A Troublesome Mission

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Shikamaru is to be escorted by the Sand Village Ambassador, Temari, to the Sand Village to help out with keeping the Akatsuki at bay by utilizing his strategizing skills. Will this mission be too troublesome for the Leaf Village ninja?

A/N: Still unfinished, but hey, i was feeling bad for not posting anything up on booksie for a long time, so here i am.. still busy but trying to get to my stories.. please comment if you like it!

Submitted: June 16, 2011

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Submitted: June 16, 2011



“This is so troublesome,” Shikamaru mumbled to himself. Temari had been hanging around Konoha recently, waiting for him to get ready. With the Akatsuki getting more and more active lately, he was given the role to strategize an anti-invasion blockade system in the Sand Village. And she, as the Sand’s Ambassador, was his escort for the journey. His sensei recommended him without his permission. “You’ll do us proud, I’m sure of it,” Asuma-sensei had said a few days earlier, ignoring his protests. Shikamaru scratched his head and looked up at the sky. No chance of turning into a cloud now. He sighed heavily and stepped out of the school gates. The sun had set, covering the village in a warm orange light. The villagers were passing him by, minding their own business.

“Yo, Shikamaru!” a female voice said from his left. He turned his head to see Temari finishing off a [tabog-tabog] as she walked towards him. Not again, he complained inwardly.

“What are you doing here?”

She frowned at his in disappointment. “You know why I’m here so stop asking me that.” Temari adjusted the protector on her forehead with a grouchy expression on her face. “You’ve asked me six times already; makes it seem like you hate me or something,” she mumbled quietly.

Shikamaru froze at what she said and, turned away from her, feeling guilty about his attitude. But women can be so troublesome. “Sorry, I don’t mean to.”

“Oi, it’s okay. I know you don’t.” She smiled and whacked him on the back.

“Ow.” Shikamaru complained uselessly since she wasn’t even paying him any attention.

“Yosh!” She nodded her head firmly at the orange sky. “Time to get packing!” She walked on ahead, confident that Shikamaru was following her (who wasn’t). Suddenly she stopped and turned around. “Which way is your house?”

“I’m back!” Shikamaru opened the door and let Temari in. Out of the Nara house came a delectable fragrance. Temari walked on ahead and waited for him by the interior doors.

“Hey, it smells nice in here,” Temari said quite approvingly as she put down her weapon to lean against the wall.

“You can’t leave that out here.” He reached out his hand. “Here, give it to me. I’ll find a place for it.”

“Thanks.” As Temari was handing him the gigantic fan, the interior sliding doors opened.

“Oi! Welcome to our home, Lady Ambassador.” Shikamaru’s father said.

“Temari’s just fine, sir.” She smiled at him as she passed by, followed by Shikamaru.

His father stopped him and gave him an intense look. He nodded back and continued into the house.

After putting the fan in his room---there was no other place his mother would let him put it in the house---he sat down opposite Temari who was basking in the aroma of the food wafting out from the kitchen.
His father was already asking her about the journey back to the Sand Village. “So, you’re both leaving at midnight? Why midnight of all times?”

Temari gave him a confident smile. “Well, your son is an expert with shadow jutsu. It’ll be excellent so he can rely on himself if ever something happens. I, on the other hand, will be protecting him all along.”

Shikamaru sat down haphazardly and looked at Temari crossly. “You make it sound like I actually need protecting.”

His father frowned at him before standing up and walking towards the kitchen but Temari was not offended. “Well, if you didn’t, I wouldn’t be here, which would suck because I haven’t seen this place in a while. Like sensei always says, precaution is number one.” She smiled widely at him.


“You people look like you need something in those belly of yours.” His mother came out of the kitchen holding a a steaming casserole pot with ovenmits. “Dig in everyone. Nice of you to join us, Temari.” His father was carrying a big bowl of rice.

“Ah, this is great! I’m hungry.” Temari smiled at his mother.

“Well, eat up. You’ll need your strength for the trip back to Sand,” his mother smiled sweetly at her. When her eyes fell on him, her face turned scary. “Shikamaru, hurry up! The girl’s beating you to it!”

He rolled his eyes, which caused Temari to snicker. This is so troublesome. Seriously.

“Are we all set?” she asked him eagerly.

“Yeah, almost done.” They were in his room, with him packing his things while Temari stood by the door holding her fan.

