Feeling the passion to comfort my brother.

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A Moment in the mind,memory and thoughts of a worn out warrior

Submitted: January 03, 2013

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Submitted: January 03, 2013




Feeling the passion to comfort my brother.


In recent days, the gun control topic has become a regular household issue. My children…..even with there limited experience on this earth, have a sound grasp for the topic.  My children (5 in total from 14-28) have all been exposed to firearms from a young age.  Their Father (or “Step” Father), being an armed professional, naturally created familiarity with firearms.  None of my children are violent.  None of my children wish to harm anyone, despite the magnanimous importance of day to day life for my teenagers….so much being “Life and death”…yet, they show no interest in obtaining a “gun” and dealing with it….instead, they seek opinions from Mom, Dad, peers, Google…my kids understand OODA, Reload in every lull, “slicing” the pie, “Breath in, line up, breath out, and squeeze” among many other things…flippant perhaps to mention, but it is intended to set a tone.


My Children are seeing and hearing a lot of information about Guns, society, anti-gun persons and legislation, pro-gun persons and have shown a propensity to ask questions when they feel swayed towards anti-gun, but fear how I or their mother might take it.  This disturbs me.  I have never been the parent that shoves guns down my kids’ throats.  If they show an interest today, I will take them shooting. If they don’t tomorrow, that is fine as well.  They all have exceptional trigger discipline, safety habits and frankly, better handling propensities than some adults I have met (as an instructor and citizen).


When one of my kids came home recently, discussing a clearly Anti-gun message received by a teacher in the course of his duties to educate not politic… well, child was a little vershmeckled and felt somewhat ganged up on because of their views on firearm ownership and the classes clear higher percentage of persons for “gun control”.  I efforted communication with this teacher, but this teacher never responded. 


As a Father, my first priorities in life are that of my children.  Safety, well being, and raising them hopefully, to be a wonderful contributing member of society.  My second priority is to my loving wife. My third priority is to my fellow man.  I have spent the better part of 2 decades in Human Trafficking/Child Sex Slavery as a field investigator and I have seen the worst in man, as well as the most magnificent inspirations. 


So, here I sit, in awe of the changes staring at me as a firearms instructor, gun owner, concealed carrier, and warrior.  My children have started to show some frustration towards anti-gun people, and, while in Father Mode, I discovered something…a missing contribution to our beliefs (“our” being pro-gun persons).


As I put on the “Daddyman” hat during one conversation, I explained that people on the whole are good. Fear is a powerful emotion, both from an emotional standpoint, and a physiological standpoint.  When we break down some of the Anti-gun reactions….there is a consistency to one reality….the vast majority (not all. With variants of many colors) of anti-gun people lack certain knowledge “waypoints”, consistently. Lacking experience and knowledge about firearms, from basic safety to tactical application, they cannot grasp the simplicity in which a firearm can be useful, even in the prevention of violence.  I continued to explain, the people who are screaming from the roof tops, “Enough is enough”, are well meaning citizens who view recent tragedies as completely unacceptable.  Offering that suggestion to my kids, and asking them, “Do you feel they are wrong for feeling this way?” , they of course, being reasonable young people, stated “No, they are right”.  I encouraged them to focus on that for a moment. I then asked them if eating grub worms was a good idea…..”No, yuk”. What about eating snake then?” Yuk…NO!”.  OK, then lets explore this…..if you were starving, and desperately needed protein/sustenance as a result of being lost in the wilderness for a week….would you eat it then?“No, of course not, it’s nasty”.  “How do you KNOW you wouldn’t, if you were in a medical need for caloric intake or you would die?”….”I just know” one stated.  What if you knew you had to eat, or you would die, and grub works and/or snake was the only available calorie in sight and you had 15 seconds to make a decision….Oddly enough, but supporting my pending argument, there was a pause of about 15 seconds…and the answer “well…yes…I suppose so but I wouldn’t be thrilled”. I explained how, in some cultures, eating snake and even worms is normal…to which it was suggested to me that an MRE Tabasco would now be in a pocket at all times (my kids…awesome’sauce)….lol.


I then quickly soldered the example to gun owners who implement a firearm into their defensive planning, and those that are begging for more gun control….Those begging for gun control are sitting in their comfortable chairs, with food, warmth, love and convenience all around them.  WHY then, would they understand the need for a firearm in their home? On their person? Why should they? They have no reason to gravitate towards a firearm, yet the killing of innocent children is clearly a tragic, unacceptable event.  What if there was a rash of home invasions in their community?  If it didn’t happen to them, they lack the experienced empathy to understand why a firearm would have been a useful tool for the unarmed homeowner.  Imagine then, if the home invasion or car jacking had occurred to them personally….. Clearly a different attitude would occur. People do not CHOOSE to be victimized by crime (as a rule).  They do not wish to be robbed, hurt, killed….as a result, you have well meaning people, trying to make decisions for other well meaning people without the benefit of experience….but do you think violently and aggressively handling these folks is the answer? A resounding “No” was offered….in fact, a comment was made that “not everyone is wired to be a warrior”, and “those that are have a responsibility to look out for those that do not…even if it means checking the fence line without a friend”.


What I am attempting to convey here is that we (gun owners) need to find some pragmatic, diplomatic expediency conveying to those who have no reason to understand us, why disarming us is a terrible idea.  The persons seeking gun control, on the whole, are trying to create a peaceful fix….and we, as gun owners, are shooting ourselves in the foot getting militantly angry at them for not knowing something that in theory, and hope, they shouldn’t have to know. Calm, comprehensive, pragmatic expression is the key.  I feel GREAT EMOTIONAL INPUT from my gut when someone considers me a paranoid social freak because I carry a firearm, knife, ASP, light and phone….but I have to have a parental attitude towards them, and effort guidance.  As I raise my children, so shall I treat my neighbor.  I have explained to my children that leadership is not about muscle, but respect.  If a person respects you, they will behave the same if you’re in front of them or no where near them.  If they fear you, they will turn on you in a heart beat. My kids know me to be an asshole as much as they know me to be a cuddly loving Daddyman.  I spare no “I love you’s”, hugs, or cuddles from my children, my wife, or my friends.  I also surmise, that if you asked anyone that knows me, or have sought out my services, would say I am someone to never be trifled with.  I am a loving, warm, funny man with over 30 years defensive training experience, battle proven and requested when things get scary. One can be a gun owner, and still be an articulate, considerate, polite person…even in the face of having our need for firearms threatened.


We, as firearms owners MUST begin immediately, to gather knowledge collectively and individually. We must be able to calmly, efficiently and diplomatically discuss the inappropriateness of disarming us in an effort to “End the violence”.  We MUST remember that most of these well meaning people have no fathomable experiences to get them to realize that a grub worm, when you’re starving, is a viable alternative to starving to death. We must be custodians of peace, and not bark, bite or harm those that need us the most…..unarmed citizens with no respectable training or experience to keep them out of harms way.


Be patient in your responses towards these “Anti-gun” people. Be diligent, respectful and intelligent.  Remember they are trying to create peace and reacting to the carnage around them that they do not, cannot, and do not want to grasp.  I believe that calm, informed, comprehensive fact based campaigning needs to occur, STAT.


Be a warrior when you need to be. Be a good citizen always. Be thankful for the warriors, and be kind to those that need us…..knowing they do not want us there to be constant reminders of how truly fragile life is. You cannot make people “wake up”, but you can give them cause to do so.


As always, my writing is intended to spark inspiration and ideas.  I know it doesn’t cover every angle…Just grub worms, guns and cuddling.


Your Brother in arms,



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