When the Levees Break on this Human Race: Only Then Will Every Person Need the only Book with Truth This World Knows Not

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Reality, who God chooses, what man does not teach, about a book that was inspired by God meant for this human race in these end times.

Submitted: November 03, 2011

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Submitted: November 03, 2011



Unreported, unknown and not understood breaking news:When the Levees Break on this Human Race:

Only Then Will Every Person Need the onlyBook with Truth This World Knows Not

With man made religions all over this world being the greatest fools. So says God who none believe. But as for me, I believe every word of God and none of mans money sucking bull spit.

Before you even begin, if you are religious through the doctrines of man, Christ told me these words as a believer in thy word is truth, pure and written with no confusion.

“If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

About the author Timesoftrouble.

We’re really on the horns of a dilemma, ... And it seems to me that the levee needs to be preserved until ... everybody sits down together and comes up with a global solution to this problem.Quote from John Young

There is no solution and never has been a solution to the rule of man which has never brought anything other than massive uncountable atrocities through---

{cruelty, wrong, horror, brutality, wrongdoing, enormity, savagery, ruthlessness, wickedness, inhumanity, infamy, transgression, barbarity, viciousness, villainy, baseness, monstrousness, heinousness, nefariousness, shockingness, atrociousness, fiendishness, barbarousness, grievousness, villainousness stomach-churning tales of atrocity and massacre}

---upon the human race they ruled; Therefore the beginning of our end almost ready to strike this completely unsuspecting and unprepared world’s civilization while bringing only what will come through many years as horrifying living nightmares while stomping out one totally unprepared human race of every creed in every part of the world.

And because human beings don’t want interference in their own lives that in any way goes against what they think, know and believe, nothing else is allowed by them to enter into their minds. But when all people on earth come to learn they have been betrayed, mislead, beguiled, deluded, duped, hoodwinked, bamboozled and double-crossed: Only then will they all cry for an understanding that is nowhere available to be found worldwide for several reasons being;

God has never been known according to His own words that over three billion believers refuse to believe as if by not following His instruction they actually know more then God; and that is because the god of this world has well stuffed their minds full of everything that’s counterfeit just as God warned them all, yet their pride has lifted them above “THEWORD”---Period; Therefore they all even go so far as to hate, detest and persecute anyone with truth they have chosen not to hear because nobody knows more then they do---until the levee walls come crashing down leaving a whole world with no protection.

The Book that I have written with the inspiration of God has 23 chapters and 290 pages; and the purpose of this book is for letting this world know that when the life they once knew comes to its end with hundreds of millions dying worldwide, this book will tell you exactly why and what man knows nothing of.

About Me;

When a person at 56 has a message for everyone in the world they need to hear, how can it be done and what makes them to even believe they have something to say worth hearing? When we can look back on our life and clearly see many times that we should have been no more from suicide attempts beginning at 12 years of age with a smile just to exit a world that had no happiness to offer while becoming a failed attempt that by all means without question or doubt should have been quite successful; and that’s because I was indeed history within a running car, closed windows, and a hose from the exhaust into the car that drifted me into the dead zone. Eight years later another attempt in the same way that put my lights out only to be revived in the mental ward of a hospital.

In April of 1988 I was doing 45 mph on my Soft Tail when a car pulled our right in front of me, and from that head injury a neurosurgeon had to remove a small section of my brain, and a psychiatrist pronounced me permanently disabled, therefore time was all that I had with God who stirred my spirit as our beginning.

I could go on and on with valid details through years of my life with many other experiences that should have brought me to an end along with having a history that never was any kind of existence at all in going beyond dreams while being trapped within my own cage of life within a zoo called the world’s dark side; and all through my existence of living, there was never a genuine happiness beyond childhood years that knew no more than the deck of cards I was born in.

However, with current age everything psychologically has changed into some understanding of my existence that has come from God; and when God becomes a person’s heartbeat with His words as their blood flow for lifts itself---that without they would surely die---it means that their life is no longer theirs, but for God’s purpose and will. I don’t believe in testimonies, I only speak to show how it’s God and not man who can direct our paths because He already knew just how much we could endure and how strong our faith would remain regardless of circumstance in life as you will read.

God knew Jeremiah before he was even formed in the womb with a purpose through him as a prophet with the words of God as his mouth unto all the nations of the world today; and because God has always been everywhere throughout eternity with no beginning, no end, and no limits, He just flat out knows all things; and what that means is not one single human being on earth exists that God did not already know the entire life of before they were born, and that includes you in very strong and true spiritual words just as God also knew me before I was born; and just as God had a purpose for all men through history that He chose, therefore they walked with Him regardless of what may have been very hard times in their life; and I have had my share of hard times through 56 years of never being happy to this day---yet now I am very content because I know God and understand why.

