Today's Titanic

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A detailed story about a 285 page book that is more than a story because what's written is for every human being own earth no matter what their creed because the Titanic represents the ship as this world with civilization as its passengers; and the shop is going to sink without warning upon a world of people that are not prepared with this world of man made religions being the most ignorant of all.

Submitted: November 08, 2011

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Submitted: November 08, 2011



Today's Titanic

Posted October 30th, 2011 at 8:31AM

Today’s Titanic is the ship of this world with civilization as passengers while traveling the seas of darkness when coming upon an unseen, unknown and completely unexpected massive tragedy packing many ways of hidden death while only lurking and waiting in the shadows of the night and being well camouflaged under the dark misguided icy waters of life only to make it’s quick strike with venom dripping while bringing the greatest kill through the worst destructive calamity upon earth with more panic, more anguish, more pain and more indescribable mental and physical suffering than has ever before been in the human race or the entire eternal universe.

In today’s civilization, just as the passengers on the Titanic, we have a world with different classes of people or lifestyles such as the very high class billionaires with a step down into millionaires down to well off down to middle class down to lower middle class down to poor down to poverty and down to the homeless in tent cities springing up everywhere in our thriving dying world today.

But no matter who any person in life may be and no matter how much money they may have, it matters not in any way whatsoever, and that is because when this world’s ship sinks, all as in everyone everywhere worldwide are going down with it while being there is only lifeboats for the few..

And when this great Mammoth Unsinkable Titanic luxury liner begins taking in water from the Titanic can opener with the purpose of bringing down the human race, most all people from every walk of life will become who their true colors show with great hate, panic, self wants, throat cutters to get ahead, trying to buy a spot for safety that cannot be bought, and just a world that becomes as road rage tension that only rises with tempers flaring while people are suffering, screaming and dying with no lifeline, no hope, and just no way out of the slowly sinking world ship with a new design specifically for many years of hellacious vicious living through slowly bringing death rather than the blessing of less than three hours {that must have felt like 3 days} suffering for passengers on the ship, or the quick destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah where no hands stayed upon its end as being over in a flash; and if that same destruction could come upon earth and this entire human race now and today in the same way, it would be the greatest blessing that could ever be when compared to what’s coming that is very well described in my written book inspired by God that needs to be somewhat organized.

Titanic: Danger Ignored
© Neal West

The next three days were calm and peaceful as the passengers and crew explored the brand new White Star Liner; perhaps taking a dip in the warm salt-water pool or relaxing in the Turkish Bath on Middle deck. Those who perhaps felt guilty over eating so much rich food might have took a turn in the ship's gymnasium or visited the barber for a trim or to buy souvenirs of the voyage such as paperweights or postcards. Third Class passengers were perhaps feeling as if they stepped into another world. The Third Class common rooms, though Spartan, were comfortable and the food was perhaps the best they have ever experienced. Sunday, 14 April 1912 was clear and bright. Capt. E.J. Smith, perhaps not wanting to disturb the passenger's Sabbath, cancelled the scheduled lifeboat drill. Not that it would have been much use, the Board of Trade regulations only required that a picked crew uncover a boat, swing it out and climb aboard to inspect the mast and other stores. At 11 a.m. Capt Smith led Sunday services in 1st class dining room concluding the service with the singing of "O God, our help in ages past."
While the passengers where enjoying their 3rd day at sea, in the Marconi wireless room, Harold Bride and Jack Phillips were working feverishly to catch up on a backlog of messages. The wireless set had broken down the previous day and was not repaired until very early Sunday morning. Then at 9 A.M. they received a message from the Cunarder "Caronia" reporting " bergs, growlers, and field ice at 42N, from 49 to 51 W,". This was "Titanic's" first ice warning. This first warning was taken to the Bridge and was posted in the chartroom for all the Officers to see. Then, at 11:40 A.M., a second warning reported ice in the same area by the Dutch ship "Noordam." Then, at 1:40 P.M., the wireless sparked an ominous message from the White Star Steamer "Baltic:"