“You’re room’s tiny, man.” She was looking around the dull room.

“I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t comment on unnecessary things.”

“I’m just saying, though.” She whispered, “Why don’t you move out? Scared of your mom?”

He gave her an annoyed look that said please stop talking. She shut her mouth and waited.

At the appointed time, they waited at the Konoha Village gates to meet Tsunade. “Okay, you two. Be as quick as possible, have as few stops as possible and always be alert. There is a rogue ninja hanging out at the border. He doesn’t seem too dangerous but avoid him if possible; there’s no way of telling if he’s a decoy from the Akastuki.”

“Why would the Akatsuki use a decoy? It seems to me they like their popularity,” Shikamaru observed.

“That’s why we’re not sure about him. He may not be part of them if what you say is true but everyone’s been on high alert, even the ANBU, after finding out they’re making their moves. It would be difficult for them to walk around with ANBUs everywhere.”

Temari nodded. “We’ll get to the village in 3 days if we take minimum stops.”

Tsunade turned to the Sand Village Ambassador. “Show me what you can do.”

Temari nodded and closed her eyes. With her hand signs, she executed a transformation jutsu with no need for verbal commands.

Tsunade looked at her Shikamaru double and shook her head. “I can tell from this distance. It’s not stable enough.” She turned to Shikamaru. “You’ll have to be doing that jutsu, if you ever have to.”

“But my shadow jutsu won’t work if---” Temari whacked his head. “Ow.”

“It’ll work, idiot. You just have to avoid moving around too much.”

Shikamaru frowned at Temari once again. “You feel so comfortable hitting me on the head.”

Temari laughed aloud. “That’s because you don’t fight back; Kankuro always fights back.”

Shikamaru rolled his eyes. “He’s your brother; it’s fine for him to fight back.” He scratched his head. “And besides, I don’t hit girls.”

Temari whacked him the head again. “Are you saying girls are weak, then, that you’re scared to hurt them?” She eyed him distastefully. “Don’t be so full of yourself.”

Shikamaru looked at the Fifth Hokage. “I never said that, right?”

Tsunade shook her head and sighed. “You two, listen to me. Don’t be bickering on this trip, all right? It’s bad enough you’ll have to travel in the cover of the night, so stop this foolishness the moment you step out of these gates, understood?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Both of them said in unison as they stood up straighter.

Tsunade looked at them for a moment before nodding in assent. “Good luck.”

The two sped through the forest surrounding the Leaf Village and easily avoided an encounter with the rogue ninja that Tsunade warned them against. Silently, they signaled each other whenever a turn came up or a new plan. They’ve been going non stop for four hours, which got them reasonably far from their starting point. However, they now needed to find a place to camp in the middle of the forest while dawn came. It would be advantageous for them to be resting when they can be alert and see all around them at the same time.
Shikamaru held up a hand to signal a stop. Temari nodded and slowed down behind him. When they finally stopped at a well-forested area close to wide river, Shikamaru scouted around their camp while Temari set up a few traps. They both decided against a campfire even though the morning air was crisp and cold. “It won’t last long,” Shikamaru reasoned.

They sat down beneath the same tree to rest. Shikamaru stared up at the few small clouds in the sky. He sighed. Temari was watching him, and when she couldn’t contain her curiosity any longer, asked him the question. “Why do you like the clouds so much?” She purposefully turned away from him, and looked up at the sky as well, as she ate the now cold rice balls she had gotten from Shikamaru’s mother.

For a few moments, Shikamaru looked at her without turning his head then looked up again. “They get to do nothing. They just hang around.”

“But that’s where you’re wrong. They’re pretty busy too, you know.”

That made Shikamaru turn his head to look her in the face with a questioning gaze.

Temari, still looking up, knew he wanted to know what she meant even though he hadn’t said anything so she explained in between bites of the rice ball. “They’re making rain even right now. All those water vapors are just collecting and building up until they get too heavy to stay as a cloud. Then they pour down as rain. But, then again, they don’t always end up as rain. But they’re hard workers just the same.” She turned to see what he thought of her explanation.

Shikamaru was closing his eyes. He sighed, sounding depressed. “Why’d you have to tell me that?” He opened his eyes and sat up. “Now what am I supposed to look up to?”

Temari laughed. “Don’t worry. You’re smart; you’ll figure something out.”

