Wash my sins.....

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A Moment in the mind,memory and thoughts of a worn out warrior

Submitted: December 31, 2012

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Submitted: December 31, 2012



I began as a bastard, in a sea of choices. 

I became a tree, with many differing stages of growth. 

I still bare sustenance but rarely for myself. 

Though not by choice, but my own value of self. 

I am the man you know, the man you don’t. 

I am the father I can be, always the father I could have been. 

I am the husband you dreamed of, the man you most misunderstand. 

I come with a million stories with a billion characters, that only you seem not to judge. 

I come with gentle loving hands, soft adoring eyes but with deep wounds and battle scars that are hard to see past. 

I come to you with anger, fear, confusion, and self doubt but when you look at me I am invincible, victorious and fulfilled. 

I am still a tree that you can rely on, seek shelter from the rain with, shade from the sun where soft breezes will always will always whisper your name ……will you teach me how to know this too? 

I’ve grown tired of my thoughts, my memories, my ghosts, my failures and the faces of those I could not save….though I tried. 

I’ve grown very fond of your presence, your touch, your patience and your love. My greatest fear now is to loose this intangible gift, this perishable support, this warmth and shelter. 

Will you wash away my sins so I can clearly see you again each day for the first time, falling in love with you over and over again like a sappy movie that never ends….. 

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