Sleeping Mind

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A poem about dreams - it might not make sense to many of you, it's basically about the wierd and wonderful dreams I have.

Submitted: December 27, 2006

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Submitted: December 27, 2006




Silent dreams pondering in my mind,

Hopelessness and fear I fail to find,

My eyes rest, but my love cannot,

My dreams with me will forever rot.

Cloaked figures whisper calm words,

As I listen intently, my mumblings absurd,

Unimaginable colours whirl though my head,

My body rests, my soul like lead.

He visits me only as I sleep,

But still I cannot succeed to keep

Him out of my life, away from me,

Only with him is how I want to be.

His eyes hypnotize me, so I cannot resist

His great charm I am powerless against

His dark hair fluttering in the unreal breeze,

His soul I wish to forever please.

All the things that he’s doneI

n my dreams, but then he’s gone,

So I remain still, forever asleep,

But into reality, I always seep.

His smile, his charisma, his love,

As my wings unfold, like a forgotten dove,

Dawn is breaking, the sun is out,

My dream fades away, truth is about.

My eyes open reluctantly, my mouth is dry,

My dream has ended, I want to cry,

But I know that he is not gone,

But sleeping, still singing his sweet song.

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