"Captain Smith, "Titanic". Have moderate variable winds and clear weather since leaving. Greek steamer "Athenia" report passing icebergs and large quantity of field ice today in latitude 41.51 north, longitude 49.52 west..."
This message was also taken to the bridge and given to Capt. Smith, however, Smith DID NOT post the ice position on the chart, instead he showed the message to Bruce Ismay, who nonchalantly put it in his pocket! A few minutes after the "Baltic's" transmission, the German ship "Amerika" asked "Titanic" to pass on a message to the U.S. Hydrographic Office reporting two large bergs at 41.27 N, 50.8W. So far, the "Titanic" had received four ice warnings indicating that a huge ice field stretched across her projected course. Unfortunately, none of the ships Officers realized this since of the four messages, only the first one from the "Caronia" had been posted on the chart. To make matters worse, that afternoon the wireless set went out again and the harried Marconi men worked several hours to repair it. All the while, passenger messages continued to back up. Finally, around 7 P.M. the set was repaired, just in time to receive yet another warning, this one from the Leyland liner "Californian" reporting three large bergs to the southwest of her. The "Californian's" reported position meant that the ice was only about 50 miles ahead. Ice warning number 5.


As you read these words, you most likely, depending on your heart and mind that only God’s knows will ignore this warning in the same way Captain Edward John Smith and Bruce Ismay ignored the 5 warnings of death ice ahead.

History is about to repeat itself with the Titanic as the ship being this world with its passengers as all civilization; So now, this whole planet is filled with the Captain Smith’s and Bruce Ismay alias shepherds that don’t even know the captain of their souls; Therefore they take His words of warning as unknown non importance and out of context while remaining silent or stuffing them in their pocket only to make way for the ships hull to be ripped open to slowly sink with billions on board that were never warned with the consequences of not walking on the waters of God’s truth that could have saved the lives of this entire human race if they only had been delivered the message of truth through genuine love with care and concern for their lives rather than self direction of man with zeroed true knowledge.

With every word of truth that I strive to write with God as my pilot who instructs me as His co-pilot through non stop night and day efforts for years now, one of my greatest concerns focus on innocent children of all ages who have never been taught any true education centered on God, therefore the great suffering they all shall enter will leave them only terrified while having absolutely no understanding of what’s taking place as it only becomes worse beyond words; and with the same concerned feelings for just good people at heart everywhere on earth that are about to be blindsided so hard that hundreds of millions reaching into billions worldwide through these coming years filled with profound, fearsome, intense, blistering, excruciating, ferocious, frightful, intensive and fiercely violent events that are now getting ready to make their leap with a stomp upon this world’s population that has no understanding or preparedness’ while taking millions of lives that will become hundreds of millions while only growing into the billions through world controllers of darkness that place no value whatsoever on any human life anywhere on earth with a mind set no different that Joseph Stalin who murdered at least twenty million people while needlessly starving to death another 1.5 million; and because figures greatly vary, he may have been responsible for the deaths of up to 60 million people. Welcome to what’s coming---but into the billions.
What the book –Today’s Titanic as The Only World Book With Truth This World Knows Not -- is about.

When a person has been in the same square mile for almost 5 years on the other side of the world from Chicago, and was placed there through a spiritual lead as a prisoner disassociated from the world doing time as a student of God in order to gain some true knowledge, which is understanding of God, the time has arrived for a book that I have been writing with spiritual inspiration working 14-16 hours each day for months with about 300 lengthy posts that have had 200-400 thousand views through years behind me as part of my needed education for the writing of a book having to do with only proven facts regarding God and the lives of every human being on earth. And every human being means just that regardless of their creed or location; and that is because everyone is in for an unknown rude awakening.

