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I like pudding.

Submitted: November 18, 2008

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Submitted: November 18, 2008



Is it possible to have a seriouse conversation about pudding?

Many will think not, but I know for a fact that it is possible. I had a conversation with a friend about water, so a conversation about pudding is highly possible.

Pudding: what is there to Pudding.

Pudding: a highly complex thing that you eat.

Pudding: what is it made out of?

Pudding: do baby pandas eat pudding? that would be pretty cool if they did.
I like baby pandas. Do you like baby pandas? Big pandas scare me...

One day I woke up to a BIG dog sitting on me licking my neck, do you know how akward that is?
Another akward moment I had was I went and saw a movie, that seems like a girly movie in my opinion, with 3 guys. Do you know how many times I turned red?
Well of course you couldn't see my turn red, but it was still a pretty good movie, and the guys I went with I like spend too much time hanging out with girls, but you know they are some of the coolest people ever.

My kitty has problems. He looks funny too! =)
But I still love him to death!

My dad was telling me and my sister a joke he said "How Long is a Chinese name." I took me forever to get it, and my sister got it before me. I still laugh at myself.

My leg feels weird, and I just realized I got kinda sidetracked.... I LIKE PUDDING!
Pinapple on ice cream taste really really funny, did you know that, I didn't think you did, but yet you know alot more than me!
Or at least people say......

I'm sleepy....

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