of our future; and to our creator whom has always been without time while being everywhere always, it is history well described through prophecy being the preview of what is coming as our proven destiny that cannot be changed.

However what all human beings need to know is this; there are but only two roads to walk during these approaching end times for life as all have come to know it, and through time both will lead to eternal life, but what has never been taught is the major difference being in the roads travelled along with what is required for the only narrow way with security for survival.

The Almighty gives all on this earth everything they need to know for life while also telling this world’s civilization that few will understand His truth; therefore regardless of beliefs or any ill feelings towards me for only doing my appointed job which is for as many earth’s inhabitants as God directs through filling their subconscious now with what is not wanted, heard, understood or believed; and the reason is for planting the truth all will need to have when through the years ahead they find themselves slowly sinking within the chaotic quicksand’s of life while being surrounded with lawlessness, rapes, murders, wars, famines, disasters and a total collapse of this entire worlds civilization with millions dying daily everywhere on earth because of the planned reduction in the human race through the use of biological and chemical weapons with the names of billions written all over them.


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