Ready for truth over three billion believers don’t believe?
“And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.{Revelation 12:9}-{KJV}

“The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God.
“They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one. {Psalms 14:2-3}

The difference between me and the religions of this world is that I believe every word of God as written without doubt, without question and with no confusion; and I even very clearly understand why He speaks those words. But this world of man made religions with their own man made specially brewed doctrines don’t believe one word of what God speaks that goes against their own doctrines all through His words of truth that all believers are to live by; and that is because when certain words of God such as you just read above does not match their own words and beliefs, they all on earth as believers just flat out reject what God said while telling anyone that believes God that the words are out of context when their scattered brain is the only thing out of context;

And in proving mans deluded mind, there is just one simple verse from God that is written in the book as being an example of one of the most important verses in the entire Bible that concerns the life of every believer in God; and God very clearly shows every believer on earth with absolutely zeroed confusion that when “THE WORD” all believers have been commanded to live by instructs or commands, we all must obey. But if we reject what we are to do by THE WORD, God in the same way is going to reject us all from His mercy through these coming years just as made so clear in the book over and over again with “THE WORD” as proof. And what I just spoke has come from God’s lead because His own words prove themselves just as written. I could tell you the verse that you need to read, but if I were to do that, I would be robbing you of having to seek silver and search for hid treasure which is the fear of the Lord that sluggards will never gain. And “THE WORD” also makes very clear that any believers who participate in the doctrines or traditions of man will gain the result of making the WORDS OF GOD to become as nothing in their lives; and as for me, I just believe every word of God that is out of context to a world of believers that know more than God

And today we have a whole stultified world with non believers who at least have an excuse while believers are only disobedient sluggards who think they know more than God; and their very sad awakening is growing close. I could easily give you that verse as God’s proof, but that would be robbing you of seeking silver and searching for hid treasures as God’s Holy Spirit. And the last thing any human being wants to be when it comes to “THE WORD” is a sluggard who will be easy prey for the hand on the hunter.
Therefore, as a man of God who has been chosen just as written in John 15:18-21, I have absolutely no association with the people of this world in worldly ways or any of the religions on man scattered all over this planet because they all have been bamboozled, misguided, hoaxed, conned, duped, suckered, buffaloed, hoodwinked, faked out, mislead, fooled, cozen, deluded and double-crossed only to leave a whole world of believers stultified as in useless, ineffectual, good for nothing and stupid. Don’t like those words? Then go to church and pay for their lies that give a false uplifting just as a million tear ******* lip love hymns to God while not even giving Him as God Almighty the respect of believing His every word while flushing this human race full of lies who will go down with their ship—until resurrected---so still saved---just on the wrong road with Isaiah 26:20-21 showing the only two roads.
Let’s say that I was to go back in time to warn each person boarding the Titanic that their ship is indeed going to sink; and that’s because coming from the future, it had already been swallowed by the icy Atlantic waters while bringing over 1,500 painful deaths mentally and physically upon a people of all ages that were just totally unprepared for panic, and suffering leading to their own end; and just as this worlds population today, they were in no way prepared to become blindsided into living nightmares with lifeboats for only but few.

Therefore with me knowing of the coming events as upon a ship full of people without question as in history while speaking very loud and clear words of warning over and over for them all to hear because I care, do you think they would hear, listen or believe me? No way! In fact some would laugh at me, others judge me, some slander and call me a nut case while most would just ignore what I speak; welcome to the world today with people that have no knowledge.

According to God who knows not time, this planet earth has already lost all worldly human life in the billions that were on the wrong road through the coming years of great world chaos with every evil way that has ever been known to man; and when an individual becomes very close to God in mind and heart with His Spirit through full obedience to His Book of Instruction, they can just see things as written rather than all the money sucking bull spit lies of man that thrive on know it all pride and super egos when in truth, they don’t even know God according to His own words they don’t even know or believe; therefore have become the shepherds worldwide that don’t feed their congregations as the blind leading the blind right into their own shed blood. So says “THE WORD” in Ezekiel 34 that is out of context to the world of shepherds murdering their followers while being paid to kill. Think I have brutal words towards shepherds? In the book, God who is my teacher, tears them all to shreds, but out of context to the money grubbing you know what.