In getting away from religion, I am no different than any person worldwide within their own culture and life's existence when it comes what people like and enjoy such as hobbies, sports, music, reading, theater, science, trade skills, education, history, camping, fishing, hiking, sky diving, scuba diving, sailing, mountain climbing, caves, jungles, astronomy, black holes, and just the mega uncountable things that all different people do all over earth in different ways through being just their way of life. But what this world does not know is that everything they do, act, think and participate in as priority, are all other gods before the only True God this world does not know.

I also care about children very much with such great concern that words cannot even express; and its because when they awaken into a living nightmare that becomes their life with no understanding, where does that leave them? I have a great respect for the elderly because they are no new kid on the block. My heart feels for those disabled from accidents, brutal attacks and soldiers under orders risking their lives only to get blown into body parts missing with endless sadness that has happened to many all over this sad godless world. There are millions of very sick and ill individuals everywhere, and none are where they are in life by choosing along with all people everywhere in all different situations where absolutely none would ever be if they had any choice in the matter. In other words, I can feel for even many wrongfully imprisoned, humans being tortured, {not a thought anyone wants to hear, but is happening to someone, somewhere, right now, and to ignore will not make it stop} or normal people placed in asylums as in one flew over the cuckoos nest so the greedy wicked could reap their wealth; and in only pure absolute truth, there is no end in discussing the subjects of all that has happened or been done to human beings all over this planet ever since the beginning.

Because I am normal as can be, I also appreciate and love all the beauties of God’s creations such as looking into birds and animals by their actions, mountains, lakes, forests, rivers, rainbows, sun sets and sun rises in different locations that all can pack one very unique beauty that can be felt. When I watch a movie like Notebook I can feel the love because it’s one very rare movie when compared with most all flicks today filled with only darker then dark darkness that this warped human race thrills on. When I view a film like, Tears of the Sun or just any movie having to do with mass human suffering in Africa or anywhere in the world, I can feel the pain of millions through my heart and mind. I can watch Dances with Wolves or Roots and hate the white man while gaining respect for the Blacks and the Indians that were both robbed of their freedom; and in the very same way, the god of this world as the father of lies has robbed this entire world of truth as the only way of freedom with happiness. Another heartbreaker for me is physically abuse women worldwide, so just between the completely uncountable huge numbers of women and children that greatly suffer for doing no wrong, the animal minded inhumane very sick individuals that do horrible things to others with no help or defense just totally sicken me.

So welcome to this human race that is about to be on its final launch bringing its end under the rule of man with the replacement being God’s kingdom that only brings the dreams we have all always had in life with no more man, no more bull shit, and just no more of anything this human race has always been based on which is only lies.

All that I can clearly see is the coming end of man ruling man that will be the greatest blessing this human race has ever had, and my purpose is only showing the right road and how to walk it for any that choose. Therefore as written in this book, I expect nothing from anyone, want no arguments, never judge, but only offer to help any that want help because they love their children, themselves, and others.

In ---“The Only World Book with Truth This World Knows Not”--- as God’s Sledge Hammer being for His Words as the Spike; I have hit many of the same words over and over in order to drive them deep into hearts and minds of all who read them in the little remaining time while God can still be found. Therefore remember always, it’s not what’s said many times, but always the overall message that you need to hear with understanding.

God clearly speaks to a world of believers that don’t believe who they believe in.

"Since you laugh at my counsel
and make a joke of my advice, --- Just as they are already laughing at what God says directly to a world of believers that say out of context because I am saved. What Fools!
How can I take you seriously?
I'll turn the tables and joke about yourtroubles!
What if the roof falls in,
and your whole life goes to pieces?
What if catastrophe strikes and there's nothing
to show for your life but rubble and ashes?
You'll need me then. You'll call for me, but don't expect
an answer.
No matter how hard you look, you won't find me. --- More out of context for fools!

"Because you hated Knowledge
and had nothing to do with the Fear-of-God, --- Fools hate knowledge!
Because you wouldn't take my advice
and brushed aside all my offers to train you,
Well, you've made your bed—now lie in it;
you wanted your own way—now, how do you like it?
Don't you see what happens, you simpletons, you idiots?
Carelessness kills; complacency is murder.

First pay attention to me, and then relax. --- The Few
Now you can take it easy—you're in good hands." {Proverbs 1:25-33}-{Message}

“With my soul have I desired thee in the night; yea, with my spirit within me will I seek thee early: for when thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness.

“Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.

“For, behold, the Lord cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain. {Isaiah 26:9, 20-21}

Judgment is coming upon all the inhabitants of the earth with no exceptions for any individual, therefore I am here too teach any who want God’s mercy; and the only way to acquire it through being the few in the lifeboats as this worlds ship sinks with the many being the people of this world through the ways of man including the uncountable man made religions and beliefs written in this book as only a scratch on the surface which is going to bring the greatest Timesoftrouble this world has ever before known with great detail from the WORDS OF GOD in this book as the greatest knowledge available to all civilization on earth..

