Words For All Earth Dwellers

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What all on this earth need to know has been written in the Bible; however God is not pleased with any earth dwellers being of this world because their worldly ways make them blind and separated from God for the worst timesoftrouble coming upon this entire human race in the years ahead.


Words For all Earth Dwellers Whether Believers or Non Believers Because Our Human Destiny Has Been Written Being The Worst Timesoftrouble Ever Before On This Planet. http://ttimesoftrouble.webs.com/worldofearthdwellers.htm

What exactly is the meaning of an Earth Dweller??

It covers all people whether they are billionaires or the majority of earths population living in poverty, plus all the middle and upper class which includes those billions who believe in God along with billions who are non-believers, agnostics or atheists while always being at war in their minds with actions against each other making the combined seven plus billion equal as just human inhabitants of this world who can see nothing beyond what their minds tell them even though God who believers don't believe warns all on this planet earth of the mind controlling power the god of this world being the father of lies holds over all earths residents while going so far that he makes a Sociopath, Compulsive, Pathological, Chronic, and  Habitualliars along with every wrong and wicked human way in this Godless society with only one false god on the throne of this earth ruling all through mind control less the few overcomers chosen out of this world as written below in John 15.

John%20001.JPG\"Would you like a more detailed explanation of one who is of this world as a dweller on planet earth verses one who is not while still being an inhabitant?

Let’s use the comparison of an animal easily content within its habitat or cage verses a human being possessing a spirit which enables them to think, make decisions, invent and deeply study anything available to their mind from the vast ocean depths all the way too viewing deep into the endless billions of stars on a clear night only to envision more unknown future truth of its purpose than at this time our minds can take or handle with any clarity - even though our human purpose and the purpose for the universe have been written in Isaiah 45.

When any non-human creature has its basic survival needs met, satisfaction comes; and when any earth dweller has their needs met, satisfaction also comes.

So what’s the difference?

All any non-human creatures on this earth need is the absolute minimal being food, water, and air with exercise or effort for gain depending on where they exist.

All that humans need are the things of this world being much more because they can not only think, but want. . .

A fine home, nice clothes, travel, fancy rides of every year and make whether autos, bikes, trucks or anything smooth, awesome, sleek and fast, or involvement in whatever their activities may be from great ocean depths to climbing mountains, exploring caves, study of the universe, archeology, science, hobbies, work, activists for human rights, entertainment, religious groups and gatherings, movie goers, celebrities, ocean cruises, hunting, fishing and camping, high levels on human education, all sports, psychology, human anatomy, reading, music, gambling, sex, drugs, alcohol, human trafficking being big business for slavery in sex and labor along with whatever their human beliefs may be; thus being in 'the have' section of this world’s human race as earth dwellers.

Then we have our civilization being those who 'have not' while living within their world of struggles through uncountable ways being very few with government assistance, many in tent cities, many living under cities or under bridges as their roof being just anywhere to lay their head in the crumbling USA and other falling nations worldwide along with many millions of refugees being homeless in various war/rebel torn wasted and violent places such as Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Somalis and more while living in starvation with non stop terror and disease while never really knowing when their own end will come.

Welcome to our extremely unstable human race being like water with absolutely zero stability; and what saddens me greatly is all earth dwellers, especially children, being not part of this world's terrible suffering in many ways worldwide because they cannot see the same and even worse coming upon them all as a guarantee from God which makes believers and non believers no different because neither believe their own coming end; therefore will not be prepared for the worst of the worst happenings coming upon over seven billion people through the coming years.

The Few No Longer of this world



Who else are dwellers on earth? Every human everywhere on this planet are those of this world leaving but few who live on this earth; yet are in no way of this world because they have spiritually acquired something over seven billion others have not yet gained being whatever understanding of God He supplies from His own words you will read if you continue; however those billions now lacking will gain God's truth in different ways through great affliction, coming tribulation and God’s wrath upon a human race walking in their own unknown darkness via false and incomplete knowledge not showing them the signs of the times as written and how this human race under pathetic human rule is going to end while taking the lives of billions with almost zero willing to take God's warning through His words not believed by all worldly believers.Colossians%20001.JPG\"Colossians 3:1-4

And what's most sad is the fact being billions of believers don’t even believe what God speaks with very clear instruction on the only way to become no longer a human of this world with their minds set on only things above; yet this world of believers have their mind set on anything and everything earthly keeping them from knowing God through His spirit of truth.

These following words plainly teach the few not associated in worldly ways because they not only believe what has been written, but very well understand why these following words speak such strong truth that none of this world hear, understand or believe.