This world of passengers on the sinking world ship today is no different through not hearing while judging with ignorance even though there is solid proof of this world’s fall through God Almighty who is far greater than any one individual on earth even gives Him any respect whatsoever for. Therefore death, destruction with waste and desolation is coming; and this book gives very great detail as to why this world has been beguiled and hoodwinked while being strung along on lies only to be double – crossed.

This Book is for all mankind; and through time as the levees break, more, and more, and more, and more people will read it while sinking in life’s disasters with no life-line and only wanting to know why.

To Publishers, writers, or anyone that could help or advise.

Only God can make away to properly publish this book.

Therefore when a man is given a purpose from God, regardless of any circumstances in life, that individual just goes with the flow without choice. First of all when someone wants to publish a book at no cost, there are guidelines to follow. I downloaded us letter as a templet, placed my scrip, and uploaded. Being the book was written in Microsoft word, it should have been taken. However, of the 23 chapters some important pertaining subjects were copied from the Internet while also making clear what was not authored by me for readers to know it was not my writing, yet part of the book because of content they needed to know.
Here is where I am at. My computer is over a decade old, bought used and been used non stop for years in only writing about God and the realities of this world that is now to the point where it hovers between 0-2 percent free space---no printer---monitor been dying for years---and many other problems. The book that I have written speaks only proven facts that everyone on earth needs to know, yet with no income, no bank account, and no life other than God, I need help just in getting the book organized and published; and if you would read the book, you may be the help I need in getting a true message out to this world, and you are of this world and need to know what this entire world knows not.
If you contact me via email, I can send you the book that needs some organization which is hard to do with my few and dying tools.
I hope to hear from you.

Today’s Titanic as
The Only Book with Truth This World Knows Not;

And your life unknowingly depends on these words in deeper ways than your mind will allow; and that’s a promise guaranteed.

Written By Timesoftrouble


What exactly is required to gain the interest of the human race? Just how is it possible to tell a world of people how they have been unknowingly chained down with no escape as a stampede with billions of Buffalo is heading right at them in full force with no escape?

Perhaps some proven information on how the foods they eat, the products they use, the water they drink, the medications they take, the air they breathe and the extremely well maneuvered psychological feed into minds worldwide has been killing this worlds population silently in unknown ways currently and through many years past? How about some absolute proof on what you just read with many more facts on how this world’s population is not only going to be reduced from 6.8 billion down to a easily controlled 500 million, but is already decades into the very well planned and organized process of doing exactly that.

And the reason for population control is because humans have become a cancer {take note} to the earth that has only been contaminating and destroying everything on this planet beginning at the greatest ocean depths and upwards. And just for me to elaborate deeply on just what man has done to the soil, water and air would be no different than sitting down, getting comfortable, and beginning within our little million book library filled with facts on just how many billions of pounds or uncountable containers of every kind of toxic waste, contaminated medical waste, radioactive waste, biological waste, and chemical waste has been dumped into oceans, rivers, lakes, landfills, desert areas, rural areas, private property with big pay and just anywhere on this planet where big corruption with big bucks can illegally and silently dispose of what kills everything that in truth is affecting every human on earth in different ways through the travels underground by water, into masses of waters that evaporate to form clouds that rain death along with a world of airborne killers always seeking prey; and all that I have done through words thus far is create a microscopic scratch in the surface of what a lifetime of studies on all the ways that man kills man with absolutely zeroed concern for human life other than their own. Welcome to the human race ruled by man who is totally incapable.