Without faith it is impossible to please God; {Hebrews 11:6} and not believing God’s every word shows no faith. Therefore because we all are just who we are, through my own heart and mind with faith, THE WORD tells me just as written in John 14:12 that as a believer I will do even greater works than Christ my Lord; and THE WORD I in no way whatsoever doubt because every word of God is pure, tried, and written with no confusion just as written in {Psalms 12:6, 1 Corinthians 14:33}. Therefore, God has a purpose for me in these end times; and my time through over twenty years of preparation has arrived; and through all those years past I have never been a church member or even in any way associated with the religions of man which allowed God to become my only teacher. Therefore I have absolutely nothing to do with the doctrines or the pagan ways including any holidays or traditions of man in any belief anywhere on this planet.

It is only when a person has been relocated in another part of the world away from all the distractions and commotion of life in their own country while being spiritually alone in God’s realm where placed within the same square mile in the Philippines for almost five years with absolutely no life other than God becoming their hearts greatest intent that only He can read; and that means there is a unique purpose from God Almighty just as Ezekiel had through prophecy written for today that the many of this world as passengers on their sinking ship called the world cannot see or understand; and God who billions believe in don’t even believe what He speaks that tells all just how He sees them, and why all things must be as written; and “The Only World Book With Truth” was written with God as my pilot through directing me in writing as His co-pilot that follows instruction, therefore will tell you exactly why all these things must be.

So when being placed spiritually alone by God happens, as time and years go by, we lose association with this world and worldly things as our heart and mind begin to focus on only what God speaks with trust in His every word while at the same time seeing the sufferings of people worldwide in deeper ways than just words alone speak because with that vision we have feelings for others no matter who or where they are in this world.

What may seem as repeat has great value.And that is because spiritually we know well that it could be ourselves in the same circumstances or even worse; therefore we picture ourselves as being in prison, tortured, raped, beaten, sick, blind, starving, diseased, robbed, disabled, homeless and unemployed with no hope, no freedom, no care, no friends and no life in only massive confusion with everything always going wrong and absolutely nothing ever going right as tent cities are springing up all through America from coast to coast only to join others of the world that have always been without.

Welcome to reality for the uncountable that is only going to get much worse beyond words as very well detailed in the book.

The Only Book with Truth this World Knows Not:

And your life unknowingly depends on these words in deeper ways than your mind will allow; and that’s a promise guaranteed”

And when we as an individual know this world’s future including the future of all human life including children worldwide, our only great concern becomes in the task of getting out a message to a civilization that does not want to hear or believe. But through faith, we just look to God and follow His lead in spiritual ways the natural minds in this world don't understand because they don't follow His instruction in the Bible which is the only way that anyone on earth can ever gain any understanding of God. This is another subject deeply covered in the book.

“It is these things that we talk about, not using the expressions of the human intellect but those which the Holy Spirit teaches us, explaining things to those who are spiritual.

“But the unspiritual man simply cannot accept the matters which the Spirit deals with—they just don’t make sense to him, for, after all, you must be spiritual to see spiritual things. The spiritual man, on the other hand, has an insight into the meaning of everything, though his insight may baffle the man of the world. This is because the former is sharing in God’s wisdom, and ‘Who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct him?’ Incredible as it may sound, we who are spiritual have the very thoughts of Christ! {1 Corinthians 2:13-16}-{Phillips}

Everything has its beginning that sooner or later will come to its end; and given time, so does this entire human race under the pathetic rule of man that has always brought only death and suffering through uncountable ways that the people of this world just don't see or even understand the depth of; and why this world has always been in chaos verses any genuine love and peace whatsoever.

When one looks only to God with absolutely zero trust in human minds, the end of mankind can be clearly seen with understanding as to why it has arrived, but the god of this world hides all things from all human minds other than the few on earth who seek only truth exactly as instructed by God; and what that means is the greatest names in philosophy, government, religion or education that have ever lived since the beginning in absolute truth, had zero true knowledge regarding God or this human race and its final end under the rule of man.

Very important Spike of truth being hit again. This book has been written under the direction of God; and shows everything God says is true. Therefore this whole world has been deceived, betrayed, mislead, beguiled, deluded, duped, hoodwinked, stultified, or double-crossed by a world with words through psychological salesmanship including the uncountable money sucking man-made religions worldwide.

What makes me different from all others is that I believe every word of God with understanding of why He speaks words this world of believers don't believe. So the religions of man worldwide know not God; and this book proves why in deep, true and easy to understand reasons for any who choose the words of God rather than the doctrines and traditions of man just as God clearly speaks and warns against---but because man knows more than God, just more out of context words for their out of context scattered brains.

I love my wife with all of my heart because she came into my life through God’s lead as a equal partner in faith who is now on leave from her position as a 4th grade teacher because of a weak heart and other physical difficulties, and she is only 38 at 90 lbs, yet through faith we learn to look at what Paul went through while being in prisons, beaten with rods, lashed, stoned, robbed, cold, naked, tired, hungry and even false brethren, so all that we do is look to God and go with the flow while knowing that only He knows all things; therefore God has a purpose, so through faith we just remain firm because we can see what’s coming upon this entire human race in ways the people of this world cannot.

