Consider this America.

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A Moment in the mind,memory and thoughts of a worn out warrior

Submitted: January 20, 2013

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Submitted: January 20, 2013



As a defensive tactics/firearms instructor/K9 trainer/Field investigator with 2 decades filling my curriculum vitae, there is a mainstay that always comes bubbling to the top of my conscious when a "Gun" issue comes to be in the news. Safety, not in so much as to know the 4 basic tenants of safety,but KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge affords us, you know....those thumb bearing homo sapiens that pride themselves on being at the top of the food chain because of our thumbs and cerebral functions...knowledge affords us what should be a complete picture of the mechanical devises that are DIVIDING OUR FINE COUNTRY.
Think about as recently as the early 60's, when schools actually allowed guns to be hanging in Kids trucks....shooting clubs...a kid walking through the school with a shotgun or rifle....and...wait for it.........................NO ONE GAVE AN AERONAUTICAL PROCREATION. Kids were not frightened. Administrators were not frightened. Admin/Teachers were certainly more attentive, but no more so than the shop teacher on Radial Arm Saw day for Deity's sake. WHAT is the difference? Xbox, Ipod, "Kumbaiya, I cannot spank my kids and eat granola at the same time", fast food versus home cooked.....I am sure you can catch what I am pitching here. I am a 46 year old man...not even on the playing surface until 1966. My Father, an old Oklahoma Farm hand, turned Navy man, turned Barber, turned Husband,turned Papa. This man, raised me around guns. This man taught me how to reload. This man taught me to maintain firearms. This man taught me to hunt. My first deer was at the age of 11. That same man made me field dress it, and drag (what I thought at the time) all 5 million pounds of it up a skidder trail to our truck. He told me at that moment it dropped..."You know Tim, this is a milestone in your life,but you took a life. To one day be a father, husband, community leader, never forget this moment, and always be thankful for every bit of that deer that accepted your fate to be nourishment on your table" Hmmmm...there is a concept...You kill it, you respect it...make every bit of that sacrifice count.....WHY is this important you ask?

1) I was raised to respect the inherent dangers of a firearm.
2) It was something I was encouraged to interact with as long as my Parents were around.
3) I was taught safety, nomenclature, and the limitations of a gun.
4) When we ate a bird, a deer, a rabbit....that I killed, I saw it from Life, to death, to dress, to Table.
5) When we ate a bird, a deer, a rabbit....that I killed, or Mom or Papa killed....WE ATE IT TOGETHER AT THE TABLE, Together.

Multiple decades of glacier slow incremental detachment of Family, Instant everything, a screen to connect to everyone....THIS IS THE PROBLEM. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. While I realize it doesn't answer to the "OH MY GOD, Kumbaiya kumbaiya, We have to do something NOW", fix it withing the time it takes to drive through McDonalds and get a (stream of expletives that would make the Dad from a Christmas story blush) cheeseburger....but this country wasnt built on Fast. It was BUILT ON HARD WORK and a common goal.

TEACH YOUR CHILDREN beyond "GUN". TEACH YOUR CHILDREN beyond "Hey,look, food on the table", and get them involved in how it got there. TEACH YOUR CHILDREN how every aspect of a firearm works from build to fire. TEACH YOUR CHILDREN how to safely interact with these mechanized wireless drills. TEACH YOUR CHILDREN to be social, develop relationships. TEACH YOUR CHILDREN to ask for help. TEACH YOUR CHILDREN to build and cook an after school snack so they know that every (expletives) thing on this planet is not ready made....TEACH YOUR CHILDREN that when you work on , School, family, relationships, community and eventually your own children, that life is a series of difficult steps...but together as a family, together as a community, we may have crap days, but we have each other. THAT is how "Kumbaiya" should be. Strong, moral, consistent raising of our children.

You can Take the Gun from the man......but you cannot take the MAN FROM THE GUN and make it evil.

Timothy C Minyard.
Father, Husband, Neighbor, Warrior.

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