friendship is not just something

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friendship is a very important thing

Submitted: March 10, 2008

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Submitted: March 10, 2008



Everyday people come closer to each other;

  sometimes a friend can be like a brother!

They share secrets without even knowing it!

They learn something even if it’s a bit!


 You can only look at that person and know what he’s thinking

 You can tell he’s upset, only at the way he’s blinking!

 What greater thing can there be than friendship?

What greater thing can there be than taking that special road trip?


You can be a friend; a friend that is needed by someone …

Keep your priorities straight; make sure you get them done!

A true friend will never betray you;

A true friend will always believe in you!


  A friend can lift you up or pull you down.

  A friend can even make you frown!

Just remember all of us make mistakes;

Not all of us are true; there are some fakes!


A friend can break you; stab you in the back,

  make you walk the wrong track!

Forgiveness: we don’t realize the importance…

You can’t always forget, but you can keep with the above substance!


  Remember to be the best friend you can possibly be;

  Stay true and loyal; and you’ll get something back, you will see!!





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