Job%20001.JPG\"Job 15 speaks pure truth in just how God sees this entire human civilization.Psalms%20002.JPG\"

Psalms%2053%20002.JPG\"Psalms 14:2-3 with 53:2-3 state exactly what God sees even though He has made His knowledge available for any willing to search scripture and sacrifice themselves for His truth; yet this world of believers do nothing as instructed being only as hearers and not doers with their dead faith; and for any without faith, God is not pleased.James 1:22-25, 2:13-20, Hebrews 11:6

Revelation%2012%20001.JPG\"Revelation 12

Have any shepherds on this earth this day ever led their misled congregation to very deeply concentrate in the words you just read in Job, Psalms and Revelation being how God is not pleased with any earth dwellers of this world including themselves as the blind leading the blind? Of course not, because that would not only destroy their pride going before their own destruction, but also their wallet because all believers would stop paying for the lies bringing their own bloodshed.

PRIESTS%20PROPHETS%20WRATH%20003.JPG\"Hosea 4:6 was written for these end times with no man made money sucking lie such as the rapture; and I pity the fools who actually believe the lies of man as if God will actually snatch away this world of disobedient believers overflowing with iniquities while children worldwide are greatly suffering and always have been.



I can go on and on and on using God's own words against all false prophets, all pastors, all ministers, all bishops, all reverends, the Pope, the scholars and every religious name in every religious belief of this world today -- because all are just earth dwellers in this world taking their part in bringing much bloodshed through misleading all believers from God's written truth none, no, not one of this world believes; now many religious teachers worldwide may mean well in their own minds; yet walk not, seek not and teach not as instructed making them ministers for the devil. 2 Corinthians 11:13-15PRIESTS%20PROPHETS%20WRATH%20007.JPG\"Lamentations 4 speak on iniquity this world of babes think was nailed to the cross making all things right in their own ignorant minds because shepherds know not truth while leading all into darkness with violence and great suffering as written while selling their lies. Did you have a merry Christmas, a happy new year, a good Easter egg hunt and even a fun trick or treat with the little ones who will be dashed to pieces because mom and dad led them all in iniquity towards their own death while lip loving God and saying Lord, Lord while not doing as He instructs, yet taking part in unwritten holidays and holy days worldwide which Jesus Christ had no part of? Luke 6:46

What you are about to read, none, no, not one of this world understand just as every word of God has been written to all seeking truth -- being only few as the little flock written in Luke 12:32 for positions during the millennium as written in Revelation 5:10. Isaiah%2059%20001.JPG\"Isaiah 59 speaks such strong and true words that this entire misled world of believers cannot, will not, and completely refuse to believe every word of God they all have been commanded to live by in Deuteronomy 8:3, Matthew 4:4 and Luke 4:4; therefore none, no, not one does as God who their lips claim to love instructs - no wonder this screwed up world has billions of non believers not wanting to be as hypocritical believers having no God they all have been separated from, and don't even know it. Ephesians%20001.JPG\"Ephesians 2

The words "sin" and "iniquity" are found together in some form in about 70 verses in the Bible; and what those words mean is doing wrong against the words of instruction all believers have been commanded to live by - so what does that mean for today's believers worldwide who are no more than earth dwellers in darkness?

Reread verse 2 above a thousand times or until God's truth sinks into this world of hard headed disobedient hypocrites with loving lips and ice cold hardened hearts looking only to themselves and not others - especially if their quarter they refuse to part with becomes involved.

For this world with billions of believers, if it's not written, its wrong being iniquity,

Bible%20Verses%20098.JPG\"There is amongst far too many websites for counting a religious website named "Children of Light" while all within are walking in their own unknown darkness. Welcome to reality with the new world order only bringing more confusion so strong that God will send strong delusion upon all disobedient believers so that they believe lies from the antichrist; and why not since they could not even believe or do as instructed by the only true God none, no, not one believes?

Thanks for the 5 Kraft dinners with a few other basic needs being as our seven year supply; therefore you now as a self-righteous do good er can ignore any they choose because you at least went one step above this world of religious liars and hypocrites by doing one good deed - but never a miss paying tithes for where Satan dwells through control being the buildings of man worldwide falsely called church as a mistranslation.

Its so sad believers are far to wise for belief in Revelation 2:13-15, 18:4 and over 31,000 verses with instruction they don't follow or learn from because their own minds feel secure via false light soon to burn out with no more fuel because they were the foolish virgins.

http://www.bible-truth.org/Ekklesia.html Church in Greek

If this world of believers would only do as their creator instructs, rather than hanging out in all the dens of thieves called churches worldwide while paying God's money for lies and to support the preachers belly and pride -- they would be using His money to help others whether believers or non believers being the only way for teaching His truth because good cannot be done with evil deeds as written in Romans 12:17-21 rather than this world of believers strong selfishness being another god.

http://godsunknownmessengerr.webs.com/ - To Tithe or Not to Tithe? 

http://godsunknownmessengerr.webs.com/  - Thou Shalt Have No Other gods Before Me 

If all the billions who believe in God would just believe His every word is true as written along with the required efforts of a minor always at work seeking hid treasures, they would learn how to discern truth and error through misled translators - thus making them to become no longer of this world because they no longer put any trust in man, religions or themselves being pride God hates.