My whole life is nothing other than writing, yet my wife and I have no money, little food, medical and dental problems, a tiny 20’x18’ unfinished native home on a 30’x30’ lot with no right of way; and the seller who kept the 80 percent we paid decided not to sell the lot. So evil is in the air all around us with 5 years of experiences from this world most cruel people being who are all associated with the religions of man who God calls hypocrites and murders through His own words that none believe.

May your mind be open in ways that can see, hear and understand while having zero trust in man through all of his man made religions and world of false education regarding the creator of all things.

My wife is very special and my friend who needs some kind of life, and I am a man that needs the same--- so we just wait through faith because we are ready and willing to go anywhere in the world for teaching truth and faith, yet after nearly five years of seeking help, employment or a direction, we have found none while being covered with what to us seem as major owes reaching into the massive amounts of near three hundred dollars that might as well be in the thousands because there just seems to be no one any where that cares with the people of religions being the coldest that I have ever experienced.

Yet none who believe in God can read His own words with belief in what they say. But for every hardship through these past years, God has only increased our faith; Therefore we just accept while knowing the harder our life may be, the greater our calling, the greater our responsibilities and the greater our rewards; and the same is with you or any that choose to submit themselves to God for whatever His purpose may be while leaving all thing up to Him, and never self.

{1 John 3:14-18, 4:7-8, John 13:34, 1 Corinthians 13:1-13, Revelation 22:14}

“Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard. {Proverbs 21:13}-{KJV}

“Since you laugh at my counsel
and make a joke of my advice,
How can I take you seriously?
I'll turn the tables and joke about your troubles!
What if the roof falls in,
and your whole life goes to pieces?
What if catastrophe strikes and there's nothing
to show for your life but rubble and ashes?
You'll need me then. You'll call for me, but don't expect
an answer.
No matter how hard you look, you won't find me.

"Because you hated Knowledge
and had nothing to do with the Fear-of-God,
Because you wouldn't take my advice
and brushed aside all my offers to train you,
Well, you've made your bed—now lie in it;

you wanted your own way—now, how do you like it?
Don't you see what happens, you simpletons, you idiots?
Carelessness kills; complacency is murder. ------The Many of this world

First pay attention to me, and then relax.
Now you can take it easy—you're in good hands."--The Few obedient with Faith

{Proverbs 1:25-33}-{The Message}

During my life past when I was fairly well off, helping others was my way to the point where just one man went bankrupt on me being unsecured; and I lost over seventy five thousand dollars. Back then before God taught me about the buildings of man, I gave to church building funds, feed the children, medical research and helped others in need. I also sponsored a child and was also a person to always stop in helping another who was broke down on the highways because I was a mechanic who always had tools with a heart that enjoys doing things for others;and to this day even while living on faith which is only getting by in the rough, my wife and I will share our little with others because we both know what its like to be hurting. And I only speak these words for the now over 200,000 thousand who have read my over 300 posts while refusing us a box of old miscellaneous clothes, junk or whatever just as a gift, because to me with a life consisting through over 41/2 years of nothing---a box of junk to others would be as a wonderland of excitement to my wife and I who have never even yet been on a real date, or some coffee would be nice, a few boxes of Corn Flakes or just anything at all, and I have been asking for years because God placed me where I am in life just for seeing the religions of man as He sees them all worldwide.

Therefore I have learned well to expect nothing from anyone unless God touches their heart because God will supply survival just as He has been doing for years along with the years to come when this whole world is with great famine, so rather than people being the judges of others in this world, its time to see yourself as God sees all believers as being hypocrites without roots. {Job 8:13-15}-{KJV}

And never think that we have our own private thoughts.

“For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. {Hebrews 4:12}

And the most corrupt of all regarding only truth are this world of false preachers and teachers, evangelists, scholars, theologians and all who God warns believers worldwide to never trust---but this world of money grubbing prideful liars who are dragging billions down with them will never tell a truth they do not know.

I have a job appointed by God; and its warning a stultified {illogical} world of believers that their own end is coming upon them with a choice of only two roads in life that are---God or man with Psalms 91 for their own description of the difference in the roads---and in my hundreds of writings are explained what God expects and requires, but none, no, not one can see hear or understand while living within a self righteous pride that nullifies everything that God tells this entire world. And in their own way, they all feel that they are doing a service for Christ---when they don’t even know the Father who sent Him. And so says the word what I just spoke, but none, no, not one believe God who they all claim to love, worship and believe in while completely ignoring all of His words of direction with instruction that include the woes for not being obedient. {Psalms 14:2-3}

And now, the walls of this world that have been built upon the corrupt, temporary and false foundations created by the father of lies are all about to come crumbling down while bringing billions of deaths with them….and God has told everyone on earth through His breaking news written thousands of years ago that man not only refuses to believe, but does not understand; therefore never reports reality to the world in its full because the religions of man worldwide don’t even know what the truth of God actually is while they all tells lies for money and their pride that is only dragging a world of believers down with them all. And the god this entire world of believers do believe in keeps them all from believing every word of God that including putting no confidence or trust in man, his doctrines or traditions----but man teaches man different than what God actually says in only pure words written with no confusion---and what does man do? Man chooses who God says to never trust while hating any who only warn them of what God says with Proverbs 1:1-32 being for the many in this world today, and verse 33 for only the few who choose God while completely flushing man and all of his bull spit down the toilet once and for all so as to never return and corrupt them any further with bad back wash in already faulty plumbing that can only be made pure without man.

