Please Don't take away.....

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The effect of gun control on law abiding citizens.

Submitted: December 31, 2012

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Submitted: December 31, 2012




Please Don’t take away from me, like the bad guys take away from innocence.


I have pursued the path of the warrior my entire life.  A little known fact about me, is my motives were on the whole, selfish.  I wanted attention, admiration, and to cover up any sign of insecurity that might be seen by my fellow sheep at a very young age.


At a young age I wanted to be a “Bad ass”….and I pursued it with a vengeance. By the time I was 18 I had all my bases covered and moved on to the next series of steps to improve my warrior persona and curriculum vitae.  By the time I was 30, I found that I should be careful what I wished for.  It was no longer about “How cool I could be”, as it had turned into a moral choice to be a protector.  I was compelled to help people.  The desire to feel needed and wanted had turned into a stand alone propensity to be there for my fellow man.  I have done a lot of good in this world, sacrificed portions of my sanity, to help those who needed my Sheepdog action playbook.  I have sacrificed much of my emotional comfort to get to where I am.  I have been chastised, looked down upon, judged and even ostracized for my decision to be a warrior by people I love, barely know and everywhere in between, for my decision to always be vigilant and aware of my surroundings, and preparedness to protect my loved ones, and everyone else.Hell, even my own mother has been a part of that unpleasant realization.  When I am in the company of other warriors, I am resolved and comfortable with my pursuits.  When I am around normal, average everyday people, I feel uncomfortable these days….mostly because I know they think I am paranoid, over-reacting, violent (I have heard these words spoken just for carrying a high end knife as well as a firearm) and judge me based on their desire to deny I exist for a reason.


Some people treat me with great respect, admiration and massage my ego like a cat on a scratching post…..but I won’t insult you and pretend I don’t like it.  Some people find me interesting and as a result of asking some questions, and letting me teach them, have become fellow sheepdogs amongst the sheep.  I love knowing a fellow man doesn’t need me around.  It is rewarding.


In recent years, I have longed for the ideal that being “Just that guy” would somehow allow me to coast out the rest of my existence and enjoy life in a “Spa” setting.  I have learned, that this pursuit is a bad thing and driving me mad.  The harder I try to be “Just that guy”, the more I find that I am ill equipped to be a sheep, because I cannot contain my leadership propensities during times of crisis, and people seem to gravitate around me during these times as if I have a sign that says “Follow me if you want to live”…….like a bad action flick.  I have had post incident victims come to me for training after talking to someone that knows of me, directly or indirectly, has seen the results of my attention to problems, or been through any of my training classes.  I have had persons formerly of the ideal that “Guns are bad” victimized by a violent encounter, and had that epiphany during a moment where they realized how truly vulnerable they were when caught off guard and unable to address the armed bad guy. Armed is not just a “gun”.  Sometimes, being an armed bad guy is just a superior level of experience finding and exploiting weakness and taking advantage.


I am now passing my mid 40’s.  I have seen the absolute worst in man. I have seen the absolute best in man.  I have learned that average is the majority, and the average person is good. “Good” to me is someone who prefers to get along, be courteous, respectful and to do the right thing 98 times out of a hundred.  I have learned the only difference between myself, and a bad guy is moral proclivity (be it conscious choice or predisposition to being reasonable). With the recent events, creating a vacuum of panic stricken knee jerk reactions from the average person, I have tried to remain patient and understanding that they have no fathomable clue of why “Sheep, Sheepdog, Wolf” is anything BUT disrespectful and flippant.  While I agree that the recent shootings are tragic and unpleasant, I also realize that the incidents only validate why I choose to be diligent in training and looking out for my family.


