The Unspoken way to beat ISIS and radical Islam without violence

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Here, we explore the best thought out ways to defeat ISIS, radical Islam and terrorism without the direct use of military force or violence. Many governments around the world have be left with no choice in defending their homeland with military force. But, I will break down and explain different ways to turn the tide on radical ideologies.

(Edited 3/25/16: Added ISIS Anti-Recruitment Video at end of article)


  For many years, the United States and it's allies have been faced with the pressing, and often daily question of; how do we defeat ISIS? The truth is, it's not easy. But it can definitely be done in a way that does not put our soldiers lives at risk by sending them down the bomb ridden backroads of Iraq, Afganistan and Syria. After years of research, daily world news breifings, I've come to one simple conclusion. ISIS must be defeated. In a world where borders are pious, information flows freely and deadly weapons are easily obtained by terrorists, every western nation is at risk.

  Confronting terrorists where they breed and extracting them from this earth with deadly force seems like to most logical solution. The most pressing problem this solution presents is not the lack of effectiveness, but the lack of considerable thought. While, many would agree the need to use immediate deadly force is a necessity, as I would concur, it's method is not the only tool that we(as humans) posses in fighting and defeating an ideological disease. This particular disease I would classify as genocidal ideologies. Simply put, radical Islam calls for the extinction of every human race who does not believe in the same ideological values as they do.

  In order to solve a problem, you must first acknowledge there is a problem and properly identify it. Thereby identifying the issue at hand, in this case, the bigger picture, we can begin to bring together some great minds and defeat the enemy in a way that will prevent any terrorist from breeding their radical ideologies. In an attempt to break down the various methods, I will lay out a battle plan that some may find unorthadox so, if you're accustomed to sitting on your couch and watching sensitivity training offered by your television, feel free to exit out of my article now.

For those of you that decided to read on and entertain my rational expertise at defeating ideological enemies, you won't be dissappointed.

Psychological warfare, often used by very nefarious governments, is an easy(to some), life-saving method that can often compound a military campaign while, assisting in the end of an unwanted ideology. I would call this the self-destruct method. Much like the body receiving immune therapy and killing off bad cells from the inside. The best way to inject an angle of psychological warfare is to do so from all angles, thus increasing your chances of a sustained result. 

 The first method I would employ(or re-employ), is the waterboarding technique. This type of phsycological warfare would be considered a frontal attempt to identify and locate more terrorist affiliates. I would go even further by agreeing with Donald Trump in saying that, we need to take the gloves off of our interrigators and allow them to use necessary force to obtain information about our enemies, from our enemies. Logically speaking, we are at war and already killing the enemy, why would we avoid using these techniques over taking their lives on the spot? This should a common sense response to those speaking out against non-lethal interrigation techniques.

 The second method I would employ would follow closely with all other methods of psychological warfare. The reason for this is what I call the intimidation factor. During the course of interrogation and through ISIS based communities, it should be our militarys' responsiblity to assert a simple statement to all Islamic Extremists. This statement should be simply read as, "You are not a part of Islam so, when we kill you, you will get NO BURIAL rights and your body will be cremated in our incinerator where you will go to hell, burn for eternity and see NO VIRGINS." We must be firm in this particular psychological statement as it will strike at the very fabric of Islamic terrorism.

 Another method that will be effective in preventing the spread of terrorism are skillfully crafted, psychological videos depicting a similar message as stated above, along with captured video of ISIS fighters surrendering to United States forces. The more videos relating to the defeat of Islamic Terrorists, the likelier is is to have mass defections from the group. This particular method will empower citizens living in these communities to fight back against these terrorist ideologies for fear they would be subject to the same method of "disposal" as the barbaric ISIS members would face. What I have seen from extensive research is, the fear factor alone can have a devastating effect on order. When a terrorists' fear is greater than their courage, they lose, and in turn the effect of defection will turn into a domino effect.

 The one and only message from the United States to Islamic Terrorists should be firm, direct and contradictory to their expectations. This message should come directly from our middle east General and it will be a message that every terrorist will receive, regardless of their ability to surf the web.

 As stated recently and contrary to what we(as a country) have been told to believe, many Islamic Terrorists have family in which they care about. In vague terms, we should have a direct message to their families that states in part, "Under the laws of the United States, anyone who commits a crime(here in the USA) in the presence of another is considered to be guilty by association". I would not advocate for harming any innocent family but, for the sake of psychological warefare's purpose, this would deter, I would estimate at least 50% from becoming an Islamic Terrorist for fear that their family would suffer the same consequence, and vice versa.

 And last but not least, I would recommend using the waterboarding technique by forcing cooperation with us from each individual in the hunt and psychological warfare of bringing an end to Islamic Terrorism. To that end, I plan on writing a follow up article on the continuation for The unspoken way to beat ISIS and radical Islam without violence.

Thank you for reading.


ADDED 3/25/16: This is a video I have created to assist in the Physhological warfare against ISIS.

WARNING: This video is EXTREMELY graphic and not recommended for all audiences!

Submitted: March 25, 2016

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