One of those "Moments" brought on by a smell

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A Moment in the mind,memory and thoughts of a worn out warrior

Submitted: December 31, 2012

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Submitted: December 31, 2012



I step down the hallway, and turn to scan the first open door...... 

As I scan the room fervently, I look down and see a smiling hand stitched teddy bear with a big grin and a sun hat, sitting in front of a child’s toy china tea set, spread out on the hard wood floors like a picnic. 

The smell of fresh springtime "hung out to dry" linen with a hint of Jasmine fills the room as it wafts in from the outside through a partially open window. A well built dark stained sleigh bed that looked like it was made to hold a Mommy, Daddy and kids on a Sunday morning was tightly made with flannel sheets, fluffy pillows and a hand made patchwork quilt laid across the corner of the bed, inviting a mid day nap. A Victorian style rocker sat quietly next to a paper Mache keepsake box overfilled with post cards and greeting cards gathered over a lifetime waiting to be looked at again and again and again. 

A handsome Oak dresser stood firmly, with a pair of gold and pearl cufflinks, with a matching money clip, waiting for the next important dinner party, reflecting into a leaded glass mirror stretching almost to the ceiling with beveling and clarity that expanded the room into a glorious chateau. 

A small roll top desk, sat open with a pencil can lovingly made by a small child, filled with sharpened #2 pencils and a Globe, hand painted with the names of countries that do not even exist anymore. 

On the floor, a real metal toy fire truck with the ladder fully extended stood guard over a platoon of small plastic GI Joe warriors surrounding three Lego log pieces, a single die and a bouncy ball, clearly placed there by the vivid imagination of a pre pubescent boy with a plan to conquer the world. 

In the Moment of 4 respirations I had scanned the room, and realized someone else’s entire life had just flashed before my eyes. In the background I heard the sounds of the fugitive I was chasing trying to get out the 2nd floor window in the room one door down. As I educated him on the established rules of Karmic Gravity, and cuffed him...... I whispered gently into his ear 

"You're a DICK". 

I handed him off to my partner, and walked back to the room..... the moment was gone but I will never forget it. 

I went back recently, and the house was gone, replaced by a condo complex. I swear I could still smell the linen and jasmine. 

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