So many people want to deny the reality of violence because it isn’t appropriate behavior….and that is an inarguable truth…. “Violence is unacceptable”…making any argument as to why one must be prepared for it un-win-able.  The average person wants to relax and enjoy their life, and I want to help that happen.  The average person wants to pay attention to their immediate circumstances…be it a Latte, a steak, a movie, a date, a childs band concert…and not have their psyche bothered with “What if”. They want to just pick up their cell phone and call in Bruce Willis/Steven Segal/action hero of your choice to save them when/if something goes wrong.  I have a news flash for those people…....YOU and only YOU are responsible to protect yourself and family.  When an active shooter invades whatever environment you are in, the shock is so profound that panic is the only possible result…no matter how many cool actions flicks you have watched and how many “I would have” peacock conversations you have had with your buddies.  I have seen a lot of people and their “I was/are/could have been a Seal/Commando/Delta force/Special Forces/Halo MasterChief and taken that guy out, or not tolerated his behavior and knocked him the F out….yaddayadda.  Most of these people truly mean that they would react, and do whatever they could to help, prevent or stop an active shooter/assault/altercation, and they honestly have great intentions, meaning and desire. Until, that is, it actually happens.  I have seen grown men cry, piss themselves, run, freeze or miss that angry freight train coming all together.  This has been the predominant reactions from these well meaning citizens.  On occasion, I have also seen absolute resolve and action from the most unexpected people…Hero’s that emerge from tragedy with ZERO training, ZERO experience, ZERO hesitation.  In EVERY case, I have found those people to be raised in a manor consistent with “Doing the right thing because it is right” and having had their asses paddled once in a while, and privilegdes taken from them until they get their shit strait (grades, chores, attitude).  All this preamble is my way of painting a picture.  People don’t want to face violence.  They would rather think about preventing components of it than addressing the fact that there will ALWAYS be violent actions by man against his fellow man.They would rather point out why violence is wrong, unacceptable and pedestrian as compared to their superior moral position that we should all get along, be nice, plant flowers and talk about unicorns.  Imagine trying to sweet talk a shark while you’re in the water covered in chum…. Is it ok that the shark is trying to eat you?  Is it fair that you’re being targeted by said shark because you wanted to roll in some chum? Can you call 911 and snitch on the Shark to prevent him from eating you? I will let you “Chew” on those questions and quantify them with your own volition.


I have always taken my responsibility as a Father, Husband, Friend, Teacher and Warrior seriously.  I have comforted those I love with security and calm, and kept my diligence subdued. I know no other way of being. I know first hand that a man and his business partner raping an 8 year old girl to break her in for sex trade happens.  Burning alive a young girl for being pregnant and no longer fiscally useful in said sex trade.  Self described leaders who cheat on their wives, family and all moral values to have sex with a 6 year old boy.  I do not think everyone is the same.  I believe that people on the whole are good.  I believe and KNOW that a small amount of people around us are predatory, sick, immoral violent people.  I know that because of who I am, and how I carry myself, I am far less likely of being victimized by these moral voids, as they can see in me a warrior who will go down fighting lose or win. I know bad guys have guns.  Some bad guys have guns by proxy, in so much as they have bad-guy protection.  I have heard the words “Thank you” for thwarting or ending a life altering event. There will always be Sheep/Sheep dog/Wolf dynamics in this reality.  You cannot regulate it away, wish it away, deny it away. You cannot say “Pretty please” to these sharks when they have locked onto you.  You can stand and fight, be victimized or run and hide until someone who can/will run in and fight for you arrives.  The Wolves/Sharks/bad guys will always be armed with something far more advantageous than their fists.  There will always be people who are victimized because they are weak, be it do to injury, genetic failings, or lack of situational awareness.


WHY do you want me to be anyone different than I am?  WHY do you want to remove the tools I incorporate into my force continuum?  Why do you want to prvent me from passing on my knowledge to my children and fellow man?  If you want to pretend the world is a rose garden, I do not mind.  I will do everything in my power to prevent others from taking that from you.  Please do not take away my ability to protect myself, my family or fellow man?  I am not a selfish man.  I have always been willing to share the blessings of my training with others. 


I know that some reading with will abstractly assign anger towards me for this, as a result of their own beliefs, and I am ok with that.  Some will avoid the baseline truth that violence and disregard for human life and dignity will always exist in extremes.  Some will label me a paranoid psychopath who watches too many action movies.  Some will challenge my position with the “violence is wrong” speech.  I respect that, accept that and I am willing to live with that.  I do not wish for you to change who YOU are, your beliefs, ideals or preferences.  WHY then, do people want to do this to me?  Why do people want to stand on principle that just because violent crime is wrong, killing people with guns is wrong, that it can somehow be regulated out of mankind? 


It is time to accept that life is not simply boiled down to right/wrong, good/bad.  Just because something is morally reprehensible doesn’t mean it won’t happen.  Just because you disagree with criminal acts as a result of a good moral compass, doesn’t mean everyone is wired that way.  If my fellow man wishes to gather in numbers and proclaim the evils of this world, I will support it.  It is time to walk the walk people.


I am your friend.  I am your equal. I am here for you, even when you turn your back on me.


“Shut up, get in and come with me if you want to live……..” (sarcasm…with sprinkles of truth)


Timothy C Minyard.

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