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Some people don't do homework just because they can't be bothered. Some, because they don't have time. Others don't have the facilities at the time. But others, others have much worse problems.

Submitted: December 27, 2006

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Submitted: December 27, 2006



Endlessly asking me why I’ve let myself down,I’m good at school, but at home I’m hopeless,“Why?” they ask, “Why just at home?”Do they want the truth? Do I want to tell? Overdue again, what story to tell?Once again I lie, my guilty conscience shroudingMy vision entirely.  Another blackout.More questions, persistent shrieks. Mumbling another deceit, they release their grip,But still the aching pain in my heart remains,Beating, throbbing dull and consistently.What do I say next time?  Which lie to tell? Once more my work lies unfinished,Incomplete, and I tell another tale of falsehood,Praying that no one will question it further.How much longer can I bear this untruthfulness? My silence must be broken, and so must my heart,For if I tell, then my family will be torn again.I can’t tell.  I must tell.  I can’t.  I must.I can’t decide, what to do? To tell would be to destroy my family, To tell would be to save my heart.To keep would be to save my family,To keep would be to destroy my heart. The time of judgment draws near,And I’m scared, scared of my unsealed fateThat I am to decide.  What to do?Can I control my fears?  Can I save my family? Breathe deep.  Calm.  Focus.  Breathe.Think, think about what lies ahead.To tell or not to tell?  That is the question.I have made my choice.  I am to tell. Or am I?  My family lies at stake here.I cannot risk them just to save me.But I am not the only one to be saved if I tell.Someone else must be saved throughout this release. I must tell.  Someone needs to know.I have to tell.  I need to breathe.I will tell them the truth, I am tired of lying.I will tell.  I will tell.  I will tell. Maybe this is a mistake.  Maybe there isAnother way.  No, I must tell.No more lies.  No more deceit.I am telling the truth for once.  My choice. “Why is your homework overdue, again?”“I am going to tell you the truth.”“Pardon?  I don’t understand.”“This is the truth…”  They didn’t believe me.  No one ever does.I’m expelled, now, so I have to stay at home longer.I can’t live like this.  Please, I can’t live like this.I can’t live like this.  I can’t live… 

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