This Isn't Normal

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Domestic Violence

Submitted: January 28, 2013

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Submitted: January 28, 2013



It took time.
Little by little you beat me down.
First it was the comments about my dress.
Then it was  my friends, my family.
They weren’t good enough.
One by one I lost my ties.
Ties to everything, everybody that wasn’t you.
It happened slowly…I didn’t see the warnings.

I made excuses...I thought you were telling the truth.  
I loved you, believed you.  I got confused.

I had this feeling…..a voice that wasn’t yours.
It kept saying you loved me, that you were good deep inside.  

But your arms turned cold, as did our love.  
The threats began, destruction of my things.  I lost the option of having privacy.
My fault…I did something wrong.  I made you mad at me.

I tried to keep the peace...not make you angry.  
Eggshells covered the flooring.

My world slowly disintegrating.
Things crashing.  Loud booms and bangs.
Wait…What?  You pushed me?  No I don’t believe.
I stepped in your way. Bruises covered me.

Years living with a brick wall.
I had no money. No place to go.  
I was stuck in a world of fear.
Where did the light go?

This isn’t normal?


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