Were you aware that the worldwide arsenals of NBC {Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical} weapons have the names of billions in this world written all over them? Has not every weapon ever created by man always been used? And just those few words spelling massive death are but only a minute surface scratch regarding the content in this book; and that is because what’s written within these pages greatly concerns every living being on this planet; and what makes this book unique are the facts alone that it has not been written for money, not for popularity, not for pride, not for friends, not as a novel, not as a mind bender, and not just some worthless story, but rather a book inspired by our creator through a lifetime of human education through worldly existence filled with life’s storms, twenty years of the Bible privately, and the last five years as a prison in life with no where to go and nothing to do other than making a slow spiritual exit from this world known to man for the purpose of seeing things just as our creator with this book as a message from Him to this entire world’s civilization of every creed because the beginning of the end has arrived, but not in the ways the minds of man think, teach and believe because in truth, man knows nothing. Therefore I speak no bull, vacuum no love offerings, tell no lies, have no greed, make no human guesses, have no interpretations, make no judgments, and possess no self genius because by myself I would know nothing spiritually; and could do nothing without an unseen lead; therefore I say again, this is an inspired book with only truth this entire world’s civilization needs to be made aware of no matter what creed or where on earth they may be.

What about life’s actual current situation everywhere on earth with true unknown details that absolutely nobody gives any thought too?

Earth alias Planet Death and Destruction in route alias Planet Toxic Junkyard filled with toxins, poisons, nuclear waste, nuclear lobsters, ocean islands as floating plastic, massive fertilized killer farm lands with killer soils and killer rains that only make what’s grown even more deadly in a sickly world of sickness from dying fish to birds to animals to a world of sick human beings with every killer substance ever created by man that has made its home in the soil, water and air which has created a vicious circle with no way possible to keep it from our bodies inside and out; along with the poisons big brother feeds this world through processed foods, dairy and more; and this book has much more detail of how you are now dying, short lived, overweight, low IQ, poor health, poor life, memory problems, mental problems and psychological as a caged animal that has no knowledge of where it truly is. Its now wake up call.

The ways things truly are.

Earth is polluted by its very own people,
who have broken its laws,
Disrupted its order,
violated the sacred and eternal covenant.
Therefore a curse, like a cancer,
ravages the earth.
Its people pay the price of their sacrilege.
They dwindle away, dying out one by one.
No more wine, no more vineyards,
no more songs or singers.
The laughter of castanets is gone,
the shouts of celebrants, gone,
the laughter of fiddles, gone.
No more parties with toasts of champagne.
Serious drinkers gag on their drinks.
The chaotic cities are unlivable. Anarchy reigns.
Every house is boarded up, condemned.
People riot in the streets for wine,
but the good times are gone forever—
no more joy for this old world.
The city is dead and deserted,
bulldozed into piles of rubble.
That's the way it will be on this earth.
This is the fate of all nations:
An olive tree shaken clean of its olives,
a grapevine picked clean of its grapes.

{Isaiah 24:4-6}-{The Message}

There is no truth on earth other than the truth that nobody hears; and the liars known as mankind will tell you different; and because you will believe man---That is the reason there is no truth in this world.

And those who have given their lives only for spreading the truth become the most hated, judged and unheard people on earth; and they already know of their own future because THE WORD being the only truth they know had told them in advance what their life would become. Yet when we become as God’s co-pilot with ONLY HIM at the controls for direction, we just do as directed because we have become no longer of this world; and spiritually speaking in very simple and easy to understand words, being not of this world clearly state exactly what they mean through becoming an individual that only exists 24x7x52= God while having no life on earth with no spiritual association with this human race in the flesh including every man made religion of man on earth.

Another view from a different angle would be if you yourself were to just flush this entire corrupted world down the toilet once as in a done deal, because that’s where it’s headed anyway----and what you have done is too separate yourself from it’s own coming flush by changing lanes onto a different road unknown to the many of this world which has made you to become one of the few that will hear these words rather than one of the many who get flushed with this entire civilization. And that does not mean they will not have eternal life, but rather their slow, long and hard road through living years with no mercy in the greatest timesoftrouble that have ever before been to obtain it, and will obtain eternal life through God’s ways and in God’s time.

The writing of this book has efforts upon efforts upon efforts; and that is because striving best as humanly possible with faith as my only fuel for life, all I do each day from sun up to sun down is write with all the people on earth being the directed target in my mind with everything written directly to them as a government official within God’s Government being for the people and to serve the people with only truth. And as you will learn through this book, children are one of my greatest concerns because I have been around them of all ages steadily for the past five years while coming to see them in a different way through their innocence with an unknown to them great suffering coming on them all that truly grieves my heart in spiritual ways the people of this world just don’t understand; and there are billions of people of all ages worldwide who just as all small children know only their life as it is and nothing more; and adults who can think are being warned.

