Psychological Education

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What the minds of all human beings must understand in order to realize the psychological powers which are held over the minds of all civilization.

Submitted: December 24, 2011

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Submitted: December 24, 2011



Think on this: Satan who is the god of this world, father of lies and the prince and power of the air holds unknown control over this world’s entire human race; therefore has the power to psychologically fill every mind that he chooses directly or indirectly as he does through his servants including all ministers worldwide who successfully mislead all minds in the civilized world through all forms of media, television, radio, magazines, books, newspapers, all religions, education and just every form of communication known to man that completely qualifies Satan with his title being the god of this world making him the enemy of God and the human race because he has overcome the mind of every individual on this planet which is his kingdom. 

So what possible chance does anyone on earth have other than the only truth made available for this world’s civilization written in the Bible that can only be understood through following it’s written instruction? There is no chance beyond our creator’s pure words of truth that man has always changed through the lead of their own human spirit that knows not God in Spirit and truth.

Bingo as in a winner for my loss of many readers!! Why? Think very hard because who in this world ever wants to hear they have been fooled, duped, mislead, beguiled, lied to, betrayed, double-crossed or anything else not smooth with a roughness that does not sound good, right or pleasing to ones ears? Absolutely nobody; and that is why God so clearly speaks in great detail of the few and the many all throughout His words in the Holy Bible that the many being the billions of believers that don’t believe His words which leaves only the few that do through absolute faith that without, God can never be known.

Welcome to a world of highly intelligent people so controlled that the last thing they will ever want to hear is a truth which does not run evenly with their misguided thought lines; and this book “Message for this Entire Human Race” will give an answer to the how and why subjects regarding God’s truth that most know nothing of regarding pure truth without man’s false interpretation; and remember what is most important being the information within this book is for all the people of this world from the lowest walks in life to the supreme billionaire mansions with every sort of human being in between everywhere on earth while proving valid information ahead of the coming disasters that the psychological Dr. Phil’s and greatest names in all of humanity through psychology, entertainment, leadership, religion or any human education know absolutely nothing of in truth because only God can be the true educator of all mankind; and that education comes from only God to those who follow His written instruction within the Holy Bible; and according to God’s own words that a world of believers do not believe, there is none, no, not one that does as He instructs other than the few chosen.

The greatest psychological battle that could ever be is when an individual knows God through their efforts which have gained His given understanding while trying to warn a world through God’s truth of their coming timesoftrouble while at the same time having to deal with much hate towards any messenger of God that they all refuse to believe; and that is exactly the way God said it would be for any of His chosen that became no longer of this world spiritually speaking.

Just how truly great is the only God of eternity? Since each light year is 5.879 trillion miles, the diameter of the visible universe is 546 billion trillion that in pure truth when put into the form of distance in miles is so massive that we with human minds can’t even begin to fully put into proper prospective the magnitude of the proportion; and the size just briefly mentioned in the eyes of God is no more in proportion than the nucleus of an atom that is equal to 1/100 thousandth of one single strand of hair.  

And through our highly intellectual wisdom from the spirit in man that God gave us all, we just excuse ourselves from every word of God that steals our pride of being perfect, when in truth we all have been completely betrayed with our super double-cross getting ready to strike all humanity.

Psychologically speaking, just look at this entire world today in depth of its condition and what civilization has become under the very pathetic rule of man. Yet even with a human race living within a society filled with hate, war, crime, lies, greed, corruption, child abuse, rapes, murders, tortures, diseases and starvation accompanied with man’s destruction of the water, soil and air with even a junkyard in orbit, all in this human race still accept the ways and lies of man rather than the instruction from whom created all things.

And now, the beginning of the end for this entire human race has arrived, so says God who over three billions believers don’t believe; therefore I see perfectly the point of view from an atheist because God who this world of religions claim to believe, don’t believe a words He says while warning this entire world against all of the religions, beliefs, doctrines and traditions of man worldwide that make His words of truth to become as nothing in their lives.

Rather than me writing endless on the origins of manmade holidays worldwide including Christmas, all which is required for any believer in God is faith for realizing that partaking in pagan ways is only a great insult towards their creator; and this world says being that everybody else honors a vast number of holidays, they can’t be wrong while at the same time calling God a liar when He clearly states that this entire world’s population has been lead into dangerous error through psychological deception.

To be deceived involves the deliberate misrepresentation of the truth: “We are inclined to believe those whom we do not know, because they have never deceived us” (Samuel Johnson).

Betray implies treachery: When you betray somebody else, you also betray yourself.

Mislead means to lead in the wrong direction or into error of thought or action.

Beguile suggests deceiving by means of charm or allure: They beguiled unwary believers with only words of glory while leaving out God’s own words of how true life in His Spirit requires full obedience rather than the pagan ways of this world accompanied with trust in man.

To delude is to mislead the mind or judgment. Religions deluded the believers about the dangers of not following God’s direction for their life.

Dupe implies playing upon another's susceptibilities or naiveté: The believers were duped by false words regarding spiritual education.

Hoodwink refers to deluding by trickery.

Bamboozle means to delude by the use of such tactics as hoaxing or artful persuasion.

Double-cross implies the betrayal of a confidence or the willful breaking of a pledge: The shepherds worldwide have unknowingly double-crossed this world of believers through being double-crossed by the father of lies who leads them in their blindness as they feed the blind of this world through their own unseen darkness.

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