True Hallowe'en

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
A poem about the true horrors of a highly fictitious hallowe'en. Writtin a long time ago, during my gruesome ages. Enjoy!

Submitted: January 24, 2007

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Submitted: January 24, 2007



Ghosts and ghouls creep out at every angle,

Powerless victims screaming pleas for needed help,

Blood and mess stick out in a heap of tangles,

As the wounded screech cries and yelps.


Relish and joy as bones are strewn without care,

Endless shrieks forever unheard by nighttime beasts,

When flesh rips and skin does tear,

Snorts of delight as the creatures feast.


Blood trickling down chins and lips,

In seconds of death not a sound is heard,

They spit out teeth like we do pips,

They thank us for their banquet without a word.


Cackles of laughter, deafening roars,

This true Hallowe’en is deadly, beyond our thoughts,

The boundaries of Hell and Earth are nought but tores

We run fearfully, until we are caught.


Then, dawn approaches, the fiends flee in hate,

The light shows us how badly we fight,

Next year, our unstoppable fate,

Is on Hallowe’en, away from the light.

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