My Lie

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A poem about a girl.

Submitted: December 10, 2010

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Submitted: December 10, 2010



My Lie

You were blinded Intoxicated by unspeakable doubt Words of accolade, rendered void by qualm I was prepared to set you about Yet still, the love of a predecessor reigned over your conscience It took until the fifth of November for you to embark Remember, remember The fifth of November.

Such strange, and all the while reassuring motions began to play All but leading to our dismay We conversed throughout the bitter night Debated our shared fortunes Arranged a constitution of love And finally, we seemed to reign above.

A cold winter tore at you Pressures, accusations, demands all speared into your fragile mind A sense of unease was prominent to the point of ridicule Together still, we could overlook, let the world unwind Christmas you felt a peace And when our hands first met We became, but one piece Totally, eclipsed, bewildered by this weird world Unwilling yet disposed Our love gradually unfurled

The dawn of the New Year Disclosed hidden desires And we no longer harvested fear There was longing, a secret craving For that touch It was so silent And such So mutely profound

And although at times I gave way to uncertainties Acted in accordance Played the fool So, you also behaved in resentful harmony It was mercilessly cruel

For all our woes Our hushed protests There were but few lows We found ourselves charged And recoiled, we rebounded Back, back into each others arms, discharged

Valentines Day We strolled, so possessed for that escaping moment A mutual regret echoed For months to come We were content Never numb Sixteen You made it absolute I became so keen To repay For I am still stunned Unaware I was but prey

And when we kissed Such lost lips, cascading amongst their opposite I never wanted to resist Both hunting Persist, my love, persist

But it was as such Our taste of perfection Our united moment Became nothing but rejection Failure to communicate Gradually tore away at every connection

And upon this astringent realisation We ultimately found a point to agree That our love lay in debris We could not diverge To agree

Irony danced with cynicism As you told me ‘You were the first boy you had ever loved’ And I could not dismiss That if I had known Our affection may not have gone amiss Now so alone

I reminisce But no longer miss The love I felt for you I am but subdue Oh, Emily My lie

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