Because I at one time offered myself to any refugee camp in the world for just whatever I could do, or a body part to who needed it more than me, or because I have always given what was possible to children, a blind man who walks many miles with their leather feet for shoes and a guitar with hopes a song will put gains in his cup, or visits to a blind woman with a hammer who makes stones from rocks to fill bags and sell, or giving hundreds of peso to a woman with a child who works full time in a market for forty dollars a month, or at times when blessed with little always giving to those all around just because it feels good----but to believers in God only by their words, I am an author of the devil; and just every evil name their loving, kind and righteous minds can come up with while knowing not God through His own words they refuse to believe.

For almost five years now with a life being no life in the flesh because I have become a prisoner of God for only His use. . . .24x7x52=Faith as fuel to keep me going with a world of people only there to beat me down. . . . But with Faith being my greatest reward, I already know that God has great plans for our lives that live on faith; and that is because I have become prepared to look at all hardships just as Paul as if it were myself . . .

I've worked much harder, been jailed more often, beaten up more times than I can count, and at death's door time after time. I've been flogged five times with the Jews' thirty-nine lashes, beaten by Roman rods three times, pummeled with rocks once. I've been shipwrecked three times, and immersed in the open sea for a night and a day. In hard traveling year in and year out, I've had to ford rivers, fend off robbers, struggle with friends, struggle with foes. I've been at risk in the city, at risk in the country, endangered by desert sun and sea storm, and betrayed by those I thought were my brothers. I've known drudgery and hard labor, many a long and lonely night without sleep, many a missed meal, blasted by the cold, naked to the weather. {2 Corinthians 11:23-27}-{Message}

In more of my writings that I can count, I have always made clear how what all men of God had to go through in history was written as a lesson for us all who believe because we most certainly are no better than Job, Elijah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Isaiah, Shadrach, Meshach, Abed-nego or any men of God through history---but because all believers believe man---they have all been caught up into all of the believed stories that came from the father of lies who broadcasts as the prince and power of the air into all minds worldwide with great success. . . .And so great that he has mislead and beguiled this entire world; and God who all believers claim to love so much through their lip love can’t even give the respect of believing His every word that all believers have been commanded to live by.

Your thoughts—how rare, how beautiful!
God, I'll never comprehend them!
I couldn't even begin to count them—
any more than I could count the sand of the sea.
Oh, let me rise in the morning and live always with you!
And please, God, do away with wickedness for good!
And you murderers—out of here!—
all the men and women who belittle you, God,
infatuated with cheap god-imitations.
See how I hate those who hate you, God,
see how I loathe all this godless arrogance;
I hate it with pure, unadulterated hatred.
Your enemies are my enemies!

“Investigate my life, O God,
find out everything about me;
Cross-examine and test me,
get a clear picture of what I'm about;
See for yourself whether I've done anything wrong—
then guide me on the road to eternal life.{Psalms 139:20-24}-{The Message}

“The way we know we've been transferred from death to life is that we love our brothers and sisters. Anyone who doesn't love is as good as dead. Anyone who hates a brother or sister is a murderer, and you know very well that eternal life and murder don't go together. This is how we've come to understand and experience love: Christ sacrificed his life for us. This is why we ought to live sacrificially for our fellow believers, and not just be out for ourselves. If you see some brother or sister in need and have the means to do something about it but turn a cold shoulder and do nothing, what happens to God's love? It disappears. And you made it disappear. {1 John 3:14-18}-{The Message}

“My beloved friends, let us continue to love each other since love comes from God. Everyone who loves is born of God and experiences a relationship with God. The person who refuses to love doesn't know the first thing about God, because God is love—so you can't know him if you don't love. This is how God showed his love for us: God sent his only Son into the world so we might live through him. This is the kind of love we are talking about—not that we once upon a time loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to clear away our sins and the damage they've done to our relationship with God. {1 John 4:7-10}-{The Message}

For years I have been telling a world of believers God’s own words they choose not to believe because they all murder with joy and pleasure while believing the hatful and downgrading words in their assembly of men who thrive on their pride and self-righteousness whose end shall be a great shame and disgrace when they see all the shed blood because their own lies were apart of bringing upon a world of innocent people who were only led down the wrong road.

Because of the sins of her prophets
and the evil of her priests,
Who exploited good and trusting people,
robbing them of their lives,

These prophets and priests blindly grope their way through the streets,
grimy and stained from their dirty lives,
Wasted by their wasted lives,
shuffling from fatigue, dressed in rags.

