What does it feel like to "Know" a thing....

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A Moment in the mind,memory and thoughts of a worn out warrior

Submitted: December 31, 2012

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Submitted: December 31, 2012



What does it feel like to "know" you're safe......from the dark, from the light, the quiet and the chaos?

What does it feel like to "know" you are "known", admired, loved, adored, and respected. Not as a matter of being told....seeing it written down...an insisting tone that you accept it...but to truly feel it cover you like the sands of the desert constantly in motion but always there..... 

What does it take to look upon the colors of fall and "know" its beauty even if you stand there alone? 

What does it take to "know" tomorrow is opportunity and never an exit ramp. 

What does it feel like to wake up and not feel alone, separate, away..... is it a sonnet.... the fresh smell of Apple blossoms.... the willing touch of another... 

I once spent a week in the mountains alone. I conversed with no one. I simply observed what presented itself. A cloud hugging a ridgeline.....An Elk calling it a day.... a creek staying true to its path... a dying tree providing life.... and the warm comfort of humility that embraced me. 

I have seen. I have watched over. I have watched out. 

I have touched. I have felt. 

I have tasted. 

When will I know. 
When will I truly know. 
When will my soul accept the season that is coming. 

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