What follows is your own coming future at different times for all on this earth other than the few with faith and obedience who will gain God's mercy to keep them alive.Psalms%2033%20001.JPG\"PRIESTS%20PROPHETS%20WRATH%20009.JPG\"Jeremiah 12PRIESTS%20PROPHETS%20WRATH%20005.JPG\"Ezekiel - Learn what shepherds never teach being who Israel is according to God and not man.

http://godsunknownmessenger.webs.com/israel-s-idenity-worldwideZephaniah%20002.JPG\"Habakkuk and Zephaniah have great detail on our coming slaughter.Deuteronomy%20001.JPG\"Deuteronomy 31Lamentations%203%20003.JPG\"Lamentations%203%20004.JPG\"Lamentations 3Lamentations%203%20005.JPG\"Lamentations 3Bible%20Verses%20025.JPG\"Isaiah 6Bible%20Verses%20059.JPG\"Bible%20Verses%20058.JPG\"Isaiah 13Bible%20Verses%20147.JPG\"2 Thessalonians 1Bible%20Verses%20159.JPG\"Deuteronomy 8Bible%20Verses%20063.JPG\"Daniel 9Jeremiah%20006.JPG\"Jeremiah 25

100_7908.JPG\"Isaiah 1

Isaiah%20003.JPG\"Bible%20Verses%20175.JPG\"Isaiah 26

Bible%20Verses%20203.JPG\"Ezekiel 6

Bible%20Verses%20209.JPG\"Bible%20Verses%20210.JPG\"Bible%20Verses%20211.JPG\"Deuteronomy 28 is but one of many truths on the coming suffering of all earth dwellers less the few being prepared to rule with Christ under God's government - for the people being opposite of human rule meant for the rulers with human life being as worthless. Just look at earth this day with the countless controlled news shows, worthless talk shows being nothing but talk and no more just as politicians, ignorant television shows other than few through Discovery, National Geographic, History, Animal Planet and few others; yet all are completely controlled to the point where no truth on God can be found. Also ignorant, violent and subliminal child mind twisting cartoons, ignorant religious programs and just everything having absolutely no value on human life and no truth on our human destiny with its end coming in gruesome ways through the many years lying ahead being 31/2 years of great affliction followed by 31/2 years of great tribulation ending in God's wrath for all on this planet leaving those seeking and walking by faith with Psalms 91 being God's mercy on any walking the walk as instructed; and perhaps several billion survivors who will learn about God during the millennium under the rule of Jesus Christ and His firstfruits. 

Bible%20Verses%20168.JPG\"These pure and true words from Proverbs 1 were written for all believers during these end times with one very clear and harsh warning being how God will laugh at your calamity and mock when your fear cometh -- yet this world of believers can only laugh at and mock me for warning them all - so be it because long ago Christ told me how I would be hated by scorpions just as Ezekiel; therefore feel greatly honored for enduring a life with many hardships only to prepare my wife and I for what lies ahead along with our want to help any seeking God's truth.

Almost 8 years ago God led me out of America on a one way ticket to the Philippines with absolutely zero income for the purpose of learning to live on faith while also seeing this world as He sees through prayer and scripture as my only guide while becoming totally disassociated with this human race and all worldly ways with just no interest at all because all I can see is our end coming in ways so sad that I can say no more because our human destiny under pathetic human rule has been witnessed by God and written.

To know God and to love God in spirit and truth means we all must love each other; and after almost 8 years of only growing closer to God, there is no love as instructed within this world of believers because the biggest and greatest religious names being the most wealthy are just the greatest salesman who sell what sounds good as pleasing to ear with a price tag.

In every part of a believers life we have been instructed to "Always give thanks to God the Father for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ as written in Ephesians 5:20; and what those words mean is that whether we be hungry, in pain, unhappy and in constant battles between flesh and spirit -- we must without choice through our faith always give thanks to God because we know He has a purpose for our life and has been preparing us through difficult times year after year to make us ready.

If this world of believers could just have enough care for others by putting away 20 cents every time they had a meal with thanks to God, over time they could use what they had set aside to provide a greatly needed meal for someone in need; yet since 2007 all I have seen in this world of religions are those who pretend to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs with principles that he or she does not actually possess; therefore when a person says that they believe in God, but don’t even know or understand him because they reject his words of truth that all believers are to live by, that is a hypocrite, for how can one say they believe when they don’t even follow written instruction? When religious people sing to God, raise their arms and give him praise while living through the false doctrines and traditions of man filled with pagan ways, that is a perfect hypocrite being the billions on earth full of word love and no more with strong inner greed - unless their preacher salesman tells them to pay or burn.


Lifestyle for a True Man of God


Life as an American in the Philippines through the Past Seven Years. http://godsunknownmessenger.webs.com/my-life-in-the-philippines

http://timesofroubles.webs.com/mywritingsforgod.htm  - Efforts for my Spiritual Education






Life’s Squeeze http://timeoftrouble.webs.com/lifessqueeze.htm




Submitted: August 04, 2014

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