People yell at them, "Get out of here, dirty old men!
Get lost, don't touch us, don't infect us!"
They have to leave town. They wander off.
Nobody wants them to stay here.
Everyone knows, wherever they wander,
that they've been kicked out of their own hometown.

God himself scattered them.
No longer does he look out for them.
He has nothing to do with the priests;
he cares nothing for the elders.

We watched and watched,
wore our eyes out looking for help. And nothing.
We mounted our lookouts and looked
for the help that never showed up. {Lamentations 4:13-17}

Unspeakable! Sickening!
What's happened in this country?
Prophets preach lies
and priests hire on as their assistants.
And my people love it. They eat it up!
But what will you do when it's time to pick up the pieces?"{Jeremiah 5:30-31}

Destroying Your Life from Within

“And a final word to you arrogant rich: Take some lessons in lament. You'll need buckets for the tears when the crash comes upon you. Your money is corrupt and your fine clothes stink. Your greedy luxuries are a cancer in your gut, destroying your life from within. You thought you were piling up wealth. What you've piled up is judgment.

“All the workers you've exploited and cheated cry out for judgment. The groans of the workers you used and abused are a roar in the ears of the Master Avenger. You've looted the earth and lived it up. But all you'll have to show for it is a fatter than usual corpse. In fact, what you've done is condemn and murder perfectly good persons, who stand there and take it. {James 5:1-6}

God calls the judges into his courtroom, he puts all the judges in the dock.

"Enough! You've corrupted justice long enough,
you've let the wicked get away with murder.
You're here to defend the defenseless,
to make sure that underdogs get a fair break;
Your job is to stand up for the powerless,
and prosecute all those who exploit them."

“Ignorant judges! Head-in-the-sand judges!
They haven't a clue to what's going on.
And now everything's falling apart,
the world's coming unglued.

"I commissioned you judges, each one of you,
deputies of the High God,
But you've betrayed your commission
and now you're stripped of your rank, busted."

”O God, give them their just deserts!
You've got the whole world in your hands! {Psalms 82:1-8}

“Jesus shrugged it off. "Every tree that wasn't planted by my Father in heaven will be pulled up by its roots. Forget them. They are blind men leading blind men. When a blind man leads a blind man, they both end up in the ditch. {Matthew 15:14}-{Message}

“God's Message came to me: "Son of man, prophesy against the shepherd-leaders of Israel. Yes, prophesy! Tell those shepherds, 'God, the Master, says: Doom to you shepherds of Israel, feeding your own mouths! Aren't shepherds supposed to feed sheep? You drink the milk, you make clothes from the wool, you roast the lambs, but you don't feed the sheep. You don't build up the weak ones, don't heal the sick, don't doctor the injured, don't go after the strays, don't look for the lost. You bully and badger them. And now they're scattered every which way because there was no shepherd—scattered and easy pickings for wolves and coyotes. Scattered—my sheep!—exposed and vulnerable across mountains and hills. My sheep scattered all over the world, and no one out looking for them! {Ezekiel 14:1-6}-{Message}

“Pay attention: I'm teaching you the rules and regulations that God commanded me, so that you may live by them in the land you are entering to take up ownership. Keep them. Practice them. You'll become wise and understanding. When people hear and see what's going on, they'll say, "What a great nation! So wise, so understanding! We've never seen anything like it." {Deuteronomy 4:5-6}-{Message}

America nor this world of believers has ever paid attention to what God speaks----so our end has come in ways a world of believers still don’t believe just as none, no, not one has ever believed every word of God. So its payback time for us all; and we deserve it because we could never even do as our created instructed while using our brain that He created to be against Him in our own self righteousness’.

The People Who Bothered to Reach Out to God

"I've made myself available to those who haven't bothered to ask.
I'm here, ready to be found
by those who haven't bothered to look.
I kept saying 'I'm here, I'm right here'
to a nation that ignored me.
I reached out day after day
to a people who turned their backs on me,
People who make wrong turns,
who insist on doing things their own way.
They get on my nerves,
are rude to my face day after day,
Make up their own kitchen religion,
a potluck religious stew.
They spend the night in tombs
to get messages from the dead,
Eat forbidden foods
and drink a witch's brew of potions and charms.
They say, 'Keep your distance.
Don't touch me. I'm holier than thou.'
These people gag me.
I can't stand their stench.
Look at this! Their sins are all written out—
I have the list before me.
I'm not putting up with this any longer.
I'll pay them the wages
They have coming for their sins.
And for the sins of their parents lumped in,
a bonus." God says so.
"Because they've practiced their blasphemous worship,
mocking me at their hillside shrines,
I'll let loose the consequences
and pay them in full for their actions.{Isaiah 65:1-7}-{The Message}

“Give us help for the hard task;
human help is worthless.
In God we'll do our very best;
he'll flatten the opposition for good. {Psalms 60:11-12}

It was over 20 years ago when God first came to me, and through these past five years our relationship has greatly increased through one on one with no man made bull to steal or change what God speaks: Therefore everything above that is only part of all I have written has only been for my education that was preparation for the book that still needs some edit, and perhaps even more chapters if God directs with the whole point being that I can do nothing until God supplies; therefore I feel confident that He will touch just one heart of one person that has the means to help us; and that is because the days are coming when. . .