But what about children from toddlers up who are just to little to think? So what happens in their minds when their life becomes placed within a chaotic world full of crimes, death, hunger, thirst, abuse, sickness, terror and just every word of darkness within all the languages of this world? What will be a child’s reaction when awakening within a terrifying nightmare that has come to life as their life with no way out?

Adults are adults with minds to make their own decision, but how can children make decisions on what they have never been taught? And the sad fact of the matter is, adults have never been taught God’s truth either; therefore not only will they suffer, but precious children all over this world that have never done any wrongs to any person will greatly suffer by their sides through having to pay the price for a world that has been mislead by deliberate misrepresentation through the father of lies and god of this world that God Almighty through His “THE WORD” has warned over 3 billion believers of through Satan’s power; but all on earth have rejected the words of who they all claim to believe in; and will continue as the many of this world on the road as the broad way that leads to their destruction while the few in the narrow way will have God’s mercy which leads to life.

And all through this book will be the words of God as a spike with me as the sledge hammering over and over such as Proverbs 1:5, 7, 22-33, 2:4-6, 6:4-6 that were written for now and today being the most important words of your life without all the man made doctrines and money sucking lies that are going to suck the life from billions.

And to put any trust in man whatsoever is no different than putting trust into the Titanic; and that is because this great ship called earth is about to begin slowly sinking over these coming years while turning this human race into just what the only truth has told you through THE WORD in the scripture you read above with this entire book being written for everyone on this planet as a steady flow to always follow as breaking news from God that this world knows nothing of.

I am not even going to try and organize the content between this site and my computer. It says what all need to know as far as the chapters, just not in smooth organization. I just do the best I can.


Chapter 1 This Book has been written for all people of the human race everywhere on earth, regardless of their beliefs —Period.
Chapter 2 The only way to know God; and where the tribes of Israel are today.
Chapter 3 What self in this world cannot see because Satan does not want you to see.

Chapter 4 My Seriousness towards God for mankind.
Chapter 5 All Have Salvation—There are no Eternal Hell Fires of Torture—But all shall be Judged through fires; and our judgment is now near its entry at the door of our lives.
Chapter 6 Most Important Message to the World that has ever before been delivered.
Chapter 7 This World is going to sink just like the Titanic in 1912 as in history that has already happened.
Chapter 8 What all need to know regarding just how all people are being killed slowly and silently through drugs, toxins, processed foods, dairy, beef, and many other ways.
Chapter 9 Human Medical Experimentation.
Chapter 10 Walt Disney’s Child Brainwashing Facts and more along with some of the most important valid information that should become amongst priorities in all lives for understanding.
Chapter 11 Extremely Informative on how our minds have been fed for control.
Chapter 12 What the Military actually is with purpose not known to them or this world; and to understand requires a very open mind for unknown truth.
Chapter 13 Police, Tasers, Torture, Execution in America, Information on Presidents and the world.
Chapter 14 God’s Help in the Beginning—But not through to the End for those who neglect His truth.
Chapter 15 God—Man—Satan—Earth—Universe Why Judgment Must Come Upon us all.
Chapter 16 When Enough is Enough!
Chapter 17 Major Religious Disaster
Chapter 18 Your Grim Future with A 100% Guarantee While Lacking all of the Feel Good-Sound-Good Words That All Love To Hear.
Chapter 19 Why Israel and for what Purpose.
Chapter 20 Famous Freemasons
Chapter 21 Gaining a Whole New Vision of God and why all the Evils in this World
Chapter 22 Most Important Puzzle Piece in this World Book
Chapter 23 Final words from book author Timesoftrouble.


I look to only God because I know that He will continue in directing my paths.

Jeff Callarman

© Copyright 2017 Timesoftrouble. All rights reserved.

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