My Hamon

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A Moment in the mind,memory and thoughts of a worn out warrior

Submitted: December 31, 2012

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Submitted: December 31, 2012



Life is a series of events that molds us, shapes us, and forges us. 

Each man has the potential to be a unique piece, not unlike the traditional Samurai sword. 

As the loving devotion to craft prohibits the traditional Samurai blacksmith from anything less than his best…his signature is in every forge….every Katana being a different, but valuable piece. 

Fire, sweat, blood, tradition and pride Make a Samurai sword, and it makes a man as well. 

If you look into a man’s eyes, and you are willing to see him, you will see a pattern of truth in his words and his actions. Not unlike the pattern you see in the sharpened edge of a Samurai sword, it is the signature of the heat-treating. The name of this attribute of all Samurai Swords is the Hamon. This heat treatment changes the molecular structure of the steel into martinsite at the edge. The heat treated Hamon allows you to “look” into the steel and see the beauty of the activity and the different crystalline structure. For every forged sword it is as different as every man is different. 

In the way life forges each man, so does the devoted blade polisher of the Samurai sword. From the posture in which the polisher sits, to the careful sharpening of the tip. Even the lessons learned when you are cut is invaluable. The tip of the Samurai is not unlike our “persona”. It is what we show to the world. It is what we want the world to see. 

What influences have forged you, have produced your own personal Hamon? 

What influences have polished and sharpened your Katana’s tip? 

We, as martial artists are not unlike the traditional Katana. The original purpose was for war…but now they are sought out for their beauty and craftsmanship. Fetching more money for a single sword, in some cases, than most of us make in a lifetime. 

Our purpose now, as martial artists, protectors, are as a scale and par for our fellow man. 

Are you Strong, Sharp, Unique and a fine example to those that appreciate the valuable skills that we endeavor to exude? 

Is your Hamon something of beauty that can be admired for its uniqueness and strength? 

Or, are you but a simple stamped and mass produced copy. 

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