“The Great Judgment Day of God is almost here.
It's countdown time:...seven, six, five, four...
Bitter and noisy cries on my Judgment Day,
even strong men screaming for help.
Judgment Day is payday—my anger paid out:
a day of distress and anguish,
a day of catastrophic doom,
a day of darkness at noon,
a day of black storm clouds,
a day of bloodcurdling war cries,
as forts are assaulted,
as defenses are smashed.
I'll make things so bad they won't know what hit them.
They'll walk around groping like the blind.
They've sinned against God!
Their blood will be poured out like old dishwater,
their guts shoveled into slop buckets.
Don't plan on buying your way out.
Your money is worthless for this.
This is the Day of God's Judgment—my wrath!
I care about sin with fiery passion—
A fire to burn up the corrupted world,
a wildfire finish to the corrupting people." {Zephaniah 1:14-18}-{Message}

Book with Truth This World Knows Not


What exactly is required to gain the interest of the human race? Just how is it possible to tell a world of people how they have been unknowingly betrayed, mislead, beguiled, deluded, duped, hoodwinked, bamboozled and double-cross which has left all people worldwide being stultified as appearing stupid and illogical in not seeing themselves as chained down prey with no escape as a stampeding herd of Buffalo is heading right at them in full force with no escape?

How can one possibly make this world’s civilization to see themselves as passengers upon the Titanic that is approaching its own unknown beyond words paralyzing with terror disaster that gave no warnings for the massive deaths with great suffering mentally and physically for all on board? This world is indeed the great ship; and its about to strike its unseen and unknown dangers that are going to launch the beginning of its own destruction; and all of us as this world’s passengers are going down with the ship we are apart of; and in ways that people don’t even want to hear or be made aware of with only very few lifeboats as billions find only their very slow and painful death through these coming years.

Perhaps some proven information on how the foods they eat, the products they use, the water they drink, the medications they take, the air they breathe, the environment we all live in and the extremely well maneuvered psychological feed into minds worldwide which has been killing this worlds population silently in unknown ways currently and through many years past?How about some absolute proof on what you just read with many more facts on how this world’s population is not only going to be reduced from 7 billion down to a easily controlled 500 million, but is already decades into the very well planned and organized process of doing exactly that?

And the reason for population control is because humans have become a cancer {take note} to the earth that has only been contaminating and destroying everything on this planet beginning at the greatest ocean depths and upwards into the orbiting junkyard. And just for me to elaborate deeply on just what man has done to the soil, water and air would be no different than sitting down, getting comfortable, and beginning within our little million book library filled with facts on just how many billions of pounds or uncountable containers of every kind of toxic waste, contaminated medical waste, radioactive waste, biological waste, and chemical waste has been dumped into oceans, rivers, lakes, landfills, desert areas, rural areas, private property with big pay and just anywhere on this planet where big corruption with big bucks can illegally and silently dispose of what kills everything that in truth is affecting every human on earth in different ways through the travels underground by water, into masses of waters that evaporate to form clouds that rain death along with a world of airborne killers always seeking prey; and all that I have done through words thus far is create a microscopic scratch in the surface of what a lifetime of studies on all the ways that man kills man with absolutely zeroed concern for human life other than their own as pockets are lined with greed. Welcome to the human race ruled by man who is totally incapable.

Were you aware that the worldwide arsenals of NBC {Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical} weapons have the names of billions in this world written all over them? Has not every weapon ever created by man always been used? And just those few words spelling massive death are but only a minute surface scratch regarding the content in this book; and that is because what’s written within these pages greatly concerns every living being on this planet; and what makes this book unique are the facts alone that it has not been written for money, not for popularity, not for pride, not for friends, not as a novel, not as a mind bender, and not just some worthless story, but rather a book inspired by our creator through a lifetime of human education through worldly existence filled with life’s storms, twenty years of Bible intake privately, and the last five years as a prison in life with no where to go and nothing to do other than making a slow spiritual exit from this world known to man for the purpose of seeing things just as our creator with this book as a message from Him to this entire world’s civilization of every creed because the beginning of the end has arrived, but not in the ways the minds of man think, teach and believe, because in truth, man knows nothing. Therefore I speak no bull, vacuum no love offerings, tell no lies, have no greed, make no human guesses, have no interpretations, make no judgments, and possess no self genius because by myself I would know absolutely nothing spiritually; and could do nothing without an unseen lead; therefore I say again, this is an inspired book with only truth the entire world’s civilization needs to be made aware of no matter what creed or where on earth they may be.

What about life’s actual current situation everywhere on earth with true unknown details that absolutely nobody gives any thought too?

