A Long Fall From Grace

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There are so many people who, because of the recession, have fallen on hard times. Many who were on top now find themselves on the bottom society. Once had a mansion on a hill, now live in the streets.

Submitted: March 16, 2013

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Submitted: March 16, 2013



Fog encircling a dimly street light

Footsteps heard in the quiet night

End of the block; two at the most

His misty form resembles a ghost

Head bowed like a priest in a prayer

I ask myself, “Is he asleep leaning there?”

Stands in that spot for several hours

Totally drenched from an evening shower

Crowd passes by without a single glance

He sizes them up while awaiting his chance

Being ignored, he stands there unfazed

I suspect that he has seen better days

Walk towards him; now in clear view

Dirt covers his face; his hair all askew

Like a death row inmate needing reprieve

Body stench makes my stomach heave

We stand face to face; glances exchanged

He seems uneasy asking for change

Clings to his pride, but there’s no need

There is still a hungry mouth to feed

Look into those eyes that spoke of a life

Been a success with children and wife

Excelled more than most; top of his game

Now an empty shell without fortune or fame

Reached into my purse to pull out a ten

Had second thoughts, so I reached in again

Emptied my purse, yet filled with regret

Won’t be enough to redeem self-respect

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