Shikamaru sighed again in exasperation. Talking to her was so troublesome.

After waking up from a few hours of forced sleep, Shikamaru was shaken by the shoulders. “Yo, you’re on look out duty.” Temari said. Earlier, they were having an argument on who was to rest first. Being a gentleman, he offered to keep watch first. However, Temari wouldn’t listen and insisted she keep watch first. It was such a troublesome and unnecessary fight, but he ended up sleeping first because she had said something about the noon sun helping him on his turn.

Shikamaru yawned and sat up. He blocked his eyes from the bright sun overhead. Squinting, he looked around and tried to see what Temari was doing. She was folding her cloak into a pillow; her fan was lying close beside her. She looked up from what she was doing and grinned. “I kept the bad guys out so you could sleep.”

“There wasn’t anyone, was there? That would have been so troublesome.” he asked, fairly sure there was no one; if so, he would have woken up.

“Nah, it was danger free. I even had time to scout much further away from camp.”

Shikamaru frowned at her. “Don’t go where you’re not supposed to go.” He looked away from her glare. “I’m just saying be careful…” He stood up and stretched, scanning the area all around them in the bright noon sun. “Well, my turn.”

“Yep. See ya in a few hours.” Temari closed her eyes and slept, curling onto her side. Shikamaru watched her for a while until she mumbled something about not being able to sleep with someone watching.

Shikamaru sighed and walked away from her. “I’ll be patrolling around then.”

A couple of hours of patrolling done, Shikamaru decided to do a look out. Easily getting up to the mid-branches of the tallest tree by Temari, he crouched underneath all the branches and focused on their direction. He turned a few degrees to the right and scanned the area. Looks clean for the two hours or so, he thought to himself. He looked down towards Temari, who was still asleep, then looked up again. Keeping his attention focused, he stared silently, hoping he would see no signs of trouble. A quick but almost undetectable flash towards the far left. It was too far to detect what kind of sound it would have made, but he kept his eyes to the area. Another barely-there flash, as though it was just the breeze moving the trees. But the breeze was hardly that strong to even move the trees. Definitely something going on, he figured. He trained his sight to see if there would be more movement. After a few minutes, he saw nothing and went straight down to Temari. “Wake up, looks like we have company.” Without a second lost, Temari’s eyes shot open and she quickly sat up. With Shikamaru squatting so close, she ended up headbutting him in the process.

Shikamaru stopped himself from groaning and instead settled to hissing as he rubbed his forehead.

“Sorry,” Temari called as she stood up rubbing her forehead as well. “What’s up? Are they close by?” she asked in a quiet voice.

“A couple of hours away ahead of us. I’m not sure what to make of it but it definitely looks suspicious. We should be extra careful from now on. No messing around.”

Who’s messing around? He wanted to ask but refrained himself from the trouble it would surely bring. “We don’t know if there’s a lot of not, so we should stay away from that direction if possible.”

Temari looked at him in disbelief. “But that’s the shortest distance to get to Sand,” she said as her hand gestured to the left. “To make sure it’s not a threat, we might need to get closer.”

“That’s not even an option. This is an escort mission, not a killing mission, understand?” Shikamaru was getting fed up by all the talking that was happening. “We need to move now and I say we avoid them carefully.”

Shaking her head before he even finished his statement, she replied, “And I say we go down the shortest way. Who knows, this could be a plot to get us farther from the goal so we can’t get there, and then what’ll we do?”

He couldn’t help but think of the possibility that she had just given him. If that was the case, then a lot of people know about this mission. Damn. He looked away into the distance as he thought. He didn’t notice

Temari putting on her cloak and getting her fan ready.

“Do you think you can use your jutsu now? Will you have enough chakra left if we run into things?” He asked Temari, but didn’t turn to face her, he was busy trying to creep up his shadow jutsu as far ahead of them as he could reach without letting his chakra levels emanate from them.

“Hm? Of course.” He heard a small breeze blow from behind him, and he turned to see himself standing there with a grin on his face.

Shikamaru frowned. “Don’t do that with my face. It looks weird.”

Temari just grinned even more. “I’m ready when you are.” Her female voice coming from another Shikamaru face was freaking him out.

“Try not to talk too much or if you can, at least talk the way I do.”


To be continued… =)

© Copyright 2020 tin2twinkling. All rights reserved.

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