Earth alias Planet Death and Destruction in route alias Planet Toxic Junkyardfilled with toxins, poisons, nuclear waste, nuclear lobsters, ocean islands as floating plastic, massive fertilized killer farm lands with killer soils with killer drain-offs into rivers and lakes which feed the oceans and the sky for killer rains that only make what’s grown even more deadly in a sickly world of sickness from dying fish to birds to animals to a world of sick human beings with every killer substance ever created by man that has made its home in the soil, water and air which has created a vicious circle with no way possible to keep it from our bodies inside and out; along with the poisons big brother feeds this world through processed foods, dairy and more; and this book has much more detail of how you are now dying, short lived, overweight, low IQ, poor health, poor life, memory problems, mental problems and psychological as a caged animal that has no knowledge of where it truly is. Its now wake up call.

The ways things truly are.

Earth is polluted by its very own people,
who have broken its laws,
Disrupted its order,
violated the sacred and eternal covenant.
Therefore a curse, like a cancer,
ravages the earth.
Its people pay the price of their sacrilege.
They dwindle away, dying out one by one.
No more wine, no more vineyards,
no more songs or singers.
The laughter of castanets is gone,
the shouts of celebrants, gone,
the laughter of fiddles, gone.
No more parties with toasts of champagne.
Serious drinkers gag on their drinks.
The chaotic cities are unlivable. Anarchy reigns.
Every house is boarded up, condemned.
People riot in the streets for wine,
but the good times are gone forever
no more joy for this old world.
The city is dead and deserted,
bulldozed into piles of rubble.
That's the way it will be on this earth.
This is the fate of all nations: -----Not some ignorant fairy tale for a world stultified.
An olive tree shaken clean of its olives,
a grapevine picked clean of its grapes.

{Isaiah 24:4-6}-{The Message}

There is no truth on earth other than the truth that nobody hears; and the liars known as mankind will tell you different; and because you will believe man---That is the reason there is no truth in this world.

And those who have given their lives only for spreading the truth become the most hated, judged and unheard people on earth; and they already know of their own future because THE WORD being the only truth they know had told them in advance what their life would become. Yet when we become as God’s co-pilot with ONLY HIM at the controls for direction, we just do as directed because we have become no longer of this world; and spiritually speaking in very simple and easy to understand words, being not of this world clearly state exactly what they mean through becoming an individual that only exists 24x7x52= God while having no life on earth with no spiritual association with this human race in the flesh including every man made religion of man on earth.

Another view from a different angle would be if you yourself were to just flush this entire corrupted world down the toilet once as in a done deal, because that’s where it’s headed anyway----and what you have done is too separate yourself from it’s own coming flush by changing lanes onto a different road unknown to the many of this world which has made you to become one of the few that will hear these words rather than one of the many who get flushed with this entire civilization. And that does not mean they will not have eternal life, but rather their slow, long and hard road through living years with no mercy in the greatest timesoftrouble that have ever before been to obtain it, and will obtain eternal life through God’s ways and in God’s time.

The writing of this book has efforts upon efforts upon efforts; and that is because striving best as humanly possible with faith as my only fuel for life, all I do each day from sun up to sun down is write with all the people on earth being the directed target in my mind with everything written directly to them as a government official within God’s Government being for the people and to serve the people with only truth. And as you will learn through this book, children are one of my greatest concerns because I have been around them of all ages steadily for the past five years while coming to see them in a different way through their innocence with an unknown to them great suffering coming on them all that truly grieves my heart in spiritual ways the people of this world just don’t understand; and there are billions of people of all ages worldwide who just as all small children know only their life as it is and nothing more; and adults who can think are being warned.

But what about children from toddlers up who are just too little to think?So what happens in their minds when their life becomes placed within a chaotic world full of crimes, death, hunger, thirst, abuse, sickness, terror and just every word of darkness within all the languages of this world? What will be a child’s reaction when awakening within a terrifying nightmare that has come to life as their life with no way out?

Adults are adults with minds to make their own decision, but how can children make decisions on what they have never been taught? And the sad fact of the matter is adults have never been taught God’s truth either; therefore not only will they suffer, but precious children all over this world that have never done any wrongs to any person will greatly suffer by their sides through having to pay the price for a world that has been mislead by deliberate misrepresentation through the father of lies and god of this world that God Almighty through His “THE WORD” has warned over 3 billion believers of Satan’s power; but all on earth have rejected the words of who they all claim to believe in; and will continue as the many of this world on the road on the broad way that leads to their own destruction while the few in the narrow way will have God’s mercy which leads to life.

And all through this book will be the words of God as a spike with me as the sledge hammering over and over such as Proverbs 1:5, 7, 22-33, 2:4-6, 6:4-6 that were written for now and today being the most important words of your life without all the man made doctrines and money sucking lies that are going to suck the life from billions.

And to put any trust in man whatsoever is no different than putting trust into the Titanic; and that is because this great ship called earth is about to begin slowly sinking over these coming years while turning this human race into just what the only truth has told you through THE WORD in the scripture you read above with this entire book being written for everyone on this planet as a coming steady flow to always follow as breaking news from